we buy any houses: Housing Economists Warn of Bubble Due to Low Home Construction in Nashville - 08/28/19 06:43 AM
The success of the real estate market relies on a growing supply of home being constructed to meet the demands of the number of homebuyers. At the 2018 REALTORS Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo, the panels focused on how the health of the economy is affected by the strength of the real estate market.
One session specifically addressed the relationship between home prices and the construction of residential buildings. Speakers on the panel agreed that a low inventory of new homes could lead to a drastic increase in home prices and ultimately create an affordability crisis.
Evan Roberts is the owner of a “We … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers is Assisting Homeowners with Staging before Selling Houses in San Antonio - 08/26/19 12:29 PM
Dependable Homebuyers has been developing relationships with owners of residential properties in San Antonio and assisting them to sell their houses, sooner than expected and for a much better price. Evan Roberts and his team at the We Buy Houses company has been working tirelessly to enable homeowners to know the market conditions. Their trusted and professional services have already helped many people sell their houses quickly. Evan Roberts, the founder of the real estate investment firm, says that they are willing to help homeowners to stage their houses for a speedier sale and to get a better offer.
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we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers- San Antonio Featured on NextCity.org for Buying & Restoring Historic Homes - 08/24/19 10:26 AM
Dependable Homebuyers, a rapidly growing and evolving conglomerate that is storming the market by force, buying up houses that people do not want or need anymore for any reason. All while working with those individuals to gain a cash settlement that is fair and honest in return for the property that they do not want or need for one or more reasons.
Moreover, San Antonio is the latest territory that they are moving onto in order to help the individuals who are looking to sell their property.
So, while they might be relative newcomers to the San Antonio scene, nothing is going to hold … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Real Estate Is Booming In Ocean City According to Dependable Homebuyers - 08/06/19 09:18 AM
Dependable Homebuyers is pleased to announce that due to the booming Ocean City real estate market, they are going to continue buying and reinvigorating homes of all shapes and sizes throughout the community. As many already know, Dependable Homebuyers is a national home-buying company with deep ties to the local area. They have worked for years to establish an appreciation for their straightforward terms, combined with their willingness to work with just about any homeowner in Ocean City. They are also a company known for offering fair market prices on the homes they agree to buy. Their buying process can often be … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Homeowners in Columbia can Choose a Stress-Free Way to Sell Houses to Dependable Homebuyers - 07/26/19 03:36 PM
Dependable Homebuyers has announced a new service for homeowners in Columbia, Maryland. The real estate investment firm is now offering short sale to those who own properties valued at less than what is owed as outstanding mortgage. Many houses in the city are subjected to depreciation for varying reasons. The market conditions can wreak havoc on the value appreciation and there can be a negative impact on the resale price. Those who encounter such a problem and are defaulting on their mortgage repayments should consider a short sale.
The We Buy Houses company invests in residential real estate. Since its inception, it has … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Homeowners can Choose a Stress-Free Way to Sell Houses to Dependable Homebuyers in Baton Rouge - 07/26/19 02:54 PM
Selling houses in Baton Rouge is never easy. Very few owners have ready buyers and can secure an acceptable closing offer sooner than later. Most homeowners who try to sell their houses rely on real estate agents and multiple listing services. They are compelled to wait for months to get an offer. Not all properties get equal traction and buyers are always looking for the finest houses at the least prices. This compels owners to consider repairs and renovations, staging and third party inspection, more than one appraisal in most cases and partake in hard negotiations to make the deal acceptable … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers Makes Selling Houses a Stress-Free Experience for Owners in Washington D.C. - 07/26/19 02:50 PM
Dependable Homebuyers has a complete solution for homeowners in Washington D.C. who want to sell their residential properties quickly and without any stress. Appointing a real estate agent, using multiple listing services, promoting a property and dealing with potential buyers can be a challenging experience. There are many long drawn process involved, from staging a house to a third party property inspection, an appraisal and the hard negotiations with genuinely interested buyers. Many homeowners wait for ninety days or longer to get a closing offer. The process is painstakingly long and also quite uncertain. Little is in the control of sellers.
