property management: Do you understand condo living? Part 1: What is mine? - 05/12/19 06:44 AM
So you are thinking about buying a condo, or you own one now? So what is yours? What is not yours? 
Condos generally have 3 parts or types of property: Unit, limited common area, and common area. Based on the type of area determines what is yours or not yours. Here is a short, basic explanation of each type:
UNIT is all that stuff inside your unit that serves only your unit-thats the key! Electric lines that connect only to your unit-even if outside like outlets on your patio, would be yours! Attics, crawl spaces, doors, windows-generally belong to you. Kitchen cabinets, carpet, … (5 comments)

property management: Name Change.....Why mess with an established brand? - 04/02/18 03:50 AM
After over 35 years as Rickert Property Management, Inc., we are happy to announce our new brand - Full Circle Property Management and Full Circle Real Estate!
We are the same ownership, same staff, same location...just new concepts and ideas and strategies.
As the industry changes we want to be poised to use technology, and people, to provide endless service to our clients-whatever it takes! We still have live local people answering our phones for those that call, but also we are fully automated for those that want that! So at 5 PM when staff goes home, customers can access their … (8 comments)

property management: Time to reboot your career? - 12/19/16 01:55 AM
Have you reached a point in your life and career that you need a reboot? Sometimes you can no longer adjust or tweak or bend it one more time without a total reboot, without reaching for that button that you hold in until the machine is completely dark and begins to reboot to a new life with a fresh screen and fresh outlook.
As in life, however, each reboot loses some key data, some key programs, some key memories. So you should reboot only when you are sure this is needed. I have had several reboots, but its easier when you are … (11 comments)

property management: Wait......What? - 08/24/16 07:56 PM
Almost every day I get a call from someone who thinks that property managers have more power than we do...either referee or police power or able to give parenting lessons!
....the neighbors cat sits outside and stares at her cats in her windows making them agitated.
....they are having company Tuesday and they need weekly lawn mowing to be done early. are playing with a frisbee in the backyard and its going everywhere.
....neighbors TV is against the common wall (where cable hookup is) and she can here it.
....neighbor goes to work early and runs their shower, and maybe they can change their … (7 comments)

property management: Investors...After purchase then what? - 01/23/16 11:29 PM
So that great investment property with the great tenants you just what? Who will take care of it, sign new leases, collect rents, answer those 2 AM no heat calls? What about if they don't pay? Or decide to move and you need to turn the unit and re-rent?
For many investors its the thrill of the hunt, the stalking of the prey, the kill, so to speak. They forget about dragging it back to camp, dressing and preparing, making it look good-not to mention the on-going daily work it will add to your already busy life and schedule. If … (3 comments)

property management: So when is it time to hire a property manager? - 12/27/14 10:12 PM
You never wanted to be a landlord, it just happened. The market turned and the price you could sell your home for was way lower than you could stomach, so you decided to rent it. After all, how hard could it be-right? Put up a sign, show the property to a few people, have them write you a check each month. Right?

So after a few late night emergency repairs, a few "I lost my job so rent will be late" excuses, a few concerns about what the tenants are doing to my house, maybe it's time to … (2 comments)

property management: Scammed by Previous Landlord? - 07/25/14 11:49 PM
So you finally found an great tenant and all that is left is to check their previous landlord. You got a great recommendation, moved in the tenant and within 3 months your place looks like a mess and the rent is late. What happened?
Well, one of two things happened. It could be that their previous landlord wanted them gone so bad they lied so you would take them. Most likely that's not the case, especially if it was another management company. Most likely you fell for the landlord-tenant scheme where they have their friend pose as the landlord and they give … (2 comments)

property management: So is the way you dress costing you money? - 02/15/14 08:10 PM
So when did we become such a casual industry? Does showing up for an appointment dressed in dockers, jeans, open collar shirts, baseball hats, sandals, etc cost you credibility and impact the amount of money you make? I would say yes.
I run a property management firm and no matter how I insist that wearing a tie to a meeting with those that hire you is a good idea, they still don't listen. I am thinking they pay me to represent them, shouldn't I look professional?
I know for a fact that some of my clients chose me because I … (11 comments)

property management: Success-How do you define it? - 02/08/14 09:30 PM
So what does success mean to you and how do you measure it? Is it monetary, personal, business?
Recently I took a new position and thought I was doing well and at the end of the year analyzed the company numbers and realized that even though sales was up that profit was down since I was the leader. I was able to increase sales but not get a handle on expenses. So if I was hired to add sales then I should get a bonus, but if I was hired to run the company and make it profitable then I … (2 comments)

property management: What to do if my condo doesn't sell? - 10/26/13 09:48 PM
So you have tried to sell your condo and no luck? Maybe you owe too much or maybe the new financing rules about condos have made it almost impossible? So what can I do now? Rent it perhaps?
Renting a condo is not near as easy as it appears! Step one is to see if renting your condo is even allowed by your bylaws and your association. Many fear they will become glorified apartment communities so they restrict renting or only allow so many to rent. Those that do allow renting will normally reqire a fee, a form to fill out … (5 comments)

