sell your house: Real Estate Expert says the Sector in Newport News is Perfectly Poised for House Flipping - 08/30/19 11:21 AM
Evan Roberts, the founder of Dependable Homebuyers, says the real estate market in Newport News is perfectly poised for flipping houses. The We Buy Houses company based in the city and operating throughout the state of Virginia has been buying residential properties for nearly a decade. It has flipped a record number of houses in the last eighteen months. The growing inventory of distressed properties and appreciating home prices are the two major reasons why Roberts is encouraging more investors and real estate professionals to flip houses in Newport News.
According to Roberts, there are many houses in Newport News that are not … (0 comments)

sell your house: Expert says the Real Estate Market in Washington, D.C. is Hot for House Flipping - 08/30/19 11:17 AM
Dependable Homebuyers has ascertained that the Washington D.C. real estate market is hot for flipping houses. Evan Roberts, the owner of the We Buy Houses company, says that the conditions are right for investors and real estate professionals to explore the expanding inventory of distressed houses to flip them within a span of a year. Roberts says that the prices of homes in the city and the surrounding areas have been appreciating steadily in the last two years. Some neighborhoods are undergoing gentrification. Many old properties are being put up on sale by their owners. But not all communities want gentrification of … (0 comments)

sell your house: Dependable Homebuyers Asserts the Real Estate Market in Baton Rouge is Hot for Flipping Houses - 08/30/19 11:03 AM
Baton Rouge based Dependable Homebuyers has ascertained that the real estate sector is perfectly poised for investors and professionals to flip houses. Evan Roberts, owner of the We Buy Houses company, says it is a hot time to start investing in flipping houses. He explains that distresses houses can be bought directly from owners and foreclosed properties can be acquired at auctions. Such residential properties can be renovated and resold within a year. The home prices are appreciating so flipping can easily lead to a considerable increase in the value of a property. According to assessments done by Roberts and his team, those … (0 comments)

sell your house: Evan Roberts says the Real Estate Market in San Antonio is Ideal for Flipping Houses - 08/30/19 10:57 AM
Real estate expert Evan Roberts says that the housing sector in San Antonio is ripe for flipping. Mr. Roberts is the founder and owner of Dependable Homebuyers. It is a We Buy Houses company based in San Antonio with innovative home buying solutions. The company offers a turnkey solution for sellers. It purchases all types of houses in any condition and location directly from owners. According to Mr. Roberts, the conditions in the real estate market right now are ideal for flipping houses.
Flipping is a popular practice among real estate investors and professionals. It involves buying a house, usually a distressed property, … (0 comments)

sell your house: Expert says it is a Hot Time for Flipping Houses in Nashville - 08/30/19 10:38 AM
Real estate expert Evan Roberts says that the market in Nashville is ripe for flipping houses. Roberts is the founder & owner of a home buying company called Dependable Homebuyers. It is the top We Buy houses company in Nashville right now. The company is known for its innovative solutions and comprehensive services. It has earned a reputation for its turnkey solution of buying houses directly from sellers at fair prices. The company has also developed unmatched authority in ascertaining fair evaluations and also expediting sales so deals can be closed with immediate effect. According to Roberts, his firm can close sales … (0 comments)

sell your house: Real Estate Market a Hot Time for House Flipping in Fort Myers, Says Expert - 08/30/19 10:35 AM
Fort Myers, FL - A professional real estate company, Dependable Homebuyershas stated that the real estate market at the moment is the perfect one for flipping houses and making money that way. For those who like risk, home flipping means buying and selling homes within a year. Since housing prices are rising at a quick pace, this can bring a high income.
“Flipping houses may come with a huge risk but it also has plenty of benefits. Investors can make a big profit, in the range of $15k-$30k on average, even more so in some cases, when the expenses have been considered,”says Evan … (0 comments)

sell your house: Real Estate Market a Hot Time for House Flipping in Ocean City, Says Expert - 08/30/19 10:27 AM
Ocean City, MD - As one of the most professional and reliable home buying companies on the market, Dependable Homebuyers have identified our current real estate market as the best one to flip houses in. House flipping is a process of buying and selling a home within twelve months. Since home prices are rising quickly at the moment, this is a short term investment that could bring high profits for those who like a bit of a risk.
“Flipping houses is not without its own risks but benefits in this market can outweigh that,” says Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers. “We often see people … (0 comments)

