Recent data shows that after a slight down turn in November 2013, home values for the southwest are continuing to moving higher.     San Francisco home values are on fire.     Sellers are receiving multiple offers and bidding wars are in full swing.    Phoenix Values have slowed down,but continue...
A lot of home loans promise low interest rates, no money out of pocket, and the like, but do they really deliver? The Arizona USDA Home Loan really does offer these things—an offer overlooked by some, but a wonderful opportunity to those who take advantage.   We’ve all heard the phrase, “if it so...
Are you Investing in Deeds of Trust? Hello, Dennis here, have you ever considered investing in Deeds of Trust or Trust Deeds.  And  what exactly is a Trust Deed investment?  Well, let me explain. Today there are many ways in which you can invest your money, such as the stock market, bonds, or eve...
What is Private Hard Money Loan? Hello, Dennis here, have you ever wondered what is a private Hard Money Loan? Well let me explain.     An Arizona Hard Money Loan is a secured loan from a Lender to a Borrower and is backed by a Hard Asset. This is not like a traditional loan.   With a traditional...
What are the Document requirements for a Home Loan aka Home Mortgage? Hello, Dennis here, have you ever wondered what are the loan documents you need for a home mortgage are?    Well, if you are applying for a new home mortgage today, most likely it is going to be a full documentation loan also c...

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