time management: Time and Money - 03/29/19 12:19 PM

Time and Money
Forgive me, I am feeling a little spicy today so this article is a little more blunt and to the point than usual! I have talked with a lot of stressed out agents this week who are doing too much themselves and not taking advantage of opportunities to leverage their time. If that sounds like you, this article is dedicated to you and your business!
AGENT: "Denise, can you help me make more money?"
MY RESPONSE: "Yes! But the first step is to help you make more time. You need that time to provide amazing service and … (10 comments)

time management: Leverage: A Way To Give Yourself a Raise - 05/18/17 03:49 PM

Leverage: A Way To Give Yourself a Raise
In my two previous Zebra Reports How Much Money Do You REALLY Make? and What's Your Net?, I talked about how to calculate your gross and net rates of pay per hour. This week's article will show you how to take this information and make good decisions based on this information.
Working smart is about knowing how to leverage your time to make more money. By knowing what you make per hour you make smarter decisions with your time. Knowing your "rate" means you can quickly calculate the risk/reward factor of … (14 comments)

time management: What's Your Net? - 05/12/17 09:06 AM

What's Your Net?
Last week I talked about how important it is to truly being able to calculate how much money an agent makes per hour by dividing their gross commission income by total number of hours worked in a given year.
For example, if you make $100,000 gross commission and you work 40 hours per week for 52 weeks (2080 hours per year) you would make $48.08 per hour.
If you have yourself 4 weeks of vacation you would actually be giving yourself a raise because now you would only be working 1840 hours which would bump your … (3 comments)

time management: How Much Money Do You REALLY Make? - 05/04/17 05:05 PM

How Much Money Do You REALLY Make?
When I think about how many hours most people work per week, I think you would agree that 40 hours is what most people would guess to be the average hours that most people work in a typical business setting. When I think about real estate agents, I think you would also agree that most real estate agents can work many hours one week and less another week. In other words, their work hours are flexible and therefore do not conform to the "corporate average."
When I am working with an agent … (6 comments)

time management: How to Make the Best of Your Time When you are a Site Agent - 02/03/17 12:11 PM

How to Make the Best of Your Time When You are a Site Agent
With builders back in the market, they are calling upon agents to sit at model homes waiting to tour prospective buyers. This article isn't going to tout the benefits or the cautions about making this commitment (as I certainly do not recommend this for everyone), but instead I am addressing how to make the best of this time and how to make this a very lucrative lead generation system.
Understand the rules around what you are and are not allowed to do. Depending on the … (0 comments)

time management: Your Work-Life Balance Check-Up - 09/02/16 03:51 AM

Your Work-Life Balance Check-Up
I would like to take you back to December 31, 2015. You might have been with friends celebrating the new year, traveling with family, or perhaps curled up with a cup of hot cocoa next to the fire, but wherever you were and whatever you were doing, you had probably been giving some thought to the upcoming year and how it was going to be different than previous years in terms of structure and in terms of protecting  your family time.
Fast forward to September 1, 2016; Labor Day weekend and the symbolic end of … (2 comments)

time management: Priorities - 02/11/16 09:02 AM

Real estate is a business of managing priorities. I bet if you took a minute and wrote down every possible item that you think you have to do for your business, you would probably have dozens and dozens of "to dos". Everything from entering last month's expenses and this year's taxes to a CMA for a client, making sure you have your CE credits before your next renewal, cleaning your desk, upgrading to Windows 10, getting your car detailed, and picking up your dry cleaning. You probably have lists of people to follow up with, closed buyers that … (1 comments)

time management: "To Do" Overload - 05/08/15 04:20 AM

"To Do" Overload
If you made a list of "to do" items right now in your business, how would you feel? Confident that you had a handle on most of them? Completely overwhelmed by the deficiencies in your business? Or completely indifferent because you weren't planning on tackling them anyway?
The agents I begin to work with are often in that second category - completely overwhelmed by their "to do" list which consists of not only the things they have to get done for their clients, but also all the systems and tools they want to develop to streamline … (1 comments)

time management: Task Management: The Key to Getting It All Done - 04/03/15 03:06 AM

Task Management: The Key to Getting It All Done
A real estate agent that I coach recently presented me with a beautiful weekly calendar with lead generation, client follow-up, and potential client follow-up neatly organized according to time blocks and color-coded. I complimented him on his diligence and use of color in a calendar format and then informed him that with his personality type and business, this type of planning was not in his best interest. Why?
It's not in the agent's best interest because this type of planning is time management. However, the best way to handle all … (2 comments)

time management: Seven Steps to the Perfect Buyer Client Experience - 08/08/14 04:02 AM

