market trends: What Can History Teach Us About Real Estate? - 03/25/20 09:56 AM

What Can History Teach Us About Real Estate?
There is no doubt that the last few weeks have been a challenge in many of our strongest real estate markets. In many places we have strong buyer demand, but are unable to satisfy that need because of the demand for social distancing.
We have MLS services in some markets that are not allowing open houses. Some MLS are not even allowing new listings to be added - for the greater good. I have agents asking me about their buyers who had great jobs even a week ago who now may … (3 comments)

market trends: The Price is... Wrong? - 11/15/19 02:05 PM

The Price is... Wrong?
If your listing isn't selling and the days-on-market numbers are ticking upward, you need to look beyond your CMA to find out the cause. While most agents rely strongly on their CMA, it often doesn't give a big picture account of what is currently happening in the market.
Recently I had two clients ask me my opinion on why their listings weren't selling. Further investigation in both cases made the reason why crystal clear.
Example #1: The Fabulous Home
The first property was a fabulous well-cared-for home in a neighborhood where everything had recently … (4 comments)

market trends: Stop Asking Me if we are in a Housing Bubble! - 12/15/17 02:03 PM

Stop Asking Me if we are in a Housing Bubble!
When home prices are skyrocketing to new record highs it is natural to wonder if what goes up will be coming down. The question I get asked all the time is when will this happen, are we in a housing bubble, and when will it burst.
I want to assure you that our market is not in the same position it was when our market saw its last big correction. To get a better idea of what is ahead you need to look back and analyze what happened when … (1 comments)

market trends: The Market is NOT Falling! - 08/26/16 04:26 AM

The Market is NOT Falling!
I have received so many emails this month asking me if the market is going to crash just because pending sales in their area have decreased slightly. When I ask them what area they are in and when I look the stats up on the MLS I confirm what I know which is that the slight decrease is completely normal for this time of year.
Real estate markets everywhere fluctuate not only when markets are tumbling, they fluctuate based on what is happening in each local area. For example, the last week of August … (1 comments)

market trends: Aging in Place: What You Need to Know - 08/14/15 05:31 AM

Aging in Place: What You Need to Know
Every year when I do my annual predictions I make a prediction on home renovation activity. It is no secret to anyone who has read these predictions that I have been predicting record high renovation projects to be started and completed in the next five years. The reason for this is very simple, people are making the decision to "age in place."
What this basically means is that many people, specifically Baby Boomers, are taking a good hard look at renovating versus selling and having to buy again. For some it … (3 comments)

market trends: Generational Housing Needs and Their Effect on the Market - 02/17/15 05:15 AM

Generational Housing Needs and Their Effect on the Market
There are four distinct generations that are changing the types of homes in demand today. They include these generations:
The Silent Generation: born 1925-1945
Baby Boomers: born 1946-1964
Generation X: born 1965-1980
Generation Y: born 1981-2000
Each of the generations have very specific housing needs which require updated floor plans. This is creating both challenges and opportunities in the real estate industry. These new demands for specific space include more storage and work space, outdoor living spaces, and guest or extended family guest quarters (next generation living space). The demand for remodeling has … (2 comments)

market trends: Multiple Offer Madness: Prepping the Sellers - 04/16/14 03:14 AM

Multiple Offer Madness: Prepping the Sellers
Multiple offers create a complex situation where it is very easy to have misunderstandings between the many parties that are involved. Each party comes to the table with a different set of dynamics, objectives, and priorities. Sellers want to get the highest price and the best terms. Buyers want to buy at the lowest price with their preferred terms, but also to have the winning offer, and each agent is trying to represent the best interests of their clients. Whew!
When you are representing a seller in a multiple offer situation it is … (2 comments)

market trends: Inventory Shortages - The Next Bubble? - 03/07/14 02:38 AM

Inventory Shortages - The Next Bubble?
While my company has an international reach, many of my clients are based in the Puget Sound area of Washington State which is currently a very hot area for real estate. In fact, it is not unusual in several neighborhoods for there to be more than 10, 15, or even 20 or more offers for the same property, driving the price up 10% or more above asking price.
Several of the agents I work with and their clients are concerned that this is an indicator of another bubble waiting to explode all over … (0 comments)

market trends: The Changing Face of Real Estate: Generational Housing - 02/24/14 02:34 AM

