property management ohio: What's the "Secret to Success" ? - 08/26/18 03:00 AM
When I teach I am often asked by younger or new students "What is the secret to success?"
Now that I have reached the age where I know and have experienced many things, I now know the answer to that question.
The answer does not apply just to real estate or to property management, but across most lines of work. In my career I have been in the Air Force, worked for the government, worked in restaurants as both employee/management/owner, taught college and private seminars, played semi-pro sports, worked retail-a wide variety of jobs and the concept is the same in … (2 comments)

property management ohio: Name Change.....Why mess with an established brand? - 04/02/18 03:50 AM
After over 35 years as Rickert Property Management, Inc., we are happy to announce our new brand - Full Circle Property Management and Full Circle Real Estate!
We are the same ownership, same staff, same location...just new concepts and ideas and strategies.
As the industry changes we want to be poised to use technology, and people, to provide endless service to our clients-whatever it takes! We still have live local people answering our phones for those that call, but also we are fully automated for those that want that! So at 5 PM when staff goes home, customers can access their … (8 comments)

property management ohio: Are you a Manager or a Manager? - 02/18/18 04:38 AM

As I sit here on a Sunday morning answering emails from angry residents, insane clients, and mad vendors, covering topics from dog poop to broken refrigerators to lost invoices to missing payments, I was remembering some research I did on effective managers while working on my MBA. You see ,  I studied there is a difference between manager and leader. Managers are simply long tenured employees in many cases that were promoted to managers but that does not make them respected or a leader.
In any business mistakes happen, and ours is no different. Accounting credits the wrong accounts, bills get lost … (5 comments)

property management ohio: In search of the perfect tenant! - 11/23/17 04:46 AM
You run the ads, show the property, screen the applicant, check references, sign pages of documents.....and BOOM!
Rent is late, boyfriend moved in and parks on the grass, toys everywhere, dogs who were not disclosed are barking, neighbors are angry at you.What happened??!!
Nothing-its just next to impossible to find the perfect tenant as the bad ones know the drill and what answers you seek. While screening is nice, its not always an indicator of trouble. Here are some tips from 35 years of property management:
Move-in quickly: Beware the ones who have cash to pay you, but need to move by … (7 comments)

property management ohio: Did you know fire hydrant colors have meaning? - 10/21/17 05:33 AM

Did you know the color of your fire hydrant means something? If a condo community owns a hydrant, it is painted red or red/white. If its owned by the City, its yellow. If the water is not drinkable its painted violet, although I have never seen one.
So why is this important? Well Ohio Fire Code section 5.7.3 requires hydrants be serviced annually or you can be subject to fines and penalties-or worse if there is a fire and the hydrant does not work. If your community has red hydrants, then they are normally the condo association responsibility to service. In some … (9 comments)

property management ohio: Is a Property Manager worth the cost? - 09/04/17 04:52 AM
So you are thinking of hiring a manager this time after the last fiasco? Maybe a manager will find a better tenant than you did?
Let's start out with honesty: sometimes finding a good tenant or bad tenant is blind luck! A property manager can significantly increase your odds of finding a good one but sometimes they get a bad one too. So what do we, as a property manager, add to the value of your investment?
Tenant screening-we go above and beyond normal pulling of credit reports. Credit reports only cement that there is a reason they are renting and … (13 comments)

property management ohio: Are you a good tenant? - 08/13/17 04:22 AM
With renting now at an all-time high, you may want or need to rent a house or apartment at some point soon. Are you a bad tenant or a good tenant? Good tenants can rent almost anywhere, while bad tenants are normally only able to rent bad property in bad areas. Landlords talk to each other and if you are a bad or problem tenant the word will get around.
Here are some tips to help you become the renter that all landlords are seeking:
Pay on time or early! Rent is normally due on the 1st, not the 5th, which is … (21 comments)

property management ohio: Selling this summer? Don't forget the "HOA" ! - 06/24/17 08:30 AM
So, selling this summer? If you are like many others across the country, you may live in a Homeowners Association (HOA). If so, you might consider these items before selling:
 Are your dues and fees paid and current? You will have to pay (or receive credit from buyer) up to the day of closing, plus any fees or fines on your account. Check and pay past fees in advance of selling to avoid surprises!                                               Do you have any unresolved issues, like fines or violations? They don't go away because you decide to sell. Is there a transfer fee to sell? I … (6 comments)

property management ohio: Living in a condo: What's mine? - 03/18/17 05:36 AM
Excellent question and highly misunderstood!
You would need to read the Declarations and Bylaws, a copy you can get from the title company, county recorder, or seller. But basically, most condos follow the same rules (but not always):
Common Area is owned equally by everyone and managed by the Association. Normally, this is structural in nature and includes anything that serves multiple units at once. Examples would be roofs, parking lots, support beams and lumber that hold up roofs and walls, greenspace, trees, common landscaping, siding, shared utility lines that span more than one unit, sump pumps if it serves multiple units, … (9 comments)

property management ohio: Why does your company only have 2 stars? - 03/05/17 05:48 AM
I had a potential client ask me that the other day and that is hard to understand and explain. So let me shed some light into the answer for not only me, but my industry in general.
We are property managers and our phones only ring for two reasons: either someone saw one of our For Rent signs and wants to know the price and bedrooms, or something is wrong. Either something broke, their payment is going to be late or they got a late notice, their neighbor is too loud or parked in their spot, or the trash company is … (11 comments)

property management ohio: Own a condo? Do YOU have condo insurance? - 02/11/17 08:54 AM

