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IL – Here is another common loan modification mistake that many homeowners make. They accept a very short term payment agreement that is not a loan modification. They could have gotten a real modification, but settled for whatever the lender recommended to them. They settled for what is called f...
IL – Most homeowners negotiating a loan modification are not amazing negotiators. After all, it’s not every American’s job to be a great negotiator. America is built on hard work and treating people fair. Most stores offer products at a good, fair price. The price is the price. If you don’t like...
id="attachment_1204" align="alignright" width="400" caption=" Yes, You Can Beat The System!"> IL – A lot of people in today’s lending market are stuck. They locked in their interest rate when rates were higher. Now, they are barred from refinancing because they are upside down on their house. Wh...
IL – Loan Modifications are tough. Lenders don’t want to reduce your payment or reduce the amount you owe. It’s insane. Don’t even get me started on the topic of the nation’s courts being tilted in the favor of the big banks! Most loan modifications end in failure because the banks are so hard t...
IL – This is one of the first questions potential short sale sellers ask us. “I heard of something called “forgiveness of debt income and that it is taxable. How does that work?” they ask. The following article is my personal opinion only. I recommend that you consult with a competent legal or t...
IL – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Richard. “I accepted a job transfer and had to move. Unfortunately we were upside down on the house. I decided to rent it out rather than short sale it. The renters just moved out. I just checked the house. They trashed it! I ...
IL – GMAC, was the financing arm of General Motors. It was taken over by Uncle Sam and has been mostly privatized as Ally Financial. However, many people still have loans from the original GMAC. Some of these homeowners want to short sale, but are curious about how it works. Discover how other s...
IL – Many of the short sale sellers we help are selling their home to avoid foreclosure. In addition, they are receiving lots of harassing calls from debt collectors. These debt collectors seem to think that if you call someone with no extra money, then you can still get them to pay. Here is a li...
IL – If you are facing financial hardship, then paying credit cards and other unsecured debts is your lowest priority. An unsecured debt is a debt where they can't take away your car or house. A secured debt has something as collateral, such as your car, house, or anything else of value. The mos...

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