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I am sharing this quote from my friend, one time coach and professional speaker Richard Flint.Making New Year resolutions is a waste of time, if you aren't committed to taking action on them.Most people write resolutions for a New Year hoping it will help them have a better year. Reality is -- if...
It was some time ago, but a professor in one of my graduate classes in conflict and negotiation told us of some key negotiation skills that were useable in everyday life.These were great tips I use even to this day that I would like to share.Always have a an alternative option...Keeps emotions in...
It was said that "If you are forgotten, you cease to exist."  (Merlin the Magician) Self Promotion, follow up and systematic marketing are the only way you will ever grow your business beyond where it has gone.I can't tell you how many times I had a coaching session where an agent said to me how ...
Recently, we were telling new agents the 3 most important things they should have to succeed in the business were:A database systemA websiteA lead generation/business planI was wondering what some others think.  What would your top 3 be?Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
Promoting yourself everyday has several advantages.  Most important however is that is develops the habit of promoting ourselves.  This is often overlooked.  In fact, what we call procrasitnation is often just habitual behavior we will not change in exchange fornew habits that could bring us bett...
The 5 Golden Rules of Self PromotionFollow these rules consistently and watch your status and your business grow!1. Believe in yourself and your ideas.  All the skill in the world does not replace good old fasioned confidence in who you are and what you do!2. Promote Yourelf Daily.  Whether it is...
I heard the other day--"Condemnation without investigation, typically leads to failure."I thought about this as it applies to our business (or anything really) and when you think about it, how true.  When we hear something someone said, maybe read a blog, go to a seminar, read a book, or article,...
1. Why?  (This is their motivation)2. When (This is their sense of urgency)3. Can you please give me your email adress so I can send you some information and help you? In a situation like this If we simply say...let me help you..without knowing their why,their when, then we tend to come off as he...
THE ANYTHING-EVERYTHING-ONE THING CONCEPT  On his death bed, a man was asked if he had any regrets-was there something he wanted to pass on to others and possibly leave a legacy. This man had owned several businesses in his life..he had possessed and lost many levels of wealth.  He had been marri...
1. Value is in the eyes of a client, hold your features and benefits in check until the client tells you what they actually want 2. Value is a perception.  Perception is created not on what you promise, but on your track record that shows you keep promises.  3.Base your fee on fulfillment of bene...

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