sell a house in foreclosure: Dependable Homebuyers Baltimore Purchasing from Downsizing Homeowners - 04/11/19 09:29 PM
The real estate industry, especially the residential sector, is poised for a revival. Mortgage rates are stabilizing and this is likely to encourage more buyers to invest in homes. It is expected many first time homebuyers will seriously consider making an investment. Many will look for a second property. At the same time, many homeowners will be downsizing for various reasons. The stabilizing of mortgage rates has a direct impact on both new and old properties. While new properties generate more traction, the pre- owned houses draw little interest and this is specifically true for first time buyers. Those who want … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Dependable Homebuyers Can Help Downsizing Columbia Homeowners - 04/11/19 08:42 PM
Columbia homeowners eager to sell would do well to consider Dependable Homebuyers. Owned and founded by Evan Roberts several years ago, this is a national home-buying company with deep ties to Columbia MD. Homeowners from all walks of life have found that Dependable Homebuyers makes it easy for Columbia homeowners to sell their homes in the most straightforward fashion possible. It gives homeowners the ability to not only sell their home quickly, but to sell regardless of the condition of the home.
The willingness of Dependable Homebuyers to work with virtually anyone, to be sure, has caused a certain measure of controversy with … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Why Columbia Property Owners Should Sell During Spring Season - 04/10/19 08:16 PM
Columbia property owners will want to pay particular attention to the spring season, if they are planning to sell at any point in the near future. Dependable Homebuyers founder and owner Evan Roberts has seen the Columbia real estate market go through a number of highs and lows. It is his opinion that in general, spring is an ideal time for both business owners and homeowners who would like to sell. More properties are generally sold during spring, and it often creates moment for sellers that can be carried through the summer.
For property owners who are eager to sell during the … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Dependable Homebuyers Baltimore Encourages Real Estate Investment - 04/10/19 06:38 PM
Founder and owner of Dependable Homebuyers, Evan Roberts recently reached out to a private real estate investor who was completely disillusioned with the state of the sector and was extremely disappointed with his experiences. The article in response has since been published in a major finance and investment website. The We Buy Houses company promoter offered advice and strongly encouraged the home buying enthusiast to endure the failures and continue investing to reap the rewards.
Dependable Homebuyers is a nationwide company with interests in residential real estate. The company has often been criticized for its new way of dealing in buying and selling … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: The Real Estate Market is Cooling For Fort Myers Homeowners - 03/22/19 06:41 AM
Fort Myers, Florida - The Fort Myers real estate market can be fascinating at times. Like many other real estate markets across the United States, it is subject to highs and lows that can create a sense of chaos. Even the smartest real estate experts will tell you that the market can be very challenging to keep up with. Nonetheless, there are still experts out there who should be regarded as essential voices in the field.
These same experts are warning homeowners in no uncertain terms that Fort Myers real estate listings are soon going to favor buyers over sellers. This means it will be … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Dependable Homebuyers Buying Homes With Seller Financing Fort Myers - 03/22/19 05:36 AM
Fort Myers, FL - Dependable Homebuyers in the Fort Myers area has recently announced that they are implementing a new program to assist homeowners in selling their homes. Not only do they make cash offers for buying properties, they have also begun offering the option of seller financing. In this type of situation, the seller makes an agreement to accept installments of payment rather than waiting for the buyer to obtain a traditional loan from a bank.
