arizona hard money loan: 4 Rookie Investor Mistakes to Avoid - 05/18/19 02:04 PM

If you’re using a Arizona Hard Money Loan to fix and flip a property, there are some pitfalls you may encounter. Here’s some things you should avoid to get the best ROI on your investment property.Not all fix and flips are created equal. There are bumps in the road that you might encounter and it’s important to see them coming and make sure you don’t fall prey to the pitfalls of an unsuccessful fix and flip. Your Arizona Hard Money Loan needs to be used responsibly and efficiently so you don’t lose money.
Here are some things you should be aware of … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Arizona Hard Money Loan Funding: A Step By Step Look - 05/18/19 01:57 PM
The Arizona Hard Money Loan process goes step by step. Here’s a look into the roadmap of funding a Arizona Hard Money Loan.Arizona Hard Money Loans vary from Lender to Lender , but the process will be very similar no matter who you’re working with. It’s a similar process to getting a traditional loan funded, but without the strict guidelines for credit and debt to income.
There will be tweaks and differences between a Arizona Hard Money Loan and a traditional loan. Here’s the step by step process of a Arizona Hard Money Loan from beginning to end.
IntroductionYou’ll first speak with a Lender … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Raise Your ROI by Investing in Desirably Located Homes - 05/18/19 01:42 PM
Location is one of the most important factors when selecting your investment property. Here are some things you should look for before choosing a property to present when you apply for a Arizona Hard Money Loan)One of the biggest mistakes an investor can make is not researching the location of a property before starting a fix and flip or using the home as a rental. It’s important to look at the geographical location to determine if it’s going to be desirable for a potential buyer or renter.
Your Arizona Hard Money Loan is going to help you repair and upgrade the property, … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Many Az Hard Money Lenders Don't Do 90% Az Hard Money Loans and We Do - 05/16/19 03:09 PM
Some Colorado Hard Money Loans out there just draw a red line and refuse to do 90% Arizona Hard Money Loans, regardless of the circumstances. Here's why we're different.Before we unwrap this headline, let's get one thing a couple things of the way because some of you may be wondering what a 90% even means with a Arizona Hard Money Loan. Others might even be wondering what a Arizona Hard Money Loan is. Here's the quick version for both:
Texas Hard Money Loans are loans that are secured by collateral and use private funds, which allows them to exist somewhat outside the … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Try These 3 Tactics to Get 100 LTV Arizona Hard Money Loans - 05/15/19 02:44 PM
In the lending industry, 100 LTV Arizona Hard Money Loansare a bit like UFOs; some people claim to have seen them, but most don't think they exist. And those people are right. Sort of. Let's look at some ways you may be able to get to 100 LTV.For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, LTV is loan-to-value ratio. Simply put, this is the value of the loan you're getting versus the value of the property. So let's say you're buying a property worth $200,000 and you're getting a loan for $160,000. That's an 80 LTV because you're borrowing … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Arizona Hard money loans: why should you take on this kind of funding? - 04/29/19 10:12 PM
A wise man once said to me, “If you want something and you look hard enough, you’ll find it, even if folks tell you you won’t.” I wished I could talk to him when after my divorce and all the debts I incurred from said parting I couldn’t get any type of funding from the banks and mortgage companies to accommodate my latest project: a building that was just made to accommodate a fitness club in the right part of town, utilities installed and working and priced reasonably. It just needed a bit of fixing up and some good promotion.The banks … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Getting a Arizona Hard Money Loan: Advice for First-Time Borrowers - 03/25/19 08:43 PM
If it's your first time looking into a Arizona Hard Money Loan, you might be feeling confused or nervous about the process. Don't worry, it's a lot simpler than it seems. Let's look at some things you'll need to know for your first loan.For our purposes, let's say you're going to do a real-estate flip. So, how would you go about getting a Arizona Hard Money Loan?
When you make your initial contact, you'll want to have some key bits of information at your fingertips. You'll need to know the location of the property, have a purchase price in mind, put together … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Dude, are you have trouble Financing you investment property? - 03/21/19 01:21 PM
Having trouble financing that real estate project you just know is a winner? Read Peter Allen’s story of how a Arizona Hard Money Loan gave him a helping hand when he needed one. Maybe my bright idea isn’t so bright after all, Peter Allen thought as he read through the third letter from a bank rejecting his application for a real estate development loan. The mortgage companies were not any better, wanting absolutely perfect credit, proof of income that was the 9-5 weekly type and no holes like a loan modification. His credit was decent, but he was self-employed and awhile … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Use a Hard Money Loan to Ensure Funding for Your Flip - 03/20/19 02:46 PM
A Arizona Hard Money Loan is a quick and easy way to fund your fix and flip investment, ensuring you don’t run out of money to finish the job. One of the worst mistakes and fix and flip investor can make is not having the funds to purchase and rehab the home up front. It’s risky to rely on a previous flip to sell for enough to fund your next flip that’s already in progress.
