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Yesterday started bad and became worse. I lost 5 listings in one day, a new personal best!! One was owned by 2 brothers and since my one year anniversary was up, one brother wanted me but the other wanted fresh blood. One bought a home with her boyfriend (he had his own agent) and left me their h...
There is no place like home, wherever that happens to be! Don't get me wrong, I love vacation but it also is a lot of work, especially with family vacations. Where to stay, where to eat, what time to meet, who wants to go where, it all becomes tiresome. It is also a lot of work to pack and go, an...
What is it about this business that makes everyone have a chip on their shoulder and an attitude to match? I have been doing this business for over 25 years full time, own a company, wrote and edited a book on real estate finance, and have been a college real estate instructor for over 15 years s...
As I sat in my open house last Sunday for 2 hours, all by myself, I got the impression that open houses are going the way of real estate house publications and mls books. Is it possible that today's buyer doesn't need to spend Sunday afternoon driving around and looking at homes? I think all the ...
Went to a birthday party over the weekend for a 10 year old and there was a group of 6 kids, all around 10, huddled in the corner playing video games. I watched for a little while, and it kind of looked fun so I tried it. I needed a 5 year old to show me how to turn the game on and select one to ...
Don't you love it when a plan finally comes together? I got a new Blackberry a few months ago, and all I could do with it was answer the phone! Everyone was impressed because I looked successful but little did they know I couldn't do anything with it. I had such big plans for it but I didn't know...


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