sell your house: Real Estate Market a Hot Time for House Flipping in Columbia, Says Expert - 08/30/19 10:24 AM
Columbia, MD - One of the most professional home buying companies in the real estate market, Dependable Homebuyers, has identified a trend that people may want to know about. House flipping, the process of buying and selling a home within a year, is becoming increasingly popular as this is one of the best times to make money this way. With housing prices rising at breakneck speed, it’s easy to see why house flipping can bring high profits.
“People should definitely not neglect the risk that comes with house flipping. However, in order to completely understand it, they also need to know that there … (0 comments)

sell your house: Experts Say That Investing in Real Estate in Maryland Can be Lucrative - 08/30/19 10:18 AM
Baltiomore, MD - Investing in real estate in Baltimore, Maryland is a profitable venture. There are several reasons for investing in real estate, such as generating income, starting a career, or to simply give a fixed income a boost. Whatever the reason, choosing Baltimore has proven time and again to be a money maker. Investing in property is a profitable venture, but can pose issues for the owner. Managing property is time-consuming to keep it maintained and to deal with tenants, for instance.
Evan Roberts, an expert in home buying with Dependable Homebuyers, says “Investing in real estate in Baltimore means managing a … (0 comments)

sell your house: Newport News is Profitable Spot to Invest in Real Estate, Experts Say - 08/30/19 10:12 AM
Newport News, VA - Newport News, Virginia is an underrated city for making profitable real estate investments. Whether an investor is looking to solidify a retirement portfolio, start a new career path, or to generate some passive income, real estate investment in Newport News is a great choice. Real estate investment is a great way to make money, but it does come with some difficulties. These can include the effort and time needed to renovate and maintain the property, and collecting rent from tenants.
“Management at scale can be hard for real estate investors,” says Evan Roberts. Roberts, an expert in buying … (0 comments)

sell your house: Experts Say That Washington, DC Has Major Real Estate Investment Potential - 08/30/19 10:07 AM
Washington, DC - If an investor is looking for profitable real estate, then Washington, DC just might be their best option. From those who are looking to give their retirement portfolio a boost to those who are just starting out, investing in real estate can provide a valuable return. That said, there are some drawbacks to investing in properties, one of which is the time and effort involved in managing it. They may also not have the knowledge and expertise needed to perform those functions properly or to efficiently and effectively collect rent.
“Management at scale is often an issue when investing … (0 comments)

sell your house: Baton Rouge, LA is Home to Many Profitable Real Estate Investment Opportunities - 08/30/19 10:04 AM
Baton Rouge, LA - In recent years, one of the true unsung cities for real estate investment has been Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There are many opportunities for investors looking to make a big profit to help supplement their income or to be their income. However, investing in real estate also has its headaches. The biggest might be doing the work and knowing how to properly manage the property and collect rent. Many investors do not know how or do not want to do this work, but it can be a crucial part of the investment process.
“Management at scale might be the … (0 comments)

sell your house: Dependable Homebuyers reports on Profitability of Real Estate Investments in San Antonio - 08/30/19 09:59 AM
San Antonio in Texas has become one of the most profitable destinations for real estate investments in recent years. Investors with varying objectives have considered all types of real estate deals in and around the city. Many have chosen to diversify into real estate. Some have consolidated their retirement portfolio with real estate investments that are safer and more rewarding than alternatives such as bonds and stocks. Professionals in the industry have also embarked on distinct careers, from flipping houses to managing rental properties. Some have opted for vacation rentals.
Evan Roberts, a real estate expert specializing in buying houses in San … (0 comments)

