dan edward phillips brokerage: Home seller insurance claims - 01/08/12 08:30 PM
When I am discussing the possibility of listing of a client's property, I lways inquire about prior insurance claims.  Sellers sometimes forget them and fail to disclose them on a Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement in California.
It becomes a problem if potential buyers check with the Building and Planning Department for permit history.  Most insurance claims involve some type of building permit. 
If the buyers discover evidence of an insurance clam that has not been disclosed, it may kill the deal! 
If you are considering placing your home on the market, spend some time reflecting on all the events that … (3 comments)

dan edward phillips brokerage: How do you know if it is 'a bedroom'? - 01/08/12 08:25 PM
"Is it a bedroom"?  The best answer I can provide my clients is; "let the building inspector decide".  I suggest to the client that they obtain a building permit for "a change in use". 
In most locations a building permit is REQUIRED for ALTERATIONS and CHANGE IN USE OR OCCUPANCY even if no construction is being done.  I present to the owner that the cost of the permit is small in comparison to the increase in the value of the home by having an additional bedroom.
The reason: Unless the appraiser has access to the original building plans and any building permits issued … (0 comments)

dan edward phillips brokerage: Say 'good-by' to your neighbors when you sell - 01/08/12 08:21 PM
When your home is in escrow and about to close,  don't forget to say "Good By" to your, about to be, former neighbors. 
A 'Good By' party is a great idea, I have attended several that were outstanding!  They do take time to plan and prepare for.
If a party is not pratical; consider writing a 'good by' letter for your neighbors and hand deliver them.
In the letter include the date you will be leaving, who the new owners are, where you are headed and any future contact information you may want to provide.  You do not have to tell the neighbors how … (2 comments)

dan edward phillips brokerage: Do you have a 'Gabled Roof'? - 01/08/12 08:18 PM
When was the last time you inspected the vents in your Gabled Roof?  Older homes in this area of Northern California, in many cases, have large openings in the 'Gables' to allow for ventilation.  Some are very ornate.
These openings in the Gabled end of your roof should be covered with screen on the inside to prevent insects, bats, birds etc.  from entering the attic area.  The screen will also prevent small rodents from entering your attic via a tree located close to the opening.
Take a look in the attic, if the opening is not screened, take some measurements and head to … (0 comments)

dan edward phillips brokerage: Redwoods on a windy day - 01/08/12 08:13 PM
A 'Widow Maker' in Humboldt and Del Norte county is not a spider.  It is an old 'logging term' that is very appropriate to Redwood Trees.
Redwoods are very stable trees.  However their tops and branches are prone to breaking off in windstorms.  When that event occurs, the piece of the falling redwood becomes know as a 'widow maker'.  When they fall on your head your wife becomes a widow!
If you have large Redwoods on your property, the best advice is to stay away from them during storms and periods of high winds.  You do not want the top of … (0 comments)

dan edward phillips brokerage: Building a new garage? Add a bathroom. - 01/08/12 08:10 PM
Adding a garage or a shop to your home?  Before you pour the slab, give some thought to adding a bathroom!  A bathroom in your new garage or shop will take up only a small amount of space.  Yes, it will need both a water line and a line to the sewer or septic but the additional cost to install them is minimal.  Going to Home Depot or Lowe's and purchasing an inexpensive sink, vanity, toilet and shower will not break the bank.  And small water heaters are inexpensive.
It will add additional value to your home if you decide to sell in the … (0 comments)

dan edward phillips brokerage: Old septic tanks can be a 'hazard' - 01/08/12 08:07 PM
If you live in a rural area of Northern California and you have a private septic system, is your Septic Tank a Hazard?
The type of "hazard" I am referring to is will the tank or the top of the tank collapse?  Not all septic tanks are concrete tanks with concrete tops.
Many older septic tanks were built out of Redwood and many older concrete tanks have Redwood 'tops'.
How long has it been since your tank was last pumped?  Do you know where the tank is.  Do you know what material the tank is constructed with?  Is the cover on … (0 comments)

dan edward phillips brokerage: A visit to Humboldt County, California - 01/08/12 07:45 PM
If you will be visiting Humboldt County in the near future, here are five suggestions for 'things to do' during your visit. 
1. Visit 'old town' Eureka.  Drive to old town, park your vehicle and take a walk.  Have coffee at one of the many coffee houses.  Enjoy lunch at one one the many restaurants. Walk along the bay.  Browse thought one of the many bookstores.
2. Talk a long drive thought the Redwoods or better yet a long walk thought the Redwoods.  There are many locations to both drive thought and walk in the Redwoods.
3. Visit downtown Arcata.  … (0 comments)

dan edward phillips brokerage: Selling? What about your closets? - 01/08/12 07:43 PM
If you are preparing your home for sale, take a good look at your closets before listing your property for sale.
1. First, empty them out!  Keep only the items you will need on a daily basis.  The rest, pack up and move to a storage area.
2. Do they need painting or other repairs?  If so get it done before listing.  Don't forget to paint any shelves if they need it.
3. Do the doors work properly?  If the doors 'drag' on the carpet have them shortened.  If the doors are folding, make sure they open smoothly and with little effort.  … (0 comments)

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