arizona hard money loans: THE DIFFERENCES IN ARIZONA FIX AND FLIP LOANS - 11/08/18 12:59 PM
An Arizona fix and flip loan is a loan that investors use to purchase and renovate a property. A fix and flip is a distressed house that needs to be “fixed” and then after is quickly “flipped” making the investor a profit. Usually, the loans used for these projects are of relatively short-duration.
There are numerous types of loans available for fix and flips. Finding the loan that will work best for you depends on your experience and financial situation. Arizona hard money loans are the most popular.
How to determine which Arizona fix and flip loan is best for you?Arizona hard money … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: HELPING YOU UNDERSTAND ARIZONA HARD MONEY LENDING - 11/08/18 12:43 PM
What exactly is an Arizona hard money lender? How are they different from a traditional bank loan? How can they help you?You have heard the term, “Arizona hard money lender.” But, do you actually know what one is? Arizona hard money loans are asset-based loans. With this type of loan a borrower must have property that will secure the loan. A traditional bank loan can be a grueling, time consuming project; and you may have to wait a long period of time for approval. Also, with traditional bank loans, your credit is of utmost importance. There is no elaborate underwriting when … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Why Hard Money Loans are Interest-Only and What that Means to You - 11/06/18 11:07 PM
One of the biggest questions people have is, “Are Arizona Hard Money Loans interest only?” Generally speaking, they are, but you should know the benefits and pitfalls before jumping in. One of the most misunderstood forms of financing is Arizona Hard Money Loans. Unlike traditional lending options offered by banks, these deals are most often financed by individual people, so you’ll also hear the concept referred to as private money. It’s leveraged quite a bit in the real estate industry. For example, someone in the fix-and-flip business might source funds this way. A real estate investor who intends to hold his … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loans: HOW TO UNDERSTAND ARIZONA CONSTRUCTION LOANS - 11/06/18 12:51 PM
Benefits of Arizona construction loans and how to understand them.Home development is a pretty complex process. Taking out a loan can be a very complicated part of the process. What exactly is a construction loan? In essence a construction loan is short-term, interim loan for the construction of a house. The terms of a construction loan are usually a maximum repayment period of one year; and the rates on these loans are higher than traditional mortgage loans. They also have variable rates. A variable rate means the monthly payment will slide up and down with the prime lending rate.
There are two … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Top 3 Reasons Az Hard Money Loans are the Best Choice for your Goals - 11/06/18 10:53 AM
Arizona Hard Money Loans are unique to other lending opportunities. Rather than look at your credit history, Arizona Hard Money Lenders look at other requirements to determine if a person is eligible for a loan. Consider these seven reasons of why Arizona Hard Money Loans are one of your best choices in lending opportunities when hoping to achieve your financial goals.Are you considering taking out a hard money loan? This helpful guide can help you decide if Arizona Hard Money Loans are the right resource for you to use to achieve your financial goals. Fast and efficient, hard money lending opportunities … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Tactics to Increase Eligibility with Arizona Hard Money Lenders - 11/05/18 05:02 PM
 If you intend to rehab single-family homes, you may be wondering what type of financing is right for you.  Consider the benefits of Arizona hard money lenders and learn some tips on how to qualify for this type of loan.
The great recession is a far distant memory. Home prices are on the rise, and this presents a significant opportunity for those who are in the flipping business. Zillow estimates that nationwide home prices will appreciate by 6.4 percent by the end of this year.
However ordinary banks are inconvenient, and the bank application process is certainly not going to keep pace with … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Spec Home Financing: Tactics to Increase Eligibility - 11/05/18 02:20 PM
The continued recovery of the real-estate market may have you pondering the construction of a spec home. When it comes spec home financing learn some of the basics of how these deals are structured,  what a lender will expect from you and how you can increase your eligibility.
Spec home loans are used to construct homes before an actual buyer has been secured. You get a short-term loan to cover the cost of construction. After you finish construction, you either sell the house or refinance to pay the balance of the initial short-term loan. Naturally, when it comes to spec homes, there … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: 100 LTV Hard Money Lenders: Things to Consider. - 11/05/18 02:06 PM
  Do 100 LTV Hard Money Lenders offer no money down financing to real-estate investors? The answer is yes, but, only for a certain type of borrower. Say you want to secure financing for the full market value of your next investment property. This is known as a 100 LTV loan and it is something of a holy grail or unicorn of sorts in the real estate investment community. First you need to understand what LTV is and why its so important to lenders.
Loan-to-value ratio equates to the total size of your loan divided by the fair market value of … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Phoenix Fix and Flip Loans: Crowdfunding to Invest and Make Money - 10/29/18 05:31 AM
  You don't need to be an active house flipper to make money from flipping projects.  You can avoid all the hassle of these projects and still earn a profit by financing fix and flip loans through online crowdfunding platforms. Learn some of the basics about what you should look for in these deals and some basic strategies to find the best way to invest in these types of loans.  
Crowdfunding remains the most accessible way for individual investors to earn money from house flips without actually carrying out the renovations themselves. Crowdfunding usually takes place on an online platform and … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Phoenix Fix and Flip Loans: How to Make Money in Apartments - 10/28/18 07:17 PM
 When it comes to fix and flip loans and apartments you need to have a strategy to pay off the loan as soon as possible. The following article will tell you where to find the best deals, how to value apartments and how you can use simple income boosting strategies, to maximize the value of your apartment property, quickly earn a profit and pay off the balance of your loan. 
