arizona hard money: What You Need to Know About Hard Money Lenders - 09/21/19 02:03 PM
You’re seeking out a loan for your first investment—but how do you know how to go about it, and what option is best for you?Here’s what you need to know as you research your loan borrowing options, including private Arizona hard money lenders.
You may have heard of private lenders who offer hard money. So, who are they? Private lenders are companies and investors who provide alternative options for borrowers who need money fast, or for borrowers who are having trouble obtaining loans from traditional options, like banks or credit unions. Arizona Hard Money Lenders can offer speed, flexibility and a personal experience.
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arizona hard money: 3 Best Ways to Use Arizona Hard Money Loans - 09/16/19 04:06 PM
You might have started investing in real-estate to find financial freedom. But currently your dreams might be on hold as you wait for the bank give you financing. But if you use Arizona hard money loans, you might not need to wait. Learn 3 ways Arizona hard money can help your make your dreams come true. Arizona hard money is basically a private loan secured by the value of collateral, such as the property you intend to finance. Its a great way to fuel short term deals with a fast turn around.
What counts with these lenders is the potential value of … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: The Benefits of Arizona Hard Money Business Loans - 09/14/19 03:21 PM
If your business needs cash, but banks keep turning you down, theres one option you might not have considered-Arizona hard money business loans. Learn what it is and how it might just be the right help for your business. First what is Arizona hard money? Arizona hard money is basically any loan secured by the value of a hard asset. This could be your storefront, some form of inventory or even your primary residence.
You might be asking yourself “isn't that the same thing as a secured business loan?”
Well, not exactly.
Heres a just a few ways conventional Arizona business loans fall short:
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arizona hard money: Bad Credit? How Arizona hard money loans can help - 09/14/19 02:46 PM
A single solid real-estate deal could help you clear up a boat load of old debt, but if you have bad credit you can’t invest in real-estate, right? Because Banks just don’t give financing to folks with double digit credit scores. Well even if your credit score happens to be 75, you can still invest in real-estate with the help of something called Arizona hard money loans.Conventional wisdom is that the last thing a person with bad credit should do is get into more debt. But, conventional wisdom is often wrong. Conventional wisdom once said that leeches could cure the plague.
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arizona hard money: What is a Arizona hard money Lender? - 09/14/19 02:32 PM
A word like Arizona hard money lenders might make you think these lenders give you literal Arizona hard money in the form of gold bars instead of cash, or make you endure a week on a desert island before they can approve your application. Arizona hard money is actually easier to get than other types of financing. In this article we’ll explain what Arizona hard money is and some specific it could help you, especially if you’re a real-estate investor. Arizona hard money basically a private, short term loan secured by a hard asset. Asset based and short term, words like … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Arizona Private Money Lenders - 08/28/19 12:24 PM

Unless you’re in the industry or personally know some Arizona private money lenders, it’s hard to know what they’re really like. They’re actually just like people you meet every day, but they’ve built up wealth and like to lend their personal money out.
1. They usually fund projects they have expertise in. It’s only natural that private money lenders in Arizona, would gravitate back to the areas they know well. For example, those who have personally done fix-and-flips or rentals will often fund those deals for others once they’ve accumulated wealth. The logic behind this is simple: because they know … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: What Hard Money Lenders Arizona Need to Know - 06/01/18 09:43 AM
Hard money is a great way to fund your next real estate investment. But to secure the loan you will need to know what hard money lenders Arizona need to know about your deal.Everyone knows that when you approach a bank or mortgage company for a loan, you are going to be required to complete a huge pile of applications and forms. In addition, there will be many other documents that you will be required to submit with your application such as bank statements, tax returns, other loan documents and earnings statements. But applying for a hard money loan is an … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: Why Hard Money Lenders Are So Helpful For Investors - 04/25/18 09:57 AM
There are many benefits to using hard money lenders when purchasing an investment property. Level 4 Funding shares reasons this type of loan can benefit you.While many beginner investors typically want to go the route of seeking a loan from a traditional lender such as a bank or other financial institution, they may not realize hard money lenders can help them obtain short-term loans that are much simpler, faster and a great way to get a loan without having perfect (or close to perfect) credit.
For real estate investors, hard money lenders are looking at one main thing — collateral. So … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: How to Understand Hard Money Loans - 04/25/18 09:39 AM
If you learn about the process of hard money loans, you can figure out how to get the best loan to suit your business needs. Level 4 Funding shows you how. When it comes to learning about hard money loans, it helps to start at the very beginning, with what they actually are. These are unconventional loans that are not reliant on banks or traditional lending institutions for funding. Private sources fund these types of loans, whether it be an individual or a group that helps assist with the funding. Most often, these loans have a short repayment term cycle and … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: 3 Things to Consider to Ensure Your Hard Money Loan is a Smart Move - 12/21/15 10:22 PM
3 Things to Consider to Ensure Your Hard Money Arizona Loan is a Smart MoveJenna Jacques, licensed realtor and experienced home-flipper, allowed us to pick her brain on how to make smart moves in the industry. In this final installment of a four-part series, we present the information she gave us on how to be successful with hard money Arizona fix and flips, as well as how to choose the best partners. As a highly-experienced real estate agent, Jenna Jacques’ Zillow reviews now boast that she has sold more than 40 homes in the past 12 months. While many of these are … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: 7 Things You Should Ask Before You Fix and Flip Arizona Homes - 12/21/15 06:57 AM
Pro Advice: 7 Things You Should Ask Before You Fix and Flip Arizona HomesThis is the third installment of a four-part series, in which we interview licensed realtor and expert in fix and flip Arizona properties, Jenna Jacques. During the discussion, Ms. Jacques revealed seven questions every would-be flipper should ask himself before procuring a rehab project.  1. Do you know the area? There are all sorts of things a home rehabber should know about the territory he works in. The price of similar homes that have recently sold in the area are only part of the equation. You have to … (1 comments)

