dependable homebuyers: Article Encouraging Realtor Not To Give Up On His Dream - 02/04/19 05:49 AM
Columbia MD - Dependable Homebuyers, an innovative and forward thinking Real Estate company, is proud to announce that they have recently had an article published on a financial independence website. The article they wrote was a supportive and encouraging response to a post by a disillusioned and disappointed home buying enthusiast who had endured a string of failures in the real estate business.
The article which can be read in full at urged the author of the original article to learn from his mistakes and come back stronger. Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers was motivated to write the article, having … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: The Company To Sell A House-As Is In Maryland - 02/04/19 05:37 AM
Columbia MD - Dependable Homebuyers, we buy houses company based in Columbia MD, are delighted to announce that they have just had the best year in their history, and are rapidly gaining a reputation as the company to deal with when it comes to selling an as-is home in Maryland.
A considerable part of their success, is their friendly, helpful and personable attitude, something which is regularly mentioned in the many testimonials the company has received. As an organization Dependable Homebuyers buys houses as is regardless of the current state of repair. In the vast majority of cases, the property owner can receive … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Buying Hoarder Houses in Williamsburg, Virginia - 02/04/19 05:15 AM
Williamsburg, Virginia - Direct purchaser of residential properties, Dependable Homebuyers are now buying hoarder houses in Williamsburg, Virginia. The nationwide company has been buying houses all across the state, regardless of the location, the specific condition and the type of property among other distinguishing factors. Their real estate services were dedicated to helping property owners sell their houses directly to a buyer without being compelled to indulge in painstaking delays and never-ending negotiations. Now, owners of hoarder houses too can explore such an option and sell their properties outright, directly and in the present condition.
Hoarder houses are difficult to sell. They … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Buying Hoarder Houses in Ocean City, New Jersey - 02/04/19 05:04 AM
Ocean City, New Jersey - Dependable Homebuyers launches its latest real estate service. The real estate consultants specializing in buying all types of residential properties are now buying hoarder houses. Owners of hoarder houses across Ocean City in New Jersey can sell their properties directly to Dependable Homebuyers. The proposition is straightforward and the whole process is expedited. The sale does not get influenced by the exact condition of a hoarder house, its location or any other factor that would otherwise impair its chances. 
Selling a hoarder house is a daunting challenge. Owners often do not want to deal with the stigma … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Buying Hoarder Houses in Newport News, Virginia - 02/04/19 04:56 AM
Owners of hoarder houses can now sell their properties directly to Dependable Homebuyers in Newport News, VA. The nationwide company has announced its latest real estate service. The company has been buying various kinds of residential properties in Newport News, Virginia. It is now considering all types of hoarder houses regardless of the condition they may be in. Dependable Homebuyers takes pride in its philosophy of "We Buy Houses in Any Condition" and they are taking a step further to simplify the challenges faced by owners of hoarder houses. 
Hoarder houses are difficult to sell. Homeowners know that and they often procrastinate for … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Buying Hoarder Houses in Baton Rouge - 02/04/19 04:49 AM
Dependable Homebuyers, a nationwide company specializing in real estate, has announced that it is now buying hoarder houses in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The company goes by the motto, We Buy Houses in Any Condition, but until recently it was primarily into acquiring residential properties that were not strictly classified as hoarder houses. Dependable Homebuyers have bought houses in every conceivable condition and they have also facilitated short sales for homeowners who could not refinance their mortgage or find a resolution in loan modification. Now, owners of hoarder houses can sell their property outright and directly to Dependable Homebuyers.
Owners of hoarder houses … (2 comments)