Using a hard money loan can give you peace of mind that you’re not going to run out of money before the job is completed. You most … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ARIZONA HARD MONEY LOAN - 12/06/18 09:17 PM
A Arizona Hard Money Loan is an option for real estate investors when traditional lenders don’t work for their situation. Instead of using your credit score and income to base approval for a loan—they use property as a hard asset and use that property as collateral. A Arizona Hard Money Loanis simply an asset-based loan. As you know, the most significant factor affecting loan approvals is FICO scores. Lenders want borrowers that have shown a solid payment history because this shows their ability to repay the loan.
Hard money lenders use a different approach to lending—they base it almost solely on collateral. … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: How to secure an Arizona Hard Money Loan - 12/06/18 01:23 PM
If you're interested in securing an Arizona Hard Money Loan, you might be curious about how to do it. Here, we'll detail the requirements and the process to give you a clear picture of how it works.If you've been bitten by the real estate bug and can't wait to invest in a commercial property or a fix-and-flip, you've probably checked out traditional loans at banks and credit unions. This is the traditional route for securing funding for real estate, but it might not be the best route for you.
Banks, and to a lesser degree, credit unions, need their borrowers to fit … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Educate Yourself About Arizona Hard Money Loan - 11/01/18 03:20 PM
Every loan has its benefits and drawbacks. But by learning about the features of Arizona Hard Money Loan, you will be certain to use them correctly to help you grow your real estate investments. Arizona Hard Money Loan are becoming more common and mainstream than ever before. Thanks to television shows and some great articles online, borrowers now know that these loans are legitimate and are also a great option for certain real estate deals. The benefits of borrowing from an individual vary but can include a very fast turnaround time, very few documents required for the application and even the … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Private vs. Hard money lenders: The Differences - 10/29/18 05:15 AM
You may wish to finance your next investment property, but find yourself a bit confused about the differences between private and Phoenix hard money lenders. This article will attempt to clear up some of this confusion and some common misconceptions, so you can get a clear perspective and find the help thats right for you.  
Some consider private money and hard money lenders essentially the same thing.  But there are a few fundamental differences you of which you should be aware. It all comes down to the criteria these lenders use to evaluate borrowers, and these considerations can impact the … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Fund your Investment Property with Arizona Hard Money Loans - 10/14/18 09:45 AM
  Why are more and more investors obtaining Arizona hard money loans?  There are certain investment strategies that make this type of loan appealing and lucrative.  
This is a type of loan that is not obtained from a conventional financial institution.  The expense, almost always, is slightly higher than a conventional loan.  The points involved can be about 2% to 6% and are the initial compensation to the broker.  The interest rates can be between 8% to 12% or more. There are a number of factors affecting the points and interest rates, such as loan duration, borrower credit, real estate type … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loan: How to Qualify for a Commercial Real Estate Loan - 06/20/16 02:04 PM
  In this brief write-up you will learn the basic ins and outs in regards to a commercial real estate loan. We will primarily cover the different institutions that are available to you; we will also cover different payment methods as well.  The transition from an online business to having a physical location is a very daunting task. One problem that many business owners run into besides finding the right location is finding the money they need. This article will help you with the basics of getting your loan. You want to make sure you look in different places before you commit to … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: What is a Arizona hard money loan? - 08/14/14 08:23 AM
If you are looking into private financing but you’re confused about what Arizona hard money means then you have come to the right place. You might say that the easiest way to explain what a hard money lender Arizona or a private money lender Arizona is would be that they are both people who have access to money that’s easier to get to than applying for a bank loan. Their money is then used almost exclusively for real estate. However, hard money lender Arizona is usually a group of people while private money lender Arizona is just one person. Arizona hard money can be a great option for someone who doesn't want a … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Is it Possible to Flip Houses with a Hard Money Loan? - 08/04/13 02:33 PM
Arizona Hard Money Chances are, if you are on this webpage, then you have been thinking about flipping a home or renovating a house for forever. Chances are, you might be worried about your credit though. Who isn’t nowadays? But don’t let this stand in the way of your dream to flip houses! There’s a way that you can still live your dream even if you don’t have the best credit score, and that’s with hard money lenders Arizona. 
You may be a little confused about what a hard money loan can do for you so allow us to explain; hard money lenders … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Arizona Hard Money Loans? Should I Use a Hard Money Lender Arizona? - 08/04/13 01:43 PM
Arizona Hard Money If you are looking to renovate a home or flip a house but you are worried that your credit isn’t great so you’re afraid to go the traditional bank loan route, you have other options you should look into. The traditional bank loan isn’t the only way to go, you can also begin the process of getting a hard money lender Arizona loan, which could very well solve a lot of your house-flipping problems.
If you’re new to the prospect of hard money lenders Arizona, then let us be your guide; The main reason to get excited about a hard money lender … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loan: Arizona Hard Money Loans: NOT Your Last Resort - 02/14/13 05:02 AM
Arizona Hard Money Loans: NOT Your Last Resort
 Arizona hard money loans are often thought of as a “last resort” in the world of borrowing and lending money. People tend to avoid them because of the negative connotation associated with them. It's that "oh you couldn't qualify for a bank loan, you must be desperate" look you dread getting from friends and coworkers. But, what many people fail to realize is that banks simply aren't lending out money right now and qualifying for a loan can be harder than ever. Hard money loans are not shameful, illegal, or sketchy...they … (0 comments)

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