the lones group: Selling Over 100 Homes a Year Almost Ruined My Life - 07/01/22 12:31 PM

Selling Over 100 Homes a Year Almost Ruined My Life I've talked about burn-out earlier this week, when I held my coaching webinar for Club Zebra members, and I was really touched by how many people emailed me to share their experiences with burnout.
When I was actively selling real estate, I sold way too many homes - and it literally almost ruined my life. One Christmas I really got a reality. I had missed a really important and very special Christmas dinner because I was working. I had let my family down because I was juggling 3 offers on … (2 comments)

the lones group: The Value of Vacations - 06/17/22 03:22 PM

The Value of Vacations I just got back from Greece and today, I'm back at Encore with my coaching clients. It's my favorite place to be, but I want to talk about the value of putting yourself first. Whether that is taking a special trip or going on a luxurious vacation or visiting a special person, you need that down-time away from your business to recharge and refresh.
A lot of us are passionate about our work - and we should be! However, I can tell you from personal experience that every time I take time off for vacation, I … (3 comments)

the lones group: 7 Mindful Tips for Finding More Time In Your Day - 06/10/22 09:50 AM

7 Mindful Tips for Finding More Time In Your Day Every one of us has the same 1,440 minutes in our day, right?
So why is it that some people seem to get so much more done?
They have found the secret to finding more time!
"GROAN! Denise, you aren't going to tell me that I have to wake up at 4 in the morning, are you? If so, I am out!"
NO! This article isn't going to delve into surviving on less sleep or getting up at 4:00 in the morning; instead, we are going to focus on time … (3 comments)

the lones group: 7 Traits of a Strong Real Estate Website Foundation - 05/27/22 11:44 AM

7 Traits of a Strong Real Estate Website Foundation Our topic of technology for the month of May would just not be complete without a conversation about having an online business presence. Next week at Denise Live our fabulous Director of Technology, Randy Bowers, will be presenting on having a hyper-local website. You can learn come enjoy that webinar for free – and all of our May technology topics – by becoming a member of Club Zebra. Learn more about that here.
Today I want to talk about websites. Specifically, what makes for a strong foundation. Whether you are a … (4 comments)

the lones group: My Biggest Technology Mistakes - 05/06/22 04:45 PM

My Biggest Technology Mistakes This week, I'm talking about the biggest mistakes I've made with technology. I've made tons of mistakes over the years, and I want to share them with you.
Mistake #1: Spending Money Before Researching
The first mistake on my list is wasting money on technology or software that didn't suite me. If something doesn't mesh with my workflow or learning style, there was a very low chance it would be effective. I didn't invest the time to research to see if they would be compatible with me before purchasing them.
It's really easy to do the … (17 comments)

the lones group: Following-Up After the Open House - 05/03/22 04:57 PM

Following-Up After the Open House Congratulations! You had a successful open house! You have some people to follow-up with to get their questions answered about the property, but what about neighbors that stopped in, the looky-loos who provided their contact info but you don't have a strong feeling that they will do anything, and the people who indicated that the home you were holding open wasn't a good fit, but you have their contact information? Is it worth following up or is it a waste of your time?
I want you to re-read that first paragraph because I hear this … (11 comments)

the lones group: The Right Props for Open Houses in Today's Market - 04/22/22 01:53 PM

The Right Props for Open Houses in Today's Market Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Zebra Report - I am so excited to share with you again on the topic of doing Open Houses. I know - a lot of you are out there in super-fast housing markets and you are wondering, "Wait a second, why in the world would I even bother doing an open house when I am listing a house on a Thursday and have an offer review by Tuesday? What's the point? There's so many showings and it's so crazy already!"
Well, the point is … (13 comments)

the lones group: Open Houses Can Generate Seller Leads - 04/18/22 09:33 AM

Open Houses Can Generate Seller Leads Some real estate agents are convinced that open houses are a complete waste of time. They make weekends unschedulable, everyone who shows up is represented already anyway, and open houses don't really sell the house.
And let's not forget to address the real elephant in the room - that open houses attract buyer leads. In a market like this, buyers = too. much. time.
Whether you believe all of this or not, open houses have, in-general, gotten a bad reputation. However, I am a strong proponent of open houses. In my business, open houses … (2 comments)

the lones group: Niche Marketing Done Right! - 04/01/22 01:09 PM

Niche Marketing Done Right! It's Thursday (#TBT)! I am feeling a little nostalgic today, so I am taking a trip down memory lane to some of my favorite niche brands that we have created through the years. Some of these are older than others (we HAVE been creating brands for agents for over 20 years) but all of them have done their job, creating a visual connection for a specific client base.
Property Niche Experts
Rhonda Bleck has a passion for mid-century modern homes, so we took that passion and ran with it when creating her brand!
Susan Shorett … (12 comments)

the lones group: Showcasing Your Niche Marketing Expertise at the Listing Presentation - 03/25/22 12:56 PM

Showcasing Your Niche Marketing Expertise at the Listing Presentation In today's highly competitive, crazy market, with low inventory - or no inventory - when you actually get a listing presentation appointment, you had better show up and come prepared. Particularly if you have a niche market, you can not show up and "wing it." You have to have visual aids, the data, and show the proof.
What is your specialty? Maybe your niche market is luxury. Maybe it's a particular location or house style. Seniors, military, condos, waterfront and water view—there is no shortage of possible niches out there. However, … (3 comments)

the lones group: Claiming a Niche Market without Alienating Your Clients - 03/18/22 09:22 AM