dependable homebuyers: New Home Selling Solution That Targets Hoarder Houses in Columbia, MD - 02/04/19 04:26 AM
Columbia, MD - From a buying and selling point of view, hoarder homes represent a very specific type of challenge for everyone involved. No one better understands this than Dependable Homebuyers. They have been the most experienced and respected home buyers for quite some time. They have recently extended their insights into Columbia MD real estate into a desire to buy hoarder homes, regardless of their condition.
For anyone who finds themselves in the position of needing to sell a hoarder home as quickly as possible, Dependable Homebuyers offers a viable solution. To be clear, selling a hoarder home in Columbia, Maryland … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: We Buy Houses Declares Dependable Homebuyers - 02/01/19 10:38 PM
Columbia, MD, “ Columbia, MD based Dependable Homebuyers is a home buyer company operating in the Howard County area that provides cash offers to buyers looking to liquidate their properties quickly and hassle-free. The company has announced that they are willing to purchase any kind of house, regardless of necessary repairs or condition. With their office located in Columbia, MD at, the company will buy homes from homeowners in the entire Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.
If you live in Maryland and wish to sell your home, we can help, explains Evan Roberts from Dependable Homebuyers. We take pride in making fast, top … (2 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Facebook Ad Brings Backlash From Realtors - 02/01/19 10:30 PM
Dependable Homebuyers, a forward-thinking and innovative "We Buy Houses" company is facing a backlash from competitors worried that their modern approach to the real estate business could challenge the status quo.
The owners of the company know and understand the market, and aggressively identify and target the properties they are interested in. Having selected those properties, they then make an offer within 24 hours and in the vast majority of situations have the purchase completed within a week of the first initial viewing.
Not backward in coming forwards the company recently ran an advertising campaign on Facebook which was called "Fire Your Realtor!!!". … (1 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Best Time to Start A Short Sale In Newport News, Virginia - 02/01/19 09:57 PM
Homeowners in distress across Newport News, Virginia, can explore a short sale to avoid a financial crisis. Many property owners choose loan modification or try to refinance their mortgage to cope with defaults or delayed repayments. Homeowners often fall behind on their mortgage payments by months, some by years. The likely consequences of such untoward developments can be life-altering. There are expected and sporadic challenges with the inevitability of letting go of the property and in some cases still owing some money to the lender.
Short sale is not a stopgap measure. It is a solution for homeowners who want to solve … (1 comments)

dependable homebuyers: When To Start A Short Sale In Washington DC - 02/01/19 09:46 PM
Washington DC - Homeowners currently exploring refinance or loan modification can consider a short sale in Washington D.C. Many homeowners attempt to sell their properties and end up with painstaking delays with no respite in sight. Those who have exhausted all options and especially the homeowners who have defaulted on mortgage payments must immediately consider a short sale.
A short sale is a process of selling a property at a value less than what is owed presently to the lender in the form of mortgage payments including the interest. As the term implies, such a real estate transaction takes less time than … (1 comments)

dependable homebuyers: New Home Selling Solution That Targets Hoarder Houses in Newport News, Virginia - 02/01/19 09:22 PM
Newport News, Virginia homes come in all shapes and sizes. Dependable Homebuyers has considerable experience in buying these homes, regardless of their condition. This thought can certainly be applied to homes that have become destructive or dangerous due to hoarding. One thing to keep in mind with hoarding is that it refers to the concept of keeping many, many things in the home. This can include animals, magazines/newspapers, collectibles, and more. The end result can be a home overflowing with debris and junk. In many cases, a hoarder home can be extremely taxing on the health.
It is understandable that selling such … (1 comments)

dependable homebuyers: New Home Selling Solution That Targets Hoarder Houses in Fort Myers FL - 02/01/19 10:19 AM
Hoarder homes have become a popular topic in recent years. These are homes that have fallen into chaos and disrepair, sometimes creating serious conditions, due to the overwhelming presence of specific items. A hoarder traditionally hoards one specific item or type of animal, but some collect several different things. The end result is a home that is unfit as a dwelling. One of the most frustrating aspects of these homes comes down to the fact that selling them can seem like an impossible endeavor. As one can discover with a bit of research, nothing could be further from the truth. While … (1 comments)

