hard money lender arizona: Why It’s So Hard to Get mobile home loans (& What You Can Do About It) - 08/27/19 10:10 AM
If you’ve had a look around for Arizona mobile home loans, you’ve probably come to realize that the options are incredibly narrow and the terms are often confusing. There’s an easy way to get qualified if you know where to look though.
The trouble with Arizona mobile home loans starts with the very definition of the phrase. A “mobile home” is often considered the same thing as a trailer house, manufactured house, or even a modular house, but these are really distinct things.
In modern times, people sometimes put up modular houses. These are fabricated in pieces at a production plant or facility … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: 5 Simple Upgrades To Boost Your Home Value - 02/20/19 10:55 AM
Did You know that improving your home value can be done in a few brush strokes?
It’s true, it has never been easier to improve home value than now.
House flippers and hard money lenders in Phoenix shared the simple upgrades that can seriously boost your home value.
In fact, you can improve your home value by thousands with some simple repairs.
If You are looking to seriously improve your home value and do a bit of home improvement start here!
Hard Money Lender Tip:
House Flippers and hard money lenders talk a lot about ARV and ROI. Flip your house smarter with the insider tricks.
Use … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Private Hard Money Lender with Low Rates........... - 12/15/18 09:32 AM
Direct Hard Money Private Lenders
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hard money lender arizona: Rental Property Loans: Things to consider about Conforming Mortgages. - 10/09/18 09:42 AM
When it comes to rental property loans, conforming mortgages are the lowest cost financing option available. Learn about the basic providers of this type of financing, what they will expect from you as a borrower and whether or not this is the right financing option for you.  
A "conforming mortgage" is essentially the same thing as a standard home loan. The main difference is that you the borrower use the loan to purchase an Arizona Investment Property instead of a primary residence. Because you are using the loan proceeds to buy an Arizona Investment Property, lenders charge more for this type … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: How to Know if a Hard Money Lender is the Real Deal - 09/17/18 11:05 AM
Knowing if a hard money lender is the real deal before you apply for a loan can save a lot of heartache and time. The quickest way to tell: service.
If you’re like most people looking for finance options, no doubt you’ve heard horror stories about lenders who totally dropped the ball and derailed a project. You may have even experienced it yourself. While personal referrals and online reviews can make it easier to find a reputable hard money lender, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the same experience. Moreover, companies tend to specialize in a specific loan type or cover a … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Why New Fix-and-Flippers Get Denied by Hard Money Lenders - 09/17/18 10:54 AM
People new to the home rehab business often make fatal mistakes that impact their ability to get funding. If you’re preparing to approach hard money lenders, you’ll need to have a few things in place to get approval.
It seems like today we have a fix-and-flip culture. There are TV shows designed around it and almost everyone knows someone who has done a flip before. Unfortunately, those just getting into the field can sometimes take this to mean that it’s easy or that it will generate millions for them overnight. While it can be quite lucrative, you’ll need to know the numbers … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: The Benefits of Discovering Hard Money Loans - 08/06/18 03:10 PM
Many consumers believe that hard money loans are only for questionable deals or for a last resort. But the truth is that these are legitimate loans with many great features.
Most people think that hard money loans are far from being a legitimate or realistic option when borrowing money. The image is only slightly higher than a loan shark, but that is due to ignorance and does not really apply to a hard money loan. In reality, a hard money loan is simply a loan that is secured by real estate, is normally for only a shorter time frame and is … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: What Are Hard Money Loans Arizona? - 05/30/18 04:25 PM

Understanding hard money loans Arizona will provide investors with an additional lending resource when they are interested in investing in real estate. It will also greatly reduce the time involved in securing funding.
Hard money loans Arizona are just loans that is secured by real estate. In addition, these loans are funded by private investors or lenders instead of the traditional banks or loan companies. In most cases, the loan is short term such as a 12 month time frame or even as short as three or six months. But the term can be extended to as long as two to five … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Why Hard Money Lenders Only Fund 75% of a Property’s Value - 03/21/18 12:14 PM
Understanding why hard money lenders will only finance 75% of a property’s value will allow you to be better prepared for requesting a loan. It will also help you to understand what other factors can make your request more desirable to lenders.Loan to value ratio is the most critical factor to all hard money lenders when they are evaluating a loan request. In general, the loan amount cannot exceed 75% of the current market value of the property. This is because the property is being used as the collateral for the loan, which is not unusual. Home mortgages are secured by … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Reasons to use a hard money loan for your next fix and flip project - 03/20/18 03:04 PM
A hard money loan (or an asset-based loan) offers you the benefits of flexible terms and quick approval. Learn why you should consider this type of loan for your next fix and flip project. Fixing and flipping single-family homes is the subject of many popular television programs and no doubt most readers will be familiar with the process. An investor purchases a single family home, upgrades and repairs it and then sells it for a profit. Every fix and flip project has the same goals, to maximize market value, minimize the cost of renovations and to sell the property in … (1 comments)

