dennis insurance: Pop the question? Pop the policy! - 06/11/10 03:31 AM
When love is in the air, couples get the urge to pledge their love.  This usually involves commitment and large sums of cash (in the form of jewelry).  Love and insurance don't necessarily go hand in hand (unless you're an insurance agent), so it may not surprise you that many people forget to think about properly insuring their newly purchased jewelry.  This can be a scary thought - especially for someone who may have just spent as much on a ring as he or she might on a new car.  If you're going to pop the question (or make any other … (0 comments)

dennis insurance: Is your Mechanic Trustworthy???? - 05/12/09 03:13 AM
With the crummy economy and many people out of work, chances are you’re not in the market for a brand new car. High car costs, along with astronomical gas prices, are keeping folks away from the dealerships and looking to salvage their old jalopies. Getting a few more miles out of your current clunker will require you to make a few visits to your local mechanic. Because so many people are skeptical of mechanics and distrusting of their truthfulness, we have provided you with a quick guide to weed out the bad ones and take advantage of the good. Get referrals. … (0 comments)

dennis insurance: Commemorating the Earth - 04/28/09 12:16 AM
Earth Day is April 22, celebrating the land we share and the air we breathe. It is intended for all the inhabitants of the earth to become more aware of caring for the planet. The day has, historically, helped to broaden the knowledge of environmental programs around the world. The goal of earth day is to create a world that is cleaner, healthier, and safer to live in. But the real goal of earth day is to encourage people to practice earth-friendly habits and to be conscious of the earth and the threats it faces by humanity on a daily basis. … (0 comments)

dennis insurance: Homeowners Insurance rates to rise in Florida - 04/15/09 01:25 AM
Floridians fear the often-discussed spike in homeowners costs as hurricane season approaches. Citizens Insurance, the largest property insurance provider in Florida, and the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund do not have enough money to pay claims should a major hurricane strike in highly populated areas. Although the state has not suffered serious hurricane or storm damage in the past few years, relying on hope and luck could be devastating. Dennis Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency dedicated to providing you with affordable and comprehensive homeowners insurance on your Florida property. Because we’re local, we won’t offer you polices and split town … (0 comments)

dennis insurance: Preparing for Severe Spring Weather - 03/30/09 07:19 AM
Spring has finally landed and folks across the nation are crossing their fingers hoping for a calm and inactive season. But the possibility of severe weather is all too real; violent thunderstorms, flooding, hail, rain, wind, and whipping tornadoes. There are steps you can take to prepare your home and your family from the imminent storms of the spring season:For Your Familylearn the warning signs develop an emergency supply kit (water, non-perishables, flashlight, blankets, medicinepurchase a weather radio decide in advance where you will go if the storm is very badFor Your Homesecure windows and doors, use storm resistant windows if … (0 comments)

dennis insurance: Plan for the Unexpected with Life Insurance - 03/13/09 03:36 AM
Growing old often means taking on more responsibilities. The pressures of getting married, having children, buying a home, cars, pets, etc. can weigh heavily on anyone. You work hard to provide for your family and to acquire all the assets you and your family share. But you worry, as the provider, that your family will not be able to support themselves if the unexpected happens. Nobody likes to think about what “could” happen- but in today’s world, planning for the unexpected is a necessity. As a contributor to your family's wealth, have you considered what might happen if you were no … (0 comments)

dennis insurance: Inside EPLI: What’s Covered & Why You Need It - 12/18/08 08:18 AM
In these days of business lawsuits being hurled back and forth, companies - no matter how big or small, corporate or mom 'n pop - must take extra care to protect themselves from claims. Three out of five businesses will be sued by an employee, an no one is exempt. It doesn't matter how new or old the company is.  
More and more businesses are seeing how vulnerable they are. If they rub an employee the wrong way, it can mean financial disaster. From the pre-hiring process through the exit interview, it just takes one unpleasant situation to cause an … (0 comments)

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