long island: Mold Inspection in New York - 06/18/08 04:16 PM
Mold is a common problem in many homes, particularly those in damp and humid climates. Although it's mostly found in the basements of homes, it can pop up almost anywhere that could have a moisture problem. Most mold is benign and just an eyesore, though some mold can be toxic and a serious health concern. While you always want to get rid of mold even if it's just for aesthetics sake, if you don't have time or resources to tackle the source of the problem, it's best to inspect and test mold to determine if it is a health hazard before … (2 comments)

long island: Water Quality Testing and Inspection; When to Test - 06/18/08 04:07 PM
Since we all know that water is the life-blood of the home, it is important to ensure the liquid coming out of the taps is top-quality. Not only are there the obvious health detriments associated with dirty water, but, aside from drinking water, you want to have relatively clean and clear water feeding into appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.
            While professional water-quality testers are available for hire, it's possible to do-it-yourself. Even clean looking water might be contaminated, so it is prudent to test, especially moving to a new space. But before you start collecting samples to send … (0 comments)

long island: Landscaping and What it Means to your Westchester Home Purchase - 04/11/08 01:53 PM
Landscaping and What it Means to your Westchester Home Purchase
The outside of the house provides one of the lasting impressions of the property and the landscaping is as much a part of that as the type of hedges and color of paint that you've used on the home. A home inspector knows that there is much more to the landscaping than just the cosmetics and he'll be able to pinpoint various problems that could cost a sum of money down the road if left unchecked. However, an inspection can start before you even get to the purchasing stage; while you're driving … (0 comments)

long island: The Real Deal with Long Island Wet Basements - 04/11/08 01:33 PM
 The Real Deal with Long Island Wet Basements
  Any home that you've got can have a wet basement and there are generally two reasons for this; even if you buy the house in an upscale area like Long Island in New York, water can find its way in from two primary sources.  The first of these is surface water which includes run off and melted snow.  The second type of water that can adversely affect your basement is groundwater.  Groundwater can come from a high water table or an underground spring or stream.  These problems generally show themselves inside the home in … (0 comments)

long island: Home Inspection Long Island, Nassau County: When and Why? - 02/18/08 07:02 AM
Home Inspection Long Island, When and Why?
You have found the perfect home you have been looking for in Long Island. Close to schools, the price you can live with and it has that island in the kitchen you have always wanted.  A new coat of paint will do great things to make the home more appealing.  You have fallen in love with this perfect house.
You realize you need to have the home inspection just so you talk to your friends and find out the price they paid for their home inspections, check the phone book and the Internet, make a few … (0 comments)

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