Before you take out a loan to flip an apartment, you need to find the right property.
Finding apartment properties to flip is a bit tricky, as most apartment buildings are sold … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: How To Understand House Flipping Loans - 10/28/18 06:57 PM
Not every loan works for every project so it is important that you understand all of the aspects of Arizona house flipping loans. This is a huge first step in a successful project.Flipping houses can be a great business and a great way to build your personal wealth. But it can also be a very difficult business is you are not familiar with the financial needs and the criteria for that makes good house flipping loans. You will quickly learn that a traditional loan is not a good fit for most flippers. The biggest drawback on a traditional loan is the … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Securing Arizona Fix and Flip Loans With Bad Credit - 10/27/18 03:19 PM
  For consumers with bad credit, flipping houses is a good way to earn a good profit and rebuild your credit. But first, you need to understand how to get fix and flip loans. Having bad credit makes it nearly impossible to go to a traditional lender to get a loan for anything, let alone a business venture such as fixing and flipping homes. But if you are really ready to repair your credit, earn some good money and create a business to ensure your financial future, then Arizona Fix and Flip Loans could be the answer to all of your … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Types of Deals and Properties for Arizona Hard Money Loans - 10/27/18 03:04 PM
  Not every loan is perfect for every type of purchase. But there are many deals work very well within the parameters of Arizona Hard Money Loans. One of the great features of Arizona Hard Money Loans is that they are funded by private lenders. This means that the borrower often has a great deal more freedom with regard to the type of property being purchased with the funds. The loan is being secured by the property so the lenders do want to be certain that the property value is greater than the loan. He or she will also be interested … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Who are Hard Money Lenders? - 10/27/18 02:47 PM
  When you are looking for hard money, it is not as easy as going to your local bank. It is important that you understand who Arizona hard money lenders are and where to find them. When you need a traditional loan, all you need to do is go to your local bank and see a loan officer. Or if you work with a national bank, you can often go online and begin the application process there. But finding hard money lenders is not as easy as going to the bank. You will likely want to begin your search on the … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Important Tips When Looking At Arizona Hard Money Loans - 10/24/18 09:48 PM
  Not every loan or lender is going to be equally good. So it is very important that you follow these tips when comparing Arizona Hard Money Loans. One key fact to remember is that hard money is provided by private lenders so the terms and the loan are not dictated or regulated in the same manner as they are for banks and traditional lenders. So you will want to be very diligent as you review the terms of any Arizona Hard Money Loans. Be cautious of any lender who is demanding large upfront fees. An appraisal fee is normal but … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Info to Know Before Securing Arizona Hard Money Loans - 10/24/18 09:35 PM
When using Arizona Hard Money Loans, there are a few pieces of important information that every borrower should know. This will increase your potential for success and earnings.
Arizona Hard Money Loans can sound very intimidating if you are not familiar with the process and this financial tool. But these are very useful and legitimate loans for many real estate investors. The first important piece of information that you need to understand is that hard money is a short-term loan as opposed to the 15 to 30-year term on a traditional mortgage. In addition, you need to understand that Arizona Hard Money … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Using Arizona Hard Money Loans for Long-Term Purchases - 10/24/18 09:16 PM
Most information points to using Arizona Hard Money Loans only for short-term investments. But there is a reason to take advantage of hard money when making a long-term purchase.Every article that you read about Arizona Hard Money Loans points to using this financial tool only for a short-term project such as a fix and flip. And these loans are perfect for a short-term project. But all of the benefits that make Arizona Hard Money Loans appealing for the short term investor can also make them appealing for a longer investment.
The easy application processes and the fast approval make hard money a … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Open Your Eyes To Arizona Hard Money Loans - 10/24/18 02:24 PM
Open Your Eyes To Arizona Hard Money Loans Not every aspect of Arizona Hard Money Loans is perfect for a borrower. But the advantages can often outweigh the drawbacks. Nothing in this world is perfect and there is no perfect loan for every type of purchase or for every borrower. In the perfect world, money would be offered with no interest and the terms would be up to the borrower to determine. But in the real world, everyone must understand that lenders are also in business to make money so fees and interest are just the cost of borrowing money.
Arizona … (0 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Give Me 30 Minutes and I’ll Tell You Secrets About Hard Money Loans - 10/22/18 05:36 AM
You may have heard about Hard Money loans Arizona but still have some questions about how these types of loans can help you achieve your financial goals. Learn how hard money can help you get started with real estate investing as soon as today.  
If you do not have the financial status or credit history required to get a loan from a broker at a traditional bank, hard money can be a better way to get a loan without have to choose a more traditional mortgage option. When you choose to opt for hard money, the property that you invest with … (1 comments)

arizona hard money loans: Why Real Estate Lines of Credit in Arizona are Getting More Attention - 10/14/18 05:05 PM
  Real estate lines of credit are growing in popularity. If you’re involved in investing, adding them to your toolkit can help ensure your success. Generally speaking, savvy investors find out what works for them and repeat the same processes time and time again to ensure success. That said, they also create a toolkit of various options and tailor their approach depending on the project. One of the tricks of the trade seasoned investors apply is to be familiar with several forms of lending and choose the best one for each project. That way, financing and favorable terms are always just … (0 comments)

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