Dependable Homebuyers has made a reputation for themselves in the industry of cash-to-buy services. They have come to realization that the value of many properties is based on … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Solution to Stop Bank Foreclosure on a Fort Myers House - 03/22/19 05:00 AM
Fort Myers, FL - Dependable Homebuyers knows all about buying homes in the Fort Myers area. Their experience has allowed them to work with homeowners from every imaginable walk of life, which also means buying homes in every imaginable condition. Part of their experience extends to homeowners who are facing foreclosure, and who need to sell their home as quickly as possible. The foreclosure process can take a certain amount of time, but it can still move quickly. In fact, one may find that it moves more quickly than the timeline associated with selling their home through a realtor. This also extends to … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Mortgage Rates in San Antonio Stabilized, says Dependable Homebuyers - 03/21/19 07:36 AM
San Antonio, Texas - Homeowners in San Antonio can avoid all of the hassles that come along with selling a house by dealing with an investor such as Dependable Homebuyers. They offer an alternative for homeowners rather than placing their home on the traditional market. This prevents the homeowner from having to go through the lengthy process of selling a home. These can be found at
When a homeowner places their home on the market with a traditional real estate agent, they can often be required to invest in costly repairs prior to even placing their house on the market. This is not … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Prevent Bank Foreclosure in Nashville, says Dependable Homebuyers - 03/21/19 05:25 AM
Bank foreclosure is imminent if homeowners continue to fail repaying the mortgage. Several missed payments and the bank will send relevant notices. These are warnings that will inevitably culminate in a foreclosure notice. Some homeowners manage to modify their loans or go for refinancing. Some homeowners successfully improve their financial condition and resume paying the installments. Many homeowners in Nashville have had to deal with foreclosures in recent years. The unfortunate consequence of a foreclosure is that a homeowner is left without a house and there is absolutely no return on the investment and the recurring expenses that have been incurred … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: A New Service to Stop Bank Foreclosure on a Baton Rouge House - 03/21/19 04:42 AM
Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Baton Rouge LA homeowners of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are finding themselves struggling to make mortgage payments. This is why more and more homeowners are finding themselves standing before a looming foreclosure. Such a situation can create a myriad of problems, which will go well beyond simply losing the home. Dependable Homebuyers, a local home buying company in Baton Rouge, would like to announce their new service that allows homeowners to sell their homes fast and stopping any bank foreclosures on the home.
While foreclosure proceeding can be intimidating, it is important for all Baton Rouge homeowners … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Dependable Homebuyers is Purchasing Homes with Structural Issues - 03/20/19 07:05 AM
Washington D.C. - Dependable Homebuyers has rolled out several new home selling services in Washington D.C. this year. It has been buying houses directly from homeowners in Washington D.C. ever since its inception. It has recently started buying houses facing foreclosure. The company is facilitating short sales for homeowners who have run out of traditional options like refinancing and loan modification. The company has also started buying hoarder houses. It has rolled out a new seller financing program in addition to its upfront cash offer so homeowners can have more options at their disposal. The company has now announced that it is buying all … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Prevent Foreclosure in Washington D.C. With Dependable Homebuyers - 03/20/19 05:37 AM
Washington D.C. - A foreclosure is the last thing a homeowner wants but banks will initiate the process if the mortgage turns into or is about to become a bad debt. Banks can expedite the foreclosure process if they find a homeowner to be incapable of catching up on the pending installments. It is not uncommon for homeowners to be suddenly handed foreclosure notices and the lawyers representing the banks will be steadfast with their follow-up. It is always better to prevent a foreclosure but that can be challenging if a property owner does not have the funds to keep paying … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: An Article Encouraging Individuals to Invest in Real Estate - 03/19/19 05:43 AM
Dependable Homebuyers, a We Buy Houses company, is proud to announce that they have recently had an article published on a finance and investwebsite. The article they wrote was a supportive and encouraging response to a post by a disillusioned and disappointed home buying enthusiast who had endured a string of failures in the real estate business.
The article which can be read in full at urged the author of the original article to learn from his mistakes and come back stronger. Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers was motivated to write the article, having experienced similar problems when he initially started out on … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Dependable Homebuyers Allows Homeowners to Sell During Foreclosure - 03/18/19 05:59 AM
Columbia, Maryland - Being behind on payments can be difficult on Columbia, MD homeowners. They find themselves in the position of having to admit that they can no longer make mortgage payments on their home. Many distressed homeowners no idea as to what they could do to prevent foreclosure proceedings from being carried out on their property. Some opt to sell their home but find the traditional real estate market to be counterproductive to staving off the foreclosure procedure. To provide these homeowners a more effective option, Dependable Homebuyers would like to announce their new home selling service targeted towards homeowners … (0 comments)

sell a house in foreclosure: Now Offering Service to Stop Foreclosure in Williamsburg, Virginia - 03/18/19 05:33 AM
Williamsburg, VA - With Dependable Homebuyers in Williamsburg, one has the ability to sell their home quickly and painlessly. While they have always worked with homeowners in a variety of situations, they would like to announce their new service geared towards Williamsburg homeowners who find themselves behind on payments. The fact that homeowners can sell their home even in the face of an impending foreclosure is something only offered by a handful of professional home buying companies. Dependable Homebuyers is a national home-buying company with experience in Williamsburg, VA and beyond.
After a certain point, it is important that a homeowner understands when … (0 comments)

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