arizona hard money: How to Turn Arizona Hard Money into Profit: Tips from a Pro - 12/16/15 03:27 AM
How to Turn Arizona Hard Money into Profit: Tips from a Pro We had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna Jacques, a real estate agent and professional house flipper. This is Part One of a four-part series in which she shares her experiences working with Arizona hard moneyloans to generate profit.

The media can make it seem like the fix and flip business is full of cutthroat individuals who rely on secrecy to turn a profit. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. We spent some time discussing the industry with Jenna Jacques, and she was not only open about the … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: 5 Things you Need to Know about an Arizona Bridge Loan - 08/26/15 01:46 AM
 An Arizona bridge loan is a special type of short term loan that can help you buy a new home. It is important that you know your options and fully understand the terms of your loan to make an informed decision. An Arizona bridge loan is a specialized short term loan that can be useful for real estate transactions. It is a short term loan that allows you to use the equity in your current home as a down payment on a new home before your current home sells. As the name implies, an Arizona bridge loan is designed to “bridge” the … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: Risk Less: Choose the Right Lender for Your Self Employment Home Loan - 08/26/15 12:14 AM
 If you own your own business, you may find that you have trouble getting a home loan due to strict debt to income ratios and other regulations imposed by banks. There are self employment home loans that can make getting a home loan easier. Choosing the right lender or mortgage broker can make all the difference and help make your home ownership dreams a reality. Owning your own business has many advantages. For one, you get to be your own boss and set your own schedule. You also have the opportunity to do exactly what you want to do and grow your business … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: Arizona Home Loans for Bad Credit Borrowers: Hard Money Loans - 04/27/15 04:57 AM
If you have a low credit score, you may think that investing in real estate is impossible. However, Arizona home loans for bad credit and even qualify for loan programs designed specifically for real estate investors. there are a variety of programs geared towards real estate investing and it is possible to find   If you have bad credit, it probably feels like you will never get ahead. You are stuck in what feels like an endless cycle of work and debt. Working to pay down debts but never making enough to do it completely. You may even be stuck in a … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: Investors use Arizona Hard Money to purchase the fix and flip projects - 08/22/14 02:48 AM
Is Arizona hard money good for first time investors? As a first time investor, Arizona hard money might seem really confusing or you might be really curious about what it entails. Arizona hard money is not a traditional loan; it is not based on a bank’s decision but instead based on the real estate property that you wish to purchase.
Typically with Arizona hard money, you can also get much more money than you would with a traditionalArizona hard money can give you up to one hundred percent of the value of the property you are borrowing against. That is much more than a regular loan … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: What is hard money? Benefits of a Hard Money Loan. - 08/20/14 01:57 AM
What kind of Arizona Hard Money do I want?  
There are two different kinds of Arizona hard money that is available to you. Both are exceptionally similar, but they each have different benefits to the borrower. The two types of Arizona hard money are Hard money lender Arizona and private money lender Arizona. It is easy to get confused by the two, they are both practical kinds of loans, but the following will explain how they are different.
It shouldn't surprise you to find out that hard money lender Arizona and private money lender Arizona are both based on assets and have more to do with the real estate you … (1 comments)

arizona hard money: No Numbers Game with Arizona Hard Money Loans - 08/04/13 02:46 PM
Arizona Hard Money It’s true, Arizona hard money loans made by private money lenders Arizona are actually really easy to obtain and your credit score isn’t even checked in order to do it. No longer do you need to stress about what your number is. There are no number games here! No bank loan required, just an Arizona hard money loan is needed so you can start flipping your house.
There’s no need to get upset; you aren’t the only person who hasn’t had a great credit score in a while. However, don’t let that deter you from flipping that house you’ve always wanted to flip. Even if … (0 comments)

arizona hard money: Arizona Hard Money Loan Facts You Need to Know - 08/04/13 02:43 PM
Arizona Hard Money Credit scores haven’t been that great lately for anyone, but that’s no reason to worry that you may not be able to flip that house you’ve been thinking about for years. Even if your FICO score isn’t great, that’s no reason to miss out on a wonderful opportunity! How can that be? You might wonder. We are here to tell you that Arizona hard money loans are the way to go in order to begin that renovation you’ve always wanted.
What else might you need to know you wonder? Well, we have you covered with some basic private money lender Arizona facts.

arizona hard money: What Should I Know About My Arizona Hard Money Loan? - 08/04/13 02:39 PM
Arizona Hard Money You may be worried that your FICO score isn’t as great as it should be. You may also be worried that your bad credit is going to affect you ever flipping that house they way you’ve been dreaming about for years. But guess what? You don’t have to worry at all!
Why aren’t you worried? Because Arizona hard money loans made by private money lenders Arizona are actually really easy to obtain and your credit score isn’t even checked. No need to stress about what you number you need to get that bank loan, now you can begin flipping houses when you get … (0 comments)

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