property management: How to make a small property management problem worse in 1 easy step! - 09/13/13 09:57 PM
Easy enough to accomplish. Here is how: You start with any easy request for a easy issue, such as "Have you received my payment this month?" So all you have to do is ignore them, not a 30 second call that indicates yes or no, nor a quick email that says I will check on it, not an easy text that says I will get back to you. Just that easy.
Now the fun part is tommorrow that issue is no longer about the payment received, but is now a larger issue about why you are ignoring me? Why do I … (19 comments)

property management: So who manages your Homeowners Association? - 04/06/13 10:24 PM
So who manages your HOA now? Is it a bunch of owners who have full time jobs and are stretched thin and don't have the time to spend working on it? Or did you find a management firm or person who was the lowest bidder and now you only see them when it's time to get a check?
And what exactly should they be doing?
These are the questions that many people struggle with everyday in their homeowners association. Without good association management you will quickly turn into an association where people do what they want, when they … (3 comments)

property management: Business 101: What does your email address say about you? - 12/25/11 11:21 PM
So one of the things that I do in my position is to hire new property managers to work with our firm so as you can imagine when we post a job we get tons of resumes. So I was sent one that appeared to be a pretty qualified person, had a nice resume, well written, no spelling errors (we'll save that for a later blog) and I was sending a reply email to set up a first telephone interview. As soon as I hit the "reply to" button I noticed her email address "" and I had to pause for … (8 comments)

property management: Can you be a successful residential property manager working 9-5? - 12/18/11 03:15 AM
Here is the easy answer: Probably not!
Why you say? Unlike commercial property management you need to be able to be flexible to when tenants and prospective tenants are available. Residential tenants normally are busy during the day, so the best time to show properties, inspect units, and gain access to property to perform inspections is normally weekends and evenings. Without being available after normal hours it is going to make your job a bit more difficult.
Could you be successful working 9-5 in residential management? Maybe-but it will be more difficult. Best managers are available nights and weekends, at … (3 comments)

property management: Business 101: How much money do you lose not answering the phone? - 12/16/11 10:19 PM
Its more and more common these days with all the electronic gadgets that companies and small business people have, like Realtors, that they now rely on technology instead of people to answer their telephones. Why? Ask them and they will tell you that it works better, they can be found 24/7, it is a great lead capturing technique, etc. But the real reason: They don't want to spend the money hiring someone!
But do you really save money or is it cutting off your nose to spite your face? Let me tell you about my friend the roofing company owner. … (14 comments)

property management: You have to be one or the other-Morning or Night? - 12/15/11 08:42 PM
So are you a morning person or a night owl? I tend to be a morning person as I can get a ton of work done before most people get up. No phones, no distractions like TV, no one to bug you. I just get up and get on the computer that never shuts off and get my blogs done, my clients emailed, my searches done. Then when the paper comes I read for a bit, hop in the shower, and off I go.
Of course I am dead by 8PM! I don't have an issue with it, but I am … (8 comments)

property management: Condo Management: What's the little complex to do? - 12/14/11 09:12 PM
So in the world on condo management, the large communities normally have a condo office and a full time maintenance staff to handle the duties of maintenance, rent collection, tenant disputes, supervision, etc. What about smaller communities? What do they do?
Well, they normally don't have the money or enough units to have a full time manager so the option for many is to self-manage. Self management is when the board of directors, who are nomally residents of the complex, elect one unlucky person to become president and then they get to manage, normally for free.
That person then normally … (2 comments)

property management: Tenant Story of the Week: Ghosts? Now what? - 12/09/11 11:33 PM
So now what? Ghosts!
So I have a 2 family and unit 1 was vacating because they found somewhere else to live, and they did not get along with the tenants in unit 2. So the week they moved out the tenants in unit 2, 2 college men who shared a place called and said they wanted to move early because they were not getting along. I said that they needed to honor their lease. So about a week later one of them shot themselves in the apartment and committed suicide. Wait-it gets better!
So a few weeks later I … (4 comments)

property management: Tenant story of the week! - 12/06/11 09:16 PM
Got a new place in with an anxious owner who wants his places rented about 2 weeks ago, sound like most of yours? So ran a special, had someone take an app, look at the place, and love it! They like the special on the rent, and would like to be in this weekend since they want in before the holiday. Sounds plausible, and my client is in love with the idea, and she seems nice enough-good income, decent dress, decent car.
So I pull her report. Nothing out of the ordinary shows until I hand run the eviction report, which … (4 comments)

property management: How do you screen tenants? - 11/27/11 09:59 PM
It's probably the number 1 question I get asked all the time when I talk to new property owners venturing into real estate investing. So let me give you the "book" answer then my real answer!
We look for 3 things in a tenant: 1.  The ability to pay is very important. Our guideline is rent is not greater than 31-35% of their gross monthly income. The standard rule of thumb for many is income is 3 times rent. If their income is non-taxable income then we can give a little on this since we compute based on gross taxable income … (5 comments)

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