niche marketing: Niche Marketing Done Right! - 04/01/22 01:09 PM

Niche Marketing Done Right! It's Thursday (#TBT)! I am feeling a little nostalgic today, so I am taking a trip down memory lane to some of my favorite niche brands that we have created through the years. Some of these are older than others (we HAVE been creating brands for agents for over 20 years) but all of them have done their job, creating a visual connection for a specific client base.
Property Niche Experts
Rhonda Bleck has a passion for mid-century modern homes, so we took that passion and ran with it when creating her brand!
Susan Shorett … (12 comments)

niche marketing: Showcasing Your Niche Marketing Expertise at the Listing Presentation - 03/25/22 12:56 PM

Showcasing Your Niche Marketing Expertise at the Listing Presentation In today's highly competitive, crazy market, with low inventory - or no inventory - when you actually get a listing presentation appointment, you had better show up and come prepared. Particularly if you have a niche market, you can not show up and "wing it." You have to have visual aids, the data, and show the proof.
What is your specialty? Maybe your niche market is luxury. Maybe it's a particular location or house style. Seniors, military, condos, waterfront and water view—there is no shortage of possible niches out there. However, … (3 comments)

niche marketing: Claiming a Niche Market without Alienating Your Clients - 03/18/22 09:22 AM

Claiming a Niche Market without Alienating Your Clients It is common knowledge that specialists usually garner more demand than generalists. However, real estate agents rarely start their real estate business only specializing in one type of real estate. Most real estate agents build their business with any transaction available. Fast-forward a few years and most agents find their database full of past and potential clients from a wide area. The agent is relying on that database for future business and when the opportunity to specialize in a niche market arises, agents are very reluctant to focus on that as they … (7 comments)

niche marketing: How to Become a Niche Marketing Expert - 03/15/22 12:17 PM

How to Become a Niche Marketing Expert Niche marketing is when you decide on a particular target you want to go after, then do whatever it takes to become the very best market expert on that niche, and finally market your expertise to that niche. It sounds simple, right? But there's a lot packed into those three steps.
First, why should you niche? To help answer that question, we can take a look at some examples outside of real estate. Doctors niche all the time—we have neurologists, podiatrists, endocrinologists, and even surgeons that specialist in a particular surgery technique. These … (6 comments)

niche marketing: How Will You Prepare Your Business for 2022? - 11/22/21 11:03 AM

How Will You Prepare Your Business for 2022?
Right now it is the fall real estate season. Maybe, just maybe, in your area you might have the sensation that the market has softened. Maybe just a little bit. And ho-boy, if you have been working hard all year long, this may feel like a long overdue and welcome moment.
But I've done my research. Have you? Because there is something you should know.
Our market is still in dire need of new inventory and there's no relief coming in 2022. So, how will you prepare for the coming year? … (4 comments)

niche marketing: Don't Be Afraid to Niche - It Won't Limit Your Real Estate Business! - 10/29/21 11:21 AM

Don't Be Afraid to Niche - It Won't Limit Your Real Estate Business!
There comes a time in many agents' careers when they get tired, burned out, and know they can't continue in the business the way they have.
Maybe they are selling across too large of an area that has awful traffic and they are spending more and more time on the road and less time in the houses they are trying to show.
Maybe they are working with clients who don't take advice and are too much work (such as buyers who won't be realistic in their … (7 comments)

niche marketing: What's Your Niche Market - 05/19/20 02:27 PM

What's Your Niche Market
Today, I wanted to talk about niche markets. A niche market is defined as a smaller part of a larger market with its own defined area of specialization.
The perfect example of a niche market in real estate is waterfront property. I happen to live on a lake and I have learned a thing or two about lake front living that I had no idea about before I became a lakefront property owner. I've now been here for over 14 years and in that entire time period I would say I have probably received maybe … (17 comments)

niche marketing: Unpopular Niche Markets with Incredible Potential - 09/08/17 12:16 PM

Unpopular Niche Markets with Incredible Potential
When I first started selling real estate, I sought out the expertise of a high-producing agent. I was itching to learn how he found so many transactions. His answer was simple: He simply found the transactions that no one else wanted OR he uncovered potential in niches that no one else had thought of. I took that advice to heart and made a very strong business for myself following these principles. I am constantly on the lookout for new potential markets. Here are a few I have recently unearthed!
Inherited Homes
I have … (14 comments)

niche marketing: Power of Niche Marketing - 01/13/17 11:00 AM

Power of Niche Marketing
Have you ever gone to your family doctor only to be referred to a specialist who treated only patients with our exact ailment? Were you then surprised when you showed up at the specialist's office to find a packed waiting room?
This happened to me a couple of years ago when I went to the dentist and I discovered I needed a root canal. I naturally assumed my dentist would just book an appointment to take care of it, but my dentist informed me that she doesn't do root canals. She wanted to send me … (0 comments)

niche marketing: Your Niche Marketing Road Map - 10/03/14 04:13 AM

Your Niche Marketing Road Map
If you enjoyed my Zebra Report last week on targeting a niche market, you are going to love this week's article on taking the steps to actually hone in on a niche market and determine a marketing plan to get your phone ringing!
If you are thinking that the idea of a niche market could be a good fit for you, we recommend you follow these four steps.
Look at Your Resources
Your resources are your area in terms of geography and people and your experience. For example, say you live in our area - … (33 comments)

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