hard money lender arizona: The 3 Ways to Fund Your Next Flip & Flip - 03/28/17 11:49 AM
The trouble facing most real estate investors who want to enter the fix and flip business is finding the money to purchase property. Short-term financing through fix and flip loans is available in a variety of forms, each with its own advantages.
Private-Money Fix and Flip LoansPrivate money lenders usually takes the form of loans from family or friends. If you are able to offer a return on investment that is better than what these potential lenders can expect from low-risk investments such as interest from a money market account interest or certificates of deposit, they may be willing to lend money … (1 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Bad Credit Home Loans Arizona: How to Make Money With Hard Money Loans - 08/09/15 02:03 AM
If you have bad credit you most likely think that real estate investing is impossible. However, with bad credit home loans Arizona and hard money lending there are options for individuals with bad credit to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities. Most financial experts will tell you that real estate is a sound investment. Real estate has consistently earned money over time and is a way to help build your investment portfolio and personal wealth. However, for many individuals with bad credit, real estate investing has been beyond their reach using traditional loans. Approximately 42.5 million Americans have a bad credit … (2 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Arizona Bad credit home loans: Real Estate Using Hard Money Loans - 02/21/15 01:40 AM
If you have bad credit you most likely think that real estate investing is beyond your reach. However, with Arizona Bad credit home loans and hard money lending there are options for individuals with bad credit to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities.     Most financial planners agree that real estate investing has historically been a sound investment. Real estate has consistently earned money over time and is a way to help build your investment portfolio and personal wealth. However, for many individuals with bad credit, real estate investing has been beyond their reach using traditional loans. Approximately 42.5 … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Questions about Hard Money Lending in Arizona - 08/14/14 08:18 AM
Hard Money Lending Arizona Questions Answered  
Have you been wondering what a hard money lender Arizona and private money lender Arizona do? You might have even wondered if they are the same thing. A lot of people use the two terms interchangeably and that can be perfectly find because the two do have quite a bit of similarities, but if you look closely, hard money lender Arizona is a little different from private money lender Arizona.  Once example of this might be that a private money lender Arizona can be anyone. It can be someone that you know or even a complete stranger. It doesn't matter because if a private … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: No Numbers Game with Arizona Hard Money Loans - 08/04/13 02:46 PM
Arizona Hard Money It’s true, Arizona hard money loans made by private money lenders Arizona are actually really easy to obtain and your credit score isn’t even checked in order to do it. No longer do you need to stress about what your number is. There are no number games here! No bank loan required, just an Arizona hard money loan is needed so you can start flipping your house.
There’s no need to get upset; you aren’t the only person who hasn’t had a great credit score in a while. However, don’t let that deter you from flipping that house you’ve always wanted to flip. Even if … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Do I Need a Arizona Hard Money? - 08/04/13 02:18 PM
Arizona Hard Money We’ve been hearing it a while now; the economy used to be in better shape. Like how the jock looked better in high school than at his ten year reunion. It’s the truth, but it’s sad. Because of this, it’s also become increasingly more difficult to get a tradition loan from the bank. No longer can you walk out with the money you need to flip that house. Not in this economy.
So what can you do? What do you do if your whole life you wanted to flip houses but now your credit score has gone to … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: In Need of a Private Money Lenders Arizona? - 08/04/13 01:46 PM
Arizona Hard Money Let’s say you’re a contractor and you’re thinking about flipping a house but you’re thinking about your bad credit score even more. What do you do? You can’t start by getting a loan you think. And you’re right. A traditional bank loan probably wouldn’t work for you. So what do you do then? Not to worry, you can begin to look into an Arizona hard money loan and your dream to renovate homes can be realized again.
So what should you know about Private money lenders Arizona? Here are some basics:
For starters, private money lenders Arizona will give you a loan that’s based … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: How to get money for your new home through hard money lenders in Arizona. - 06/28/13 02:42 AM
America is struggling. If you happen to be one of the thousands of Americans who are struggling to make payments for your mortgage, don’t stress! Try not to let your home go. Your financial stress is not your fault. Things happen. That’s part of life. However, if you are struggling, there could be some good news for you. Getting money for your home could be easier with the help of a hard money lenders in Arizona. With this hard money loan, you can get yourself back up, feel better, and keep your house. There are a slew of lenders in Arizona that … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: Want to get your hard money Arizona loan approved? Read on! - 06/27/13 04:28 AM
Here’s what you need to know about getting your hard money loan Arizona approved. Finances can be hard and they can be complicated and above all, really frustrating. Traditional banks don’t understand or care about financial problems that you’ve had when you’re filing for a loan. Or, perhaps we should say, they care too much. That’s where hard money loans come in for when you find the dream house or business property that you really believe in.
We hope you will be more confident with your vocabulary of hard money loans after reading this article. If you are looking to purchase … (0 comments)

hard money lender arizona: GET OUT OF DEBT NOW! The Inflation is coming! - 06/26/13 03:56 AM
Get out of debt and get rid of the credit cards! Pay them off. Dennis Dahlberg is Level 4 Funding’s General Manager Hard Money Lender and he predicts inflation is making a come back. He stresses to make purchases, but only if you have the cash. Do not get into any debt! And if you are in debt, start trying to make your way out.
However, don’t start to think that one way of getting out of debt is to let your house go. Have you considered loan modification such as HAPR 2? It’s possible! Try it out.
If you let the bank foreclose and … (1 comments)

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