sell your house: Expert says Real Estate Investments in Williamsburg are Profitable - 08/30/19 09:54 AM
Evan Roberts, the founder and owner of Dependable Homebuyers, a We Buy Houses company based in Williamsburg, has said that investments in real estate are now increasingly profitable in and around the city. He recommends such investments for those looking for diversification, consolidation of retirement portfolios, alternative ventures for passive income and sustained cash flow with strategic management of properties. Roberts says that real estate investments in Williamsburg can provide reliable passive income or onetime return. There can be short or long term objectives. Sustainable revenue can be generated through cash flow by properly managing rental properties. Onetime returns can be secured by … (0 comments)

sell your house: Dependable Homebuyers Recommends Profitable Real Estate Investments in Nashville - 08/30/19 09:46 AM
Nashville real estate has been a profitable investment opportunity for a better part of the decade. Dependable Homebuyers recommends such investments for investors with varying objectives and distinct portfolios, whether they are diversifying or consolidating. The We Buy Houses company is also advocating for professionals associated with the real estate industry to explore opportunities in a market that has a surplus of distressed properties. Evan Roberts, one of the owners of the real estate investment company, says that Nashville is poised for growth and there is an increasing number of distressed properties. This is the perfect time for investors to venture into real … (0 comments)

sell your house: Dependable Homebuyers Highlights Profitability of Real Estate Investments in Fort Myers - 08/30/19 09:43 AM
Fort Myers in Florida has been a profitable real estate destination for much of the decade. It has enticed investors with various objectives. Those aspiring to have a stable retirement portfolio have turned to safe real estate investments. Many real estate professionals have embarked on entrepreneurial journeys. Amateur investors have also ventured into the real estate sector, especially the housing market that has remained more lucrative. Whether someone wants to invest in a property and manage it or just aims to flip it for a profit, Fort Myers is indeed a rewarding market.
Dependable Homebuyers, a We Buy Houses company based in the … (0 comments)

sell your house: Evan Roberts says that Real Estate Investments Have Been Proven to be Profitable in Ocean City - 08/30/19 09:40 AM
The owner of We Buy Houses company Dependable Homebuyers, Evan Roberts has said that real estate investments have been proven to be profitable in Ocean City for several years now. He endorses real estate investments for retirement portfolios, investors who want to flip houses and those who want to manage rental properties. According to Roberts, real estate investments in Ocean City can be a passive income, they can be diversification, short term gains or long term recurring revenue through the cash flow generated by rental properties.
Roberts says that Ocean City has a large inventory of distressed properties. These houses and residential buildings … (0 comments)

sell your house: Real Estate Expert Evan Roberts says Columbia Property Investments have been Proven to be Profitable - 08/30/19 09:27 AM
Columbia has turned out to be one of the most profitable real estate destinations in the last ten years. Investors with varying objectives have acquired different types of properties. Most have reaped rich dividends, often much greater than what stocks and bonds can offer. There has been a steady increase in investors parking their money in properties across Columbia for retirement portfolios, to diversify into real estate and also to generate a passive income. Real estate professionals have embarked on new careers by flipping houses. Many investment companies have turned to rental properties for cash flow. Others have invested in both … (0 comments)

sell your house: Dependable Homebuyers-Baltimore Joins ActiveRain - 08/30/19 08:48 AM
In Baltimore, there resides a small, but vastly popular and growing real estate company that has been steadily growing and expanding with the times, including starting up a means of getting into the market to buy up historic buildings and sites from in and around the Baltimore Area.
Over the past few years, demands for such buildings and sites have grown by the public and entities of interest, as such companies like Dependable Homebuyers seeks to fulfill that demand by branching out into this area of importance.
These acts of interest in procuring these particular types of properties for other individuals and companies have brought … (0 comments)

sell your house: Dependable Homebuyers of Newport News Joins ActiveRain - 08/30/19 08:43 AM
Newport News, VA-Dependable Homebuyers is one to watch in 2019 and beyond, as they have taken their business to new heights by joining ActiveRain. This marks the latest marketing effort by the cutting-edge homebuying company, who stated that the Newport News real estate market has plenty of space to grow. They even published an article on the matter and it is well worth checking out by clicking here.
This is a company who knows Newport News inside and out, as they are locally owned and operated. The company is marked by plenty of talent with extensive knowledge of real estate buying and an … (0 comments)

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