open houses: Systems Can Make You BIG MONEY in Real Estate - 07/15/19 03:38 PM

Systems Can Make You BIG MONEY in Real Estate
I have always been a "systems" girl. I need things in their right place. I don't like things out of order and I like to be able to control my environment. I am not a neat freak, but I am an organizational one. I like things to have a "home" and I like things to be part of a system or process when possible.
I remember when I was a little girl, I used to organize my dolls based on their height. I would arrange them first by height and … (15 comments)

open houses: The #1 Client Communication Mistake - 03/15/19 10:30 AM

The Number One Client Communication Mistake
Do you ever wonder how some people seem to have such a way with words and have absolutely no problem talking to anyone?  Others, however, stumble and find it hard to engage potential clients in a conversation that is anything more than superficial.
When I think about my own real estate journey over the years and evaluate which agents really connected with me, I can pinpoint a very common theme. Some of them just bombarded me with sales tactics and questions that felt scripted, while others really listened to me and engaged me … (10 comments)

open houses: Effective Communication with Sellers - 11/15/18 05:03 PM

Effective Communication with Sellers
I want to take a moment to discuss the importance of learning how to instill calm communication and conflict resolution at a listing presentation, especially when it comes to talking about price and handling objections.
Too many agents make the mistake of rushing to present all their research and show all their marketing that they forget how important it is to communicate. They forget to ask questions, make eye contact, and slow down when providing information. And this is absolutely critical in building rapport and helping the seller(s) understand how you work. 
There is … (16 comments)

open houses: It Could Happen To Anyone - 06/22/18 01:17 PM

It Could Happen To Anyone
It happened to me and was life changing.
The recent report about the broker in Snohomish County, Washington who was assaulted at an open house brought me back 20 years when I too was assaulted at an open house. Although this is difficult to share and I am sure difficult to read, I would be remiss in not sharing my experience with my readers in the hopes of bringing more awareness to the issue. I don't usually talk about the event as it still makes me anxious just thinking about it. However, for the … (4 comments)

open houses: Hot Open House Tips - 04/22/16 07:14 AM

Hot Open House Tips
This week I am going to answer some of my most frequently-asked open house questions. Enjoy!
"Denise, sign in sheets never seem to work for me. I get people using fake names or when I ask them to sign in, it really puts them off. Should I stick with the sign in sheet or not?"
People don't like to be asked to give something up so quickly when they are attending your open house. They are there to get information. You haven't done enough to earn their trust for them to want to give something … (1 comments)

open houses: Open House Season is Open! - 04/05/13 02:40 AM

Open House Season is Open!
My favorite time of the year is here - Open House Season!
I love it because agents are charged up. They are polishing their open house tools and putting a shine on everything. Open house season says, "We are open for business!"
With the market picking up in many areas, this spring's open house season promises to be one of the most robust in years. In fact, a Seattle agent recently reported they had over 100 people through their open house!
There are many agents who don't see the value in open houses. There … (3 comments)

open houses: Open Houses: Your Time to Shine When Presenting Features & Benefits - 03/29/13 08:07 AM

Open Houses: Your Time to Shine When Presenting Features & Benefits
I have heard many agents complain over the years about open houses being a "waste of time."
While this could be true if you don't do your marketing ahead of time to ensure traffic, open houses can provide you an excellent opportunity to showcase features and benefits and actually sell the home you are holding open.
If you haven't visited a new home community in a while, consider it a good lesson in how to present features and benefits. The new home sales industry does an amazing job … (4 comments)

open houses: What I Learned from “Mystery Shopping” - 11/18/11 05:34 AM
What I Learned from “Mystery Shopping”
Note from the author, Nov. 21, 2011: There have been a lot of questions and comments on various online sites regarding this recent post. I think it’s important to clarify two points:
1. Any mystery shopping I have done has been on behalf of my builder clients, who have hired me to assess the showing and selling skills of their representatives. In many instances, the mystery shopping was undertaken not by me, but by professionally trained mystery shoppers.
2. My post did not recommend that agents mystery shop on one another. Since you are … (73 comments)

open houses: A Focus on Open Houses: Before the Open House - 11/14/11 11:15 AM
November 2011: A Focus on Open Houses Think open houses aren’t effective in today’s tech-driven society?
Think again!
Join us for our “Unforgettable Open House” series, and we’ll share our ideas on designing and conduct truly unforgettable open house experiences. You’ll learn the secret “props” needed for success, and how to captivate open house visitors. Discover how to truly showcase not just the home, but your skills and services as well!
Are you ready to create “unforgettable” open houses? Let's take a look at this week's tool.
Before the Open House This part of our unforgettable open house series focuses … (8 comments)

open houses: Throw Open the Doors! - 05/17/11 10:18 AM
THROW OPEN THE DOORS! Think open houses aren’t effective in today’s tech-driven society? Think again!
Open houses – if done strategically – can generate more business than you would ever imagine.
Open houses have been around for a very long time. Twenty or thirty years ago, they were one of the only ways to get buyers into a home without an appointment. They were much more effective than printed ads because buyers had a chance to really look around and get a feel for the home. They were certainly the best way to do some low-cost marketing! Buyers simply showed up at as … (5 comments)

open houses: Ask Denise: Working with Buyers - 02/24/11 09:22 AM

open houses: Ask Denise: On Open Houses - 10/11/10 05:26 AM

open houses: The Art of the Close - 04/23/10 05:40 AM

There's no word in real estate that is more misunderstood than the word "closing".  It conjures up images of a toothy salesman in a checkered sport coat hawking used cars.  It reminds us of all of those times we were asked, "So, are you ready to buy today?"
Gives you the creeps, doesn't it?
Well, I have good news for you: That's not effective closing.  Closing is not just asking for the business, like so many sales trainers tell you.  Closing is not about badgering someone to buy a product.  Closing is not about getting … (3 comments)

open houses: Denise Says: Stop WHINING and Start Taking Action! - 10/18/07 11:30 AM

By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP
For the real estate industry, the last three months have been one of the strangest periods I've witnessed in the last ten years.  Real estate agents have whipped themselves into a frenzy based entirely on media baloney.
True, the media deli has been serving up large portions of this baloney.  Barely a week goes by without a new report about a crashing market or an expose of another ruthless lending predator.  As of this writing, I've never seen real estate portrayed in such a nasty light as it is right now.
All this negativity is breeding insecurity among … (5 comments)

open houses: Denise Says: Open Houses are the Dying Diamond of Real Estate - 06/19/07 04:23 AM

By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP
On the weekends, I still drive around looking for Open Houses.  Lately, I've been noticing that they're becoming fewer and farther between.  There's no good reason for this, because they're truly a gem of a way to generate interest in real estate and to sell properties.
The problem is that real estate agents falsely believe that Open Houses are not a productive use of their skills.  They say to me, "Denise, I thought Open Houses were old fashioned and a waste of time."
Well, I'm here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.  Our … (5 comments)

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