Seven Steps to the Perfect Buyer Client Experience
If you want to create a memorable buying experience that will have your new homeowners singing your praises, here are seven steps to really enhance the services you currently offer and some ideas of how you can improve some of the things that you are already doing.
Mind the Money
Have you ever watched a home buying show and asked yourself why the real estate agent is showing the buyer homes much higher than their price range? If a buyer asks to see $300,000 homes, assume this is the price range they … (1 comments)

time management: The Power of Showing Up - 02/07/14 07:41 AM

The Power of Showing Up
When I talk about "showing up" I am referring to being present in your business and really giving it your all. "Showing Up" means picking up the phone when you would rather send an email or doing an open house and connecting with people when you would rather be hiding in your office organizing your files. It is about stepping out of your comfort zone and connecting.
Believe it or not, "showing up" has nothing to do with the amount of time you put into your business. You could sit at your desk for … (2 comments)

time management: Editing Your Life... Essential for All Agents - 03/15/13 07:41 AM

Editing Your Life... Essential for All Agents
There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a month. Time is the one thing that we can't buy more of. We are the only ones who are in complete control of our time. It can't be stored up for a rainy day and you can't go to the store to get more. Everybody has to live within the budget of time that they are given. Unlike being able to go out there and earn more money, you just can't go out and earn … (4 comments)

time management: Let Quality of Life Be Your Guide in 2013... and Beyond - 12/14/12 06:35 AM

Let Quality of Life Be Your Guide in 2013... and Beyond
Anyone who knows me knows that I have a long-held belief that the first, and the most important thing in your business, is creating quality of life.
As we wind down 2012 and head in to 2013 I want to encourage all of you to think about your quality of life.
What do I mean by quality of life? If I had to define it simply it would be happiness that is created when there is a good balance between your personal and professional lives.
Sociologists study quality … (7 comments)

time management: Are You Ready for Your “Distraction Diet” Guidelines? - 06/08/12 01:20 AM
Are You Ready for Your "Distraction Diet" Guidelines?
Last week my Zebra Report focused on what I called the "distraction diet" - a concept based on regulating the interruptions you allow which disrupt your ability to focus and work.
Remember, distractions draw us in because they either: 1) add pleasure to our lives, or 2) remove pain from our lives.
The first step in managing your distractions is to determine why you are being distracted. Is the task you are trying to tackle something that:
Bores you? Frustrates you? Doesn't feel natural to you? Takes too long? You don't have … (4 comments)

time management: Is It Time to Try the Distraction Diet? - 06/01/12 01:49 AM
Is It Time to Try the "Distraction Diet"?
Are you feeling lethargic? Pulled in too many directions? Are you unable to complete the tasks you used to handle easily? Feeling weighed down and uninspired? Lacking energy and focus?
If so, it may be time for what I call the "distraction diet"!
I work with real estate agents with varied backgrounds, and varied businesses, in various parts of the country.  But here's what I can tell you most of them have in common: a problem managing distractions. Feed the engine Think of your business as an engine that must be fed.  … (0 comments)

time management: You are the Driver of Your Destiny - 10/29/10 06:14 AM
Every day—and I mean every single day—I receive an email from an agent who is frustrated, challenged, or upset about the current state of their business.
I love emails like this.
Because I love solving problems. Problems provide me with the amazing opportunity to do what I love to do best: Help agents find out where they went wrong.
Notice I say where "they" went wrong. I don't blame the economy. I don't blame circumstances. I put the impetus of success or failure squarely on the agent.
Because I truly believe that you are … (3 comments)

time management: Ask Denise: On Working Hard - 10/05/10 06:51 AM

time management: The "Time Management" Myth - 08/11/10 05:55 AM
By far, the toughest ball to juggle when running your own business is time—using it properly, freeing up more of it, and not wasting it. The solution to this challenge eludes many real estate agents.
In real estate, there are so many things we have to do. And we are burdened with the fact that there are no set hours. This is not Monday through Friday, nine-to-five kind of business. Our work schedule is fluid—which can be both a blessing and a curse.
While we don’t have to be at a desk every morning at 8:30, we do have to … (4 comments)

time management: The Power of One - 07/13/10 06:34 AM
Part of my company’s mission statement includes being the source for real estate success.
So it’s no surprise that I hear from agents every day who want to improve their business.
As I listen to them, I notice a common theme.  They are overwhelmed with ideas for change.  Many of them have lists of dozens of things they want to tackle…but they don’t know where to start.
Not surprisingly, these agents often end up feeling overwhelmed, and doing absolutely nothing.  Interestingly, I have observed that the most dramatic changes come when an agent chooses to make onetiny but powerful change that … (2 comments)

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