Claiming a Niche Market without Alienating Your Clients It is common knowledge that specialists usually garner more demand than generalists. However, real estate agents rarely start their real estate business only specializing in one type of real estate. Most real estate agents build their business with any transaction available. Fast-forward a few years and most agents find their database full of past and potential clients from a wide area. The agent is relying on that database for future business and when the opportunity to specialize in a niche market arises, agents are very reluctant to focus on that as they … (7 comments)

the lones group: How to Become a Niche Marketing Expert - 03/15/22 12:17 PM

How to Become a Niche Marketing Expert Niche marketing is when you decide on a particular target you want to go after, then do whatever it takes to become the very best market expert on that niche, and finally market your expertise to that niche. It sounds simple, right? But there's a lot packed into those three steps.
First, why should you niche? To help answer that question, we can take a look at some examples outside of real estate. Doctors niche all the time—we have neurologists, podiatrists, endocrinologists, and even surgeons that specialist in a particular surgery technique. These … (6 comments)

the lones group: Should You Niche? - 03/09/22 01:42 PM

Should You Niche?
Have you ever had a unique situation that required a unique professional? For example:
A medical issue that could only be addressed by a specialist, such as a foot surgeon?
A legal issue that required specialty knowledge, such as a real estate land specialist?
A home remodeling issue that was outside the scope of what a general contractor could do, such as historic siding repair or a unique pest issue?
If you had to call in a specialist, were they available right away? Probably not. Did they cost more? Most likely!
Why? That specialty knowledge is … (8 comments)

the lones group: 5 Ways to Add a Live Layer to Your Geographical Farm Campaign - 03/02/22 05:40 PM

5 Ways to Add a Live Layer to Your Geographical Farm Campaign
When you think of a geographical farm, what comes to mind? Postcards? A monetary investment? An ongoing faucet of revenue? We all know that mailing is a tried-and-true way to make connections. So what do you do if you want to connect with more people in your farm, but you don't have the budget yet? Here's another scenario: maybe you are already getting a good result with your farm, but you want to build deeper relationships without blowing your bank account. In both situations, the power of … (3 comments)

the lones group: Consistency - It's as Simple as One Thing - 02/25/22 09:33 AM

Consistency - It's as Simple as One Thing!
The most important thing that an agent can do in their business is to pick something that they can successfully do consistently. The problem for most agents is that at the beginning of every year, they make great plans. They have good intentions and they make lists of things they want to get done. But that list is so overwhelming because they either don't know where to begin, how to begin, or have the finances to begin.
What I always say to agents facing this daunting mountain is, "Choose one thing." … (11 comments)

the lones group: My Favorite Mailing Campaigns - 02/11/22 01:29 PM

My Favorite Mailing Campaigns
I'm excited about today's Zebra Report because I get to talk about my favorite mailers—both my favorite mailing campaign I sent out and my favorite that I've received.
Let's rewind maybe ten years, and it was the Victoria's Secret mailing campaign. They did such a phenomenal job. They were so consistent that I received something from them about every ten days. It was all-around a quality mailer. The quality of the paper and vibrancy of the ink made it visually appealing. They changed up the sizes so that when there was a big sale going … (3 comments)

the lones group: Campaign Fundamentals and Ideas - 02/09/22 06:38 PM

Campaign Fundamentals and Ideas
Over the next few Zebra Reports we are going to be covering campaigns. At The Lones Group, we define campaigns as a series of communication points geared towards a specific audience. For example, if I send an annual property report to my past clients, that is part of my past client campaign. If I send a monthly postcard to my farm area, that too is a campaign.
Today we are going to touch on audiences, frequency, media, and content - the four pillars of any campaign:
Most real estate agents have different buckets of … (1 comments)

the lones group: The Secret to Adding More Hours to Your Day - 01/28/22 01:55 PM

The Secret to Adding More Hours to Your Day
Most people wish they had more time. There are very few successful agents who are able to check everything off their list at the end of the day. In fact, many agents will never reach the level of success they should because they are mired in a never-ending sea of tasks – and they are not focusing on the ones that will help them achieve that next level of success.
I am going to say that again because it is important. Agents who should be more successful aren't because they … (9 comments)

the lones group: Your Business Pipeline - 01/26/22 12:51 PM

Your Business Pipeline
There isn't a business out there without a pipeline. A business pipeline is basically the path a client takes from the start and getting to know you, through the transaction, and beyond the conclusion of business (sometimes for many years after). A successful pipeline has 3 parts to it: Before, During, and After.
The "Before" part of your pipeline focuses on attracting and capturing leads. This includes all the things you do before doing business with someone to help them get to know you. You can offer valuable market information to build your credibility. You can … (3 comments)

the lones group: 5 Tips for Real Estate Business Planning Success - 01/14/22 10:45 AM

5 Tips for Real Estate Business Planning Success
Business planning is top of mind for most business leaders this time of year. Lofty goals, dedication and drive are commonplace, but what is going to get you to a new level of success is not looking forward, it is looking backward and analyzing what has room for improvement.
In all my years of both selling real estate and now as a coach and trainer, there are common challenges that always doom a business plan and sabotages goals. Agents aren't consistent, they aren't leveraging their time, they don't track their money, … (9 comments)

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