money: The Marketing Triangle - 06/28/19 02:25 PM

The Marketing Triangle
Every real estate professional at some point in their career must face the cold hard facts about ineffective marketing. Marketing is an essential part of running any successful business and real estate is no exception. Without good marketing you will never be able to predict what your business will look like year to year.
Can you imagine Coke a Cola, Nike, or Johnson & Johnson with no marketing? I certainly can't, and I have seen their marketing change and evolve over the years. That is exactly what real estate agents need to do-they need to utilize … (15 comments)

money: My Top 5 Investor Tips for Serious Real Estate Investors - 01/04/19 01:47 PM

My Top 5 Investor Tips for Serious Real Estate Investors
I have been investing in real estate for a few decades and have learned a thing or two along the way. Here are my top 5 investing tips:
#1 Weather Matters
When you are buying real estate. Depending on where you buy, what is going on with the weather makes a difference in what is going on with seller's motivation. In an area like the Pacific Northwest for example the winter months are often a great time to find great investments because many buyers step out of the market favoring … (3 comments)

money: Leverage: A Way To Give Yourself a Raise - 05/18/17 03:49 PM

Leverage: A Way To Give Yourself a Raise
In my two previous Zebra Reports How Much Money Do You REALLY Make? and What's Your Net?, I talked about how to calculate your gross and net rates of pay per hour. This week's article will show you how to take this information and make good decisions based on this information.
Working smart is about knowing how to leverage your time to make more money. By knowing what you make per hour you make smarter decisions with your time. Knowing your "rate" means you can quickly calculate the risk/reward factor of … (14 comments)

money: How Much Money Do You REALLY Make? - 05/04/17 05:05 PM

How Much Money Do You REALLY Make?
When I think about how many hours most people work per week, I think you would agree that 40 hours is what most people would guess to be the average hours that most people work in a typical business setting. When I think about real estate agents, I think you would also agree that most real estate agents can work many hours one week and less another week. In other words, their work hours are flexible and therefore do not conform to the "corporate average."
When I am working with an agent … (6 comments)

money: The Power of Numbers - 11/30/12 03:21 AM

The Power of Numbers
This past month I have been working with a lot of numbers and I have been reminded of their power.
While numbers themselves are non-emotional, often they bring up a lot of emotion and therefore, are sometimes avoided. Anyone who has ever not opened their credit card statement or avoided revisiting their commission statements knows exactly what I am talking about.
But numbers can also bring great joy! I was reminded of this just this week when not one but two of my clients shared with me that they had reached their commission and transaction … (2 comments)

money: Denise Says: Real Estate - The Teeter-Totter Principle - 10/11/07 12:34 PM
Balancing Your Work and Personal Lives
By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP
Agents have a million excuses why they can't afford to take time off.  Whether it be a weekend or a vacation or even two hours on a Wednesday, we struggle to allow ourselves to relax.
By thinking like this, we are setting ourselves up for burnout, stress-out, and financial failure.
I'm often asked a question like, "Denise, you've got one minute.  Give me sixty seconds of advice on what I could do today to increase my income."
"Take tomorrow off", I say.
Their jaw drops.  "What?!?!" they say.
"Yes, take tomorrow off.  Go see your grandchildren … (2 comments)

money: Denise Says: Get Control of Your Money! - 09/13/07 12:35 PM

money: Denise Says: It's not About the Money, It's About the TIME! - 07/18/07 06:38 AM

By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP
AGENT QUESTION: "Denise, I want you to help me make more money."
MY RESPONSE: "Great!  But the first step is to help you make more time.  Because without time, you cannot give great service to neither your clients nor yourself."
AGENT: "But I'm willing to work hard to make the money!"
MY RESPONSE: "Then you'll burn yourself out and won't be effective.  Without quality of life-meaning the time to enjoy life away from your business-then you'll be a slave to your business.  It's much better to have your business work for you, rather than the other way around."
You shouldn't … (4 comments)

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