Recently a condo owner returned from a week away to find that his condo was flooded, and their ceilings fell in, and lots of personal belongings were ruined. Why you wonder? Well his neighbor, who was no longer living in his unit, had an upstairs supply line to his toilet break and flood both units. Over $75,000 in damage to both units.
So my question to you is this: Do you have your condo interior and belongings insured?
Condos- in accordance with their bylaws-have insurance on the structure but the rub is always what is covered. Most insurance coverage will rebuild the structure … (16 comments)

property management ohio: Do you know the true cost of your Condo/HOA manager? - 01/23/17 03:05 AM
So every condo/HOA manager charges to manage your Association, but do you know what they really charge and how they get paid?
On the surface it seems pretty straight-forward, they present your Association with a contract and the price is usually so much per unit managed per month. Or maybe just a flat monthly fee? Either way it looks pretty simple-right? But what about the hidden costs-or did you know about that?
Some common costs and fees levied on owners or Associations are:
Late Fees for late dues payments- Where do these go? Does the association get the money, or a percentage … (3 comments)

property management ohio: Want Better Tenants? Be a Better Landlord! - 09/23/16 11:51 PM
I often here people say "I had an investment property but the tenants were bad so I sold" or "Why do my tenants leave every year?". So here is a thought for you:
Tenants don't lease to move every year, moving is a hassle! Tenants move because of repairs not made, crappy homes, mean landlords, etc. So how can you get some better tenants? Here are a few ideas:
Fix your property! Respond when tenants call, and respond in a way that quickly solves the issue-no matter why or who caused it. If you don't care for your property I will bet … (14 comments)

property management ohio: Are your customer service skills making you irrelevant? - 09/11/16 01:03 AM

So I cancelled the newspaper yesterday. Not because I wanted to be huddled over my ipad to read the daily paper each day, or to save a few dollars, but because the paper couldn't be delivered to my house before I left for work making it irrelevant.
I don't go to the bank anymore. Not because I want to spend time figuring out how to take a picture of the deposit, sending it 3 times, and hoping they got it, but because my bank does not understand the concept of customers go to the bank on their lunch hour, the bank … (54 comments)

property management ohio: Wait......What? - 08/24/16 07:56 PM
Almost every day I get a call from someone who thinks that property managers have more power than we do...either referee or police power or able to give parenting lessons!
....the neighbors cat sits outside and stares at her cats in her windows making them agitated.
....they are having company Tuesday and they need weekly lawn mowing to be done early. are playing with a frisbee in the backyard and its going everywhere.
....neighbors TV is against the common wall (where cable hookup is) and she can here it.
....neighbor goes to work early and runs their shower, and maybe they can change their … (7 comments)

property management ohio: Thinking of selling your investment property? - 08/13/16 10:18 PM
Selling perhaps? Let's hope not! Its usually a bad idea to sell an investment property, what with the depreciation recapture, the low appreciation rate of investment real estate, the vultures (investors) waiting to get your property at a low price, the hassle of showing occupied rental property.
So the question I have is why? A well managed, well cared for rental property is like a retirement program, cash out with little issue, and can last for generations. Keep it till the end, make monthly withdrawals, and let it be someone's inheritance!
What's that you say? Its not running well? Well-that may not … (6 comments)

property management ohio: Managing Your Condo Community - 08/04/16 08:20 PM
Are you looking for a new condo manager or management company? Want a better understanding of what they do and how they charge? Here is a helpful guide to choosing a new company that will solve your needs. Condo management fees depend on size, the needs of your community, how many meetings you have, and how much maintenance you require, etc. Fees in Central Ohio range from about $13 to $20 per unit per month.
First, what does a condo manager do? Well, we can break condo manager duties are down into six major management areas:
Collecting dues Financial reporting Enforcing … (9 comments)

property management ohio: Age Old Battle - Quality vs. Price in Property Management - 04/27/16 07:47 PM
Its the age old battle-"In this corner, representing higher prices, better service, more details, happier clients, the defending heavyweight champion: Quality" !
I know you have heard the announcements, witnessed the battle, heck-maybe you have had the battle yourself? Its always the same-do I pay more for the perceived better quality which in theory will last longer and make me happier, or do I pay less and accept lower quality? And there is always someone who will promise high quality and lowest price, but we really know it doesn't work that way.
I will be totally honest with you. When it comes … (8 comments)

property management ohio: 3 Things Investors Don't Want to Hear! - 02/07/16 07:05 PM
Own investment houses? Many times they are good investments, but there are three things investors hear that will make them cringe in their boots:
1.  Sir, this furnace has a cracked heat exchanger. And you never hear this mid-week, when its 70 degrees out, and have plenty of time to get estimates, quotes, and line up options. Nope-always on a weekend or 3 AM in freezing weather with tenants having nowhere to go.
2.  Sir, I am afraid this rent check you are depositing is written from an account with no money. Great right? Your mortgage payment is due, and may … (8 comments)

property management ohio: Investors...After purchase then what? - 01/23/16 11:29 PM
So that great investment property with the great tenants you just what? Who will take care of it, sign new leases, collect rents, answer those 2 AM no heat calls? What about if they don't pay? Or decide to move and you need to turn the unit and re-rent?
For many investors its the thrill of the hunt, the stalking of the prey, the kill, so to speak. They forget about dragging it back to camp, dressing and preparing, making it look good-not to mention the on-going daily work it will add to your already busy life and schedule. If … (3 comments)

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