sell your house fast: Maryland Real Estate Specialists Dependable Homebuyers Join ActiveRain - 08/30/19 08:51 AM
Maryland-Dependable Homebuyers is fast becoming known as one of the biggest names in this business, especially in Maryland. They are now adding another special achievement to their fast-growing list of accomplishments: the joining of the real estate social networking site ActiveRain.
The employees of Dependable Homebuyers know that this real-estate market has enough potential to grow further and is going to seize the opportunity to expand their business in the best way they know how: by using online marketing and networking to their advantage.
Becoming part of the ActiveRain social network is a big win for Dependable Homebuyers. After all, every good business owner … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: The Housing Market in Newport News Sustains its Growth in 2019 - 08/28/19 01:11 PM
The last recession had an immense impact on the housing market in Newport News. Major real estate markets around the country took a long time to recover. The city witnessed years of slowdown and the road to recovery has been anything but easy. 2018 witnessed sufficient growth in the real estate industry, especially the housing market, and that has sustained well into 2019. There is no shortage of inventory. House prices are relatively stable. If the balance between demand and supply can be maintained in the short term, the real estate sector will grow further in Newport News and the surrounding … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Real Estate Expert Suggests Buying Real Estate in Newport News over Richmond - 08/28/19 11:25 AM
Richmond is one of the oldest major cities in the country. The capital city of Virginia has been a top preference in the state of Virginia for real estate investors over the decades. This is now under review as more people are choosing Newport News over Richmond. Evan Roberts, the founder of Dependable Homebuyers, explains that there are several reasons for such a shift in preference. Newport News is favored by investors for the appreciating home prices while the inventory is routinely replenished with pre-owned and new houses for sale. There is a fine balance between supply and demand. Both buyers and … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers says the Real Estate Market in Maryland is Booming - 08/02/19 03:33 AM
Dependable Homebuyers has published a report citing the growth in the real estate market over the last year. Evan Roberts, the owner of the We Buy Houses company, says that they expect the growth to sustain throughout this year too. Roberts and his team have been busier than before, which simply reflects more people are interested in the property market. Not only are more buyers deciding to invest in houses due to stable employment and steady economic growth in the state but investors too are warming up to the potential returns in the sector.
Roberts says that the boom is not surprising for … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers offers Advice to Rental Property Owners in Washington D.C. - 08/02/19 02:18 AM
Dependable Homebuyers has issued an advisory for owners of rental properties in Washington D.C. The We Buy Houses company is a nationwide real estate investor and has been buying residential properties in Washington D.C. for half a decade. The cash investor also buys rental properties, including standalone houses and apartment buildings. The company has several real estate consultants, some of whom are specialized in managing and dealing with rental properties.
The article published on the official blog of the company highlights the key issues experienced by owners of rental properties that keep them from sustained profits. One of the major issues discussed in … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Predicted Recession will Disrupt the Real Estate Sector in Washington D.C. in 2020, Expert Says - 07/26/19 04:28 PM
The United States is poised for a recession in 2020. Many economists have predicted this recession to hit the economy in the first quarter of next year. One of the industries that are most vulnerable to a nationwide recession is real estate. The real estate sector in Washington D.C. has been largely stable. A few segments or types of residential properties have witnessed modest growth. Other segments have remained static but there have not been any major downswings. This may no longer be the case if a recession actually hits the real estate sector in Washington D.C.
Evan Roberts, the owner of Dependable … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers Purchasing Homes Directly From Owners in San Antonio - 07/25/19 08:08 PM
The Texas real estate market can be quite frustrating for homeowners who are trying to get the highest price for their property. It is very important to make the best of the sale process when it comes to a property. Investors like Dependable Homebuyers offer the top dollar for properties. They also strive to make the entire process stress free for clients. The real estate professionals at Dependable Homebuyers have a great understanding of the real estate market and what a struggle it can sometimes be to get the best possible price for a property.
Dependable Homebuyers takes great pride in the … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers is Buying Houses Directly from Sellers in Baton Rouge - 07/25/19 07:49 PM
Homeowners have to deal with innumerable hurdles while trying to sell their properties. Finding a reliable real estate agent is a challenge. Multiple listing services do not always generate the traction one expects. Buyers have their own distinct demands. The property inspection, valuation and appraisal may not go as well as anticipated. There can be surprises from the banks of buyers and other unfavorable developments. The real estate market in Baton Rouge is poised for modest growth but that is mostly for new developments. Selling a new house is easier than trying to entice buyers with an old property.
