sell a house with tenants: Dependable Homebuyers Baton Rouge is Buying Homes With Bad Tenants - 04/11/19 09:04 PM
Dependable Homebuyers in Baton Rouge has recently announced that they are willing to purchase houses in the area even if they have bad tenants living in them. “We realize that many homeowners are ready to sell their property but have tenants who are uncooperative and that makes it really hard to sell the home. This is where we come in,” says Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers Baton Rouge. The company makes a reasonable offer to homeowners for their property within 24 hours of their initial appointment. They offer a simple solution to homeowners who may feel they are stuck under their home … (0 comments)

sell a house with tenants: Dependable Homebuyers in San Antonio Looking to Purchase More Homes - 04/11/19 07:53 PM
Dependable Homebuyers based in San Antonio, Texas has given homeowners a way to sell their property even if bad tenants have residence there. “We understand that many property owners are at a position where they want to sell their home but, feel stuck with bad tenants and are unsure of what to do,” said Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers.
The company provides homeowners with a reasonable cash offer on their property within 24 hours of their first appointment. This offer does not place the homeowner under any type of obligation. However, if they decide to accept the offer, closing is set up … (0 comments)

sell a house with tenants: Dependable Homebuyers Baltimore is Buying Properties with Tenants - 04/11/19 07:07 PM
Evan Roberts, the founder and owner of the We Buy Houses company Dependable Homebuyers based in Baltimore, Maryland, has announced that they are buying properties with good or bad tenants. Over the years, the company has purchased all kinds of residential properties directly from owners. The company has a reputation of buying houses that are in dire need of repairs. It has also bought hoarder houses. Recently, the real estate investment firm has started buying flooded houses. Now it is interested in properties that have currently residing tenants.
According to Roberts, many homeowners are trying to solve the tenant problem so they can easily … (0 comments)

sell a house with tenants: Dependable Homebuyers Washington is Now Purchasing Houses with Tenants - 04/10/19 06:53 PM
Washington D.C. based We Buy Houses company Dependable Homebuyers is now interested in buying residential properties with tenants. The property developer has been buying all kinds of houses regardless of location and condition. It had recently announced its intent to acquire flooded houses. Now it is gearing up to buy properties with both good and bad tenants. Evan Roberts, the founder of the real estate investment company, has said that it is their intention to simplify selling real estate for all owners and this new policy is a step in that direction.
Roberts explains that landlords and property owners with tenants occupying parts … (0 comments)

sell a house with tenants: Realtors Outraged by Dependable Homebuyers Washington D.C. Facebook Ad - 04/09/19 09:31 PM
Realtors in Washington D.C. are outraged by the We Buy Houses ad of real estate investment company Dependable Homebuyers. The firm released an advertisement on Facebook that called on property owners to fire realtors. The unambiguous message created an unprecedented controversy as realtors and traditional property developers and marketers came together to lambast Evan Roberts and his firm.
Evan Roberts is the founder and owner of Dependable Homebuyers. His company buys residential properties from homeowners or sellers. This is a direct deal between the company and the sellers. No realtor serves as a facilitator. There are no intermediaries. The two-party deal is … (0 comments)

sell a house with tenants: Fort Meyers Homebuyers Purchasing Homes With Good Or Bad Tenants - 04/09/19 09:26 PM
Dependable Homebuyers have helped homeowners from all walks of life. Their reputation at this point is easy to research and understand. It emphasizes in no uncertain terms that they are a company known for offering fair market prices on virtually any home in any condition imaginable. An approach which caused a stir, read about it at This includes hoarder homes, properties that have experienced substantial damage, and homes that are in some phase of the foreclosure process.
To be sure, the experience behind this company can also be extended to buying homes with tenants. Whether they are good tenants or bad tenants, homeowners … (0 comments)

sell a house with tenants: Downsizing Homeowners can Sell their Houses to Dependable Homebuyers - 04/09/19 08:50 PM
Dependable Homebuyers is buying houses from property owners who intend to downsize. Many homeowners downsize for obvious reasons. Elderly couples whose children are now grown up and have moved out do not require the available space and large houses become difficult to maintain. Some property owners want to cash in on the equity of their houses and use the money for investment or other purposes. There can be other practical reasons for downsizing. Those who want to downsize find the prevailing systems in the real estate industry considerably limiting and not so rewarding. The We Buy Houses company in Maryland is simplifying … (0 comments)

sell a house with tenants: Dependable Homebuyers Baton Rouge Stirs Controversy with Facebook Ad - 04/09/19 08:11 PM
Dependable Homebuyers has been buying houses in Baton Rouge and across the state of Louisiana for a few years now. The company has been steadily expanding its operations and growing popular. As more people get to know about Evan Roberts and his team, realtors are having a tough time. Dependable Homebuyers is the We Buy Houses company that does not go through realtors to acquire residential properties. With traditional players already trying to tackle the new game with great difficult and lagging, the new Facebook ad of Roberts did not go down well with realtors in Baton Rouge.
The new ad simply asked … (0 comments)

sell a house with tenants: Property Developer Now Buying Homes With Either Good Or Bad Tenants - 03/21/19 08:13 AM
Nashville, TN based Dependable Homebuyers Nashville is pleased to announce that they now purchase Nashville houses, even with bad tenants in residence. “We know many property owners are looking to sell, but uncooperative tenants can make selling next to impossible—that is where we can help,” said Evan Roberts, a spokesperson for Dependable Homebuyers Nashville.Homeowners may find Dependable Homebuyers in Nashville, a leading property developer with a team of professional home buyers who are able to deliver a no obligation offer within 24 hours to buy houses in any condition. They provide owners with a quick and hassle-free method of selling their properties, … (0 comments)

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