dependable homebuyers: New Home Selling Solution That Targets Hoarder Houses in San Antonio - 02/01/19 10:06 AM
Hoarder houses can come in all shapes and sizes. This is something that everyone needs to keep in mind. While the concept of a hoarder home can certainly evoke some distinctive visuals, there are a number of different ways in which a home can qualify for this unfortunate status. At the end of the day, it comes down to homes that have become overwhelmed or dangerous by the gathering of one or several specific items. There are also animal hoarders, which can be particularly problematic. Regardless of the specifics, the home has become unlivable. Making repairs and replacements would cost tens … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Grows "We Buy Houses" Company Through Reputation Management - 02/01/19 09:47 AM
More and more homeowners are beginning to go online in order to find solutions for selling their homes fast. "Our online presence has made a big impact on our business, says Evan Roberts, the owner of Dependable Homebuyers. Sellers want to know what houses have you bought, who were your past customers, and how can you help me in my exact situation. They want proof that our company can deliver on our promises."
This proof is precisely what potential home sellers get when they look online. Dependable Homebuyers has spent significant time building their online reputation from Facebook to Yelp. Dependable Homebuyers is … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Home Liquidation Solution for Those Relocating to San Antonio, Texas - 02/01/19 09:23 AM
San Antonio, TX - For many people who need a change, San Antonio is a great place to relocate. According to the latest reports, San Antonio Texas has been voted one of the best places to live in the US. The beautiful city has spectacular Texas hill country, lakes, clear streams and a higher quality of life. The entertainment-rich community is gaining attention at national and international levels. The growing business and education opportunities are making Austin one of the top cities in the US. For people planning to relocate, finding a way to sell their previous home is a top … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Consultant Advises When to Start a Short Sale - 02/01/19 08:37 AM
Baltimore, MD “ If a homeowner is asking themselves when to start a short sale the answer is, the sooner the better. If they have exhausted all their other options such as a refinance, loan modification or trying to sell the Baltimore home for what they owe and have not had any success, then it may be time to start a short sale.
A short sale is a common approach for homeowners in Baltimore who are behind on payments. Dependable Homebuyers has been helping homeowners who are behind on payments for years. They are a team of local real estate consultants who … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Trusted "We Buy Houses" Website - 02/01/19 08:11 AM
Columbia, MD “ A website dedicated to helping homeowners sell their homes fast is getting a lot of attention as the housing market begins to cool. The website,, is owned and operated by Dependable Homebuyers, a national home buying company who provides fast home selling solutions to homeowners. Their process is simple and doesn't require any inspections or appraisals.
With the looming threat of a recession, selling a property in a timely is becoming less predictable. Thousands of users have turned to this website, gaining the knowledge needed to avoid foreclosure without putting an added financial burden on their families. … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Home Selling Solution for Tired Landlords in Baltimore - 02/01/19 07:46 AM
Baltimore, MD “ Everyone dreads the morning routine of getting ready for work. The alarm sounds; a shower and some coffee awaken the senses; the clothes are chosen and ironed, and all of these monotonous tasks are begrudgingly accomplished to get to a job that most people are not thrilled to attend. Many Baltimore residents have begun turning to real estate as their ticket out of the daily grind.
In a perfect world, rental properties can provide investors with a steady source of income. But as most Baltimore investors know quite well, in reality, rental properties often end up providing a steady … (0 comments)

dependable homebuyers: Alternative to Listing With a Real Estate Agent - 02/01/19 07:19 AM
Ocean City, NJ - Ocean City, New Jersey-based Dependable Homebuyers has recently issued a public announcement on the advantages of selling a property without the real estate agent. Their innovative home selling solutions have provided homeowners in Ocean City the opportunity to sell their properties without the need for a real estate agent. To read about recent company and real estate news around the New Jersey area, homeowners can visit their press page at
Homeowners who are planning to sell their properties are usually torn between selling it by themselves or seeking professional service from a real estate agent. While working … (1 comments)

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