Most old houses … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Homeowners in Washington D.C. can Sell Directly to Dependable Homebuyers - 07/25/19 07:25 PM
Homeowners in Washington D.C. trying to sell a residential property have to deal with several challenges. Finding a buyer who may agree with the ask price is a tall ask. The open market is riddled with hurdles, partly due to the very nature of how it works and also owing to how the residential real estate sector is poised. There is very little growth in the sector and whatever development is happening is in the new property segment. Owners of old properties are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their houses. Those who are managing to secure a closing offer are … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers is Buying Houses Directly from Sellers in Newport News - 07/25/19 07:18 PM
Dependable Homebuyers is presenting homeowners in Newport News an option to sell their residential properties directly to the We Buy Houses company without hiring any real estate agent or going through the listing services. Every homeowner who has used listing services and relied on realtors is aware of the challenges. The Newport News real estate market is heavily in favor of buyers. The inventory is growing but there are fewer buyers now. The real estate market is not poised for stupendous growth. The growth predicted is at best modest and this too pertains more to commercial real estate than the residential sector. … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Homeowners in Maryland can Sell Directly to Dependable Homebuyers - 07/25/19 07:07 PM
The real estate market in Maryland can be frustrating for sellers. Any homeowner trying to sell their property will want a quick sale. This requires genuinely interested buyers showing up for the viewing, a quick inspection and favorable appraisal, an acceptable closing offer and then the bank approving the mortgage of the buyer. These processes are not entirely in the control of the seller. In fact, sellers have the least control over the process and it is the buyer along with their mortgage provider that eventually take the call. Many sellers are spending months with their properties listed on the market. … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers Shares Priceless Information about Williamsburg Real Estate for Buyers, Sellers and Agent - 07/19/19 11:29 AM
Dependable Homebuyers has been published blog posts and videos over the last few months, sharing priceless information about the real estate market in Williamsburg with buyers, sellers and agents. Sellers and buyers should be aware of the market conditions that affect their prospects. Not everyone has access to analytical insights and the actual factors that are affecting real estate sales. Buyers must know about fair prices and the properties available. Sellers should know how they can present their properties as worthwhile investments for buyers. Agents usually stay abreast of latest news and developments but even they can at times be unaware … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers is Buying Land Directly from Owners in Washington DC - 06/28/19 10:00 PM
Dependable Homebuyers has started buying land in Washington D.C. The We Buy Houses company has been buying residential properties for a few years now. It has expanded its portfolio and is now interested in different types of land. The nationwide real estate investment firm deals directly with owners. It is following the same procedure of buying houses when acquiring lands. Landowners in Washington D.C. can contact Evan Roberts and his team and get an upfront offer.
Selling residential properties is hard. Selling land is harder as real estate agents do not particularly specialize in it. There are more buyers for houses than there … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Homeowners Being Forced To Give Up Houses To Banks In Newport News Have An Option - 05/24/19 08:45 AM
Homeowners have no choice but to give up their houses when banks serve them a notice for sale of the real estate assets to recover their loans. Banks are never generous or lenient when they have to deal with defaults. Anyone who is unable to repay the mortgage has to endure hefty fines. The late payment charges can compound the financial problem. Homeowners in Newport News who have failed several mortgage repayments will be forced to give up ownership and their prized asset will be worth nothing for them. Banks will force a sale and recover the home loan amount along … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers Now Buying Multi Family Properties In Ocean City - 05/23/19 03:51 PM
Multi-family homes work on a number of levels. In the first place, they offer ideal housing for those who want a home, but who can’t perhaps afford the rising costs of single-family homes in Ocean City. At the same time, multi-family homes also benefit the investor. While being in charge of such a property can be costly and time-consuming, the successful options point to a highly lucrative real estate investment opportunity. Naturally, this is dependent upon those who are willing to work for it.
Dependable Homebuyers is extremely interested in buying multi-family properties from motivated sellers. This is a national company with deep … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers in Williamsburg Looking to Buy Multi Family Home - 05/23/19 12:26 PM
Williamsburg based Dependable Homebuyers has begun seeking out multi-family homes to purchase. They are interested in properties on a small scale such as duplexes, up to much larger versions that may have hundreds of properties. The company is more than ready to make reason offers on these types of properties. In many instances, these types of properties are still occupied by tenants. This does not deter Dependable Homebuyers from still making a reasonable offer on such properties.
Finding a homebuyer can prove to be quite difficult in standard situations, but proves to be even more so when it comes multi-family homes. This holds … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers in Williamsburg Offers Solutions to Flippers - 05/22/19 04:31 AM
Dependable Homebuyers in Williamsburg is now offering an option to house flippers who are stuck with a project they do not have the means to complete. It is something that happens very often. People invest in a house with the idea of flipping it for a profit. Once they begin making repairs they realize they are in over their heads. The repairs become something they do not have the expertise to complete. Sometimes they realize that the repairs are going to cost more than their budget allows. This is where Dependable Homebuyers becomes a great help to investors. They are willing to … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers Is Helping Homeowners Sell Distressed Houses - 05/22/19 01:54 AM
Over the past several years, Dependable Homebuyers has become highly regarded for helping homeowners sell their homes, regardless of condition. This is a degree of service that can be found in reviews for the company. Homeowners throughout Columbia and beyond have worked with Dependable Homebuyers to sell their homes to the company at fair market prices in as two weeks. The praise Dependable Homebuyers has received for backing up everything they claim has been universal. It was with this momentum in mind that the company has a bold announcement to make regarding distressed Columbia MD homes.
The company has made it clear that … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Dependable Homebuyers Buys Baton Rouge Houses As Is - 04/08/19 09:49 PM
Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Dependable Homebuyers, located in Baton Rouge, LA made the huge announcement that this past year has been the best by far in the history of the company. They have worked hard and as a result built a reputation as the company people want to deal with when selling their homes in as-is condition. They have outdone the competition by making their clients a top priority. This has allowed them to buy more homes in the Baton Rouge area.
The company takes pride in being friendly and approaching their clients with caring attitudes. The various testimonials from previous clients on their website will … (0 comments)

sell your house fast: Downsizing Homeowners Can Rely On Dependable Homebuyers - 03/21/19 07:55 AM
Baton Rouge, LA based Dependable Homebuyers is pleased to announce that they now purchase houses in Baton Rouge from homeowners looking to downsize. The company is eager to work with all those who are interested, especially given the current state of the Baton Rouge housing market.
With mortgage rates stabilizing in Baton Rouge, those looking to sell their properties have to decide how best to get their homes on the market, and homeowners looking to do so with minimum fuss can find Dependable Homebuyers in Baton Rouge. The strength in this company’s business model, and what distinguishes them from the general real estate … (0 comments)

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