The Changing Face of Real Estate: Generational Housing
The housing needs of the multiple generations living today is changing the face of real estate and new construction. The way we used to live 20…30…40 years ago is not the way we live today … or will in the future. Each generation is demanding a different type of home and a new way of living in that home which then requires an updated floorplan, creating both challenges and opportunities in the real estate industry. Challenges such as needing different storage spaces, outdoor living spaces, working spaces, and public spaces are … (7 comments)

market trends: A You a Math-a-phobic? Get Over It - 01/31/11 05:36 AM
I want you to remember when you went to real estate school and learned how to be an agent. It might have been a long time ago; it might have been just a few weeks ago.  In order to get your license you had to do some fairly grueling math. How did you do? I’ll bet a lot of you had to spend some time refreshing your math skills!
I have found that after most agents get their license, they forget all about math again. Even basic math. But, here’s what I know. Math is a … (3 comments)

market trends: This Week’s Featured Product: How to Make Money Now, Not Later - 01/24/11 04:56 AM
We’ve lowered our prices on several of our downloadable audio products! Many now just $19!
This week’s featured product: How to Make Money Now, Not Later

You need to make money NOW, in fact RIGHT NOW!!! You don’t have time to take a sales class or even attend a full-day seminar, you need to turn on the money faucet YESTERDAY!
Learn how to take the type of action that is required to jumpstart your business FAST. This is not the time to build the perfect business, it is the time to … (0 comments)

market trends: Why Ask Denise? Because You Need Sound, Honest Advice, Now More Than Ever! - 01/21/11 04:49 AM
While I love everything about my job, there are some things that reallymake my day – like receiving an ‘Ask Denise’ email. Every question has a different spin to it, because no two agents think about their issues and challenges in the same way. And I love that.
This week’s Zebra Report is based on five recent ‘Ask Denise’ questions. Thank you for continuing to ask … and thank you for making my day.
Question 1: Denise, should I spend more time at the office or at my home office? I … (2 comments)

market trends: Which Are You? How Personalities Handle Different Kinds of Markets - 01/14/11 04:54 AM
Every person’s personality type creates natural tendencies. Personality can affect everything we do on a personal and a professional level.
There are four main personality types, which I call Promoter, Controller, Analytical and Supporter. They are each very different and each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.
And believe it or not, personality plays a major role in how an agent handles different kinds of real estate markets. For the sake of today’s Zebra Report, I’m going to talk about how agents, all with different personalities, handle good markets and challenging markets. … (4 comments)

market trends: 2011: What's on the Horizon - 01/07/11 07:44 AM
How do you become an authority? By being an expert on a topic.
For me, that topic is real estate.
And to be an expert on real estate I need to understand many, many things.
Contract law. Buyer and seller motivations. The power of marketing. And so much more.
To truly understand the real estate market and be able to identify trends that impact your lives as agents, I also do an enormous amount of research into things that most agents don’t even think about when they hear the words “real estate”.  I research dozens of sources – and I’m … (0 comments)

market trends: You are the Driver of Your Destiny - 10/29/10 06:14 AM
Every day—and I mean every single day—I receive an email from an agent who is frustrated, challenged, or upset about the current state of their business.
I love emails like this.
Because I love solving problems. Problems provide me with the amazing opportunity to do what I love to do best: Help agents find out where they went wrong.
Notice I say where "they" went wrong. I don't blame the economy. I don't blame circumstances. I put the impetus of success or failure squarely on the agent.
Because I truly believe that you are … (3 comments)

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