time: Time and Money - 03/29/19 12:19 PM

Time and Money
Forgive me, I am feeling a little spicy today so this article is a little more blunt and to the point than usual! I have talked with a lot of stressed out agents this week who are doing too much themselves and not taking advantage of opportunities to leverage their time. If that sounds like you, this article is dedicated to you and your business!
AGENT: "Denise, can you help me make more money?"
MY RESPONSE: "Yes! But the first step is to help you make more time. You need that time to provide amazing service and … (10 comments)

time: Priorities - 02/11/16 09:02 AM

Real estate is a business of managing priorities. I bet if you took a minute and wrote down every possible item that you think you have to do for your business, you would probably have dozens and dozens of "to dos". Everything from entering last month's expenses and this year's taxes to a CMA for a client, making sure you have your CE credits before your next renewal, cleaning your desk, upgrading to Windows 10, getting your car detailed, and picking up your dry cleaning. You probably have lists of people to follow up with, closed buyers that … (1 comments)

time: Task Management: The Key to Getting It All Done - 04/03/15 03:06 AM

Task Management: The Key to Getting It All Done
A real estate agent that I coach recently presented me with a beautiful weekly calendar with lead generation, client follow-up, and potential client follow-up neatly organized according to time blocks and color-coded. I complimented him on his diligence and use of color in a calendar format and then informed him that with his personality type and business, this type of planning was not in his best interest. Why?
It's not in the agent's best interest because this type of planning is time management. However, the best way to handle all … (2 comments)

time: Your 2014 Resolutions: One Small Adjustment Can Bring Big Success! - 01/03/14 01:27 AM

Your 2014 Resolutions: One Small Adjustment Can Bring Big Success!
Welcome to 2014! I love this time of year - so full of promise and dedication to making some changes in your business! I am thrilled about what is coming up for our industry in 2014. My research shows that this will be another strong year and you need to be ready!
What are you resolving this year for your business? Make more money? Have more time off? Finally get your systems in place? Create a buyers package? Believe it or not, I have one simple system that you … (4 comments)

time: Editing Your Life... Essential for All Agents - 03/15/13 07:41 AM

Editing Your Life... Essential for All Agents
There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a month. Time is the one thing that we can't buy more of. We are the only ones who are in complete control of our time. It can't be stored up for a rainy day and you can't go to the store to get more. Everybody has to live within the budget of time that they are given. Unlike being able to go out there and earn more money, you just can't go out and earn … (4 comments)

time: Denise Says: It's not About the Money, It's About the TIME! - 07/18/07 06:38 AM

By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP
AGENT QUESTION: "Denise, I want you to help me make more money."
MY RESPONSE: "Great!  But the first step is to help you make more time.  Because without time, you cannot give great service to neither your clients nor yourself."
AGENT: "But I'm willing to work hard to make the money!"
MY RESPONSE: "Then you'll burn yourself out and won't be effective.  Without quality of life-meaning the time to enjoy life away from your business-then you'll be a slave to your business.  It's much better to have your business work for you, rather than the other way around."
You shouldn't … (4 comments)

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