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we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers has Simplified the Process of Selling a House in Nashville - 07/26/19 02:10 PM
Selling a house in Nashville, Tennessee, has never been simpler, easier or quicker. Dependable Homebuyers has a solution to all the problems experienced by homeowners while they try to sell their residential properties in the city. The We Buy Houses company is a direct buyer. It does not require an agent to represent an owner. It does not deal with any kind of intermediary. The company deals with owners directly. They do not use any listing service or other directories so homeowners do not have to worry about whether or not their house for sale gets noticed by the buyer. There is no … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Homeowners in San Antonio can Easily Sell their Residential Properties to Dependable Homebuyers - 07/26/19 01:43 PM
Homeowners in San Antonio have to deal with a few unavoidable processes to sell their residential properties. A house has to be inspected. This is a precursory process, emphasized on by every real estate agent and buyer. The inspection should include price evaluation. This is an exercise that a homeowner must pay for. The subsequent step is staging. A house is not listed these days unless it is staged. This is not only true for old properties that look dated and hence could do with a bit of staging but also for relatively new houses. Staging makes a house more desirable … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: A Closer Look on Columbia MD Residents Renting Instead Of Buying. - 07/18/19 12:06 PM
For those relocating to Columbia MD, it will make sense to learn about the various options for renting and buying that are available. To anyone specifically interested in renting, they will certainly want to make it a point to learn more about the new opportunities being made available through Dependable Homebuyers and other investors.
With Dependable Homebuyers, one is dealing with a company with a long history to the Columbia MD community. They have worked tirelessly over the years to purchase and restore a wide variety of properties. While some of these properties were eventually sold, many are instead converted into rental … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Higher Interest Rates Benefit Fort Meyers Real Estate Investors, According to Dependable Homebuyers - 07/17/19 03:40 PM
An atmosphere of higher interest rates can be significantly beneficial to real estate investors. This is certainly something that can appeal to Fort Myers real estate investors, interested in making strong cash offers for a wide array of homes. Homeowners tasked with the prospect of trying to sell their home on the real estate market can benefit greatly from learning more about cash real estate investors. Dependable Homebuyers has become the leading company in this arena. Consisting of real estate investors and experts, the company has dedicated themselves to offering Fort Meyers homeowners a viable alternative to the traditional real estate market.
The … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Real Estate Investors in Williamsburg Impacted By High Interest Rates - 07/17/19 03:04 PM
One of the leading “We Buy Houses” companies, Dependable Homebuyers, is expecting that with the high interest rate environment, that there will be a great impact for real estate investors making cash purchases. Typically, a small percentage of purchases are done in cash. However, due to the high interest rate environment, cash sales are becoming more normal than before.
In December of 2018, the Federal Reserve raised the interest rates and acknowledged that there are two more expected increases to come during 2019. These increase will create great opportunities for cash buyers, predicts Dependable Homebuyers.
When cash is used for a house purchase, it allows … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: High Interest Rates Offer Great Opportunity For Cash Buyers in San Antonio - 07/17/19 02:56 PM
The leading company in the “We Buy Houses” niche, Dependable Homebuyers, predicts that the positive interest rates will have a great impact for real estate investors. Those investors with cash are being provided with the prime opportunity to make good investments with great payoffs. Typically, cash purchases make up a small amount of home sales. However, cash sales are becoming more common in the real estate market. This can be contributed to the higher interest rate environment.
The Federal Reserve raised the interest rates on December 18,2018. This brought about the thought that additional increases could be on the way in 2019. “We … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers Warns Homeowners & Sellers About Slowdown In Baton Rouge Real Estate - 06/26/19 04:47 AM
Baton Rouge real estate is witnessing a slowdown. The slump is sharper for the residential real estate sector. 2018 has been an average year for the real estate market. Selling a house continues to be an uphill battle. The situation has now worsened with more properties being listed and the average wait time increasing for most types of houses. Dependable Homebuyers has recently issued a public advisory highlighting the challenges being faced by homeowners who want to sell in Baton Rouge.
As per the latest statistics available, the month of April this year witnessed a sharp rise in the number of properties listed … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers is Buying Houses from Homeowners with VA Loans in Newport News - 05/27/19 03:27 PM
Veterans and active military personnel and their families who have purchased houses in Newport News with VA loans have the option of selling their properties directly to Dependable Homebuyers. Active military personnel may have to move to a new base. This often compels them to sell their houses. The VA loan is not fully repaid at such a time and this can be a hurdle that should be overcome to facilitate the sale. Veterans and their families may have to move to another city or state due to personal or other reasons. This necessitates a sale but an outstanding mortgage or … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers is Buying Homes that have Unpaid VA Loans in Ocean City - 05/27/19 02:57 AM
Ocean City based We Buy Houses company Dependable Homebuyers has announced it is buying houses that have unpaid VA loans. Military personnel and veterans who have purchased houses with VA loans and now want to sell the properties can contact Evan Roberts and his team. The real estate investment company is offering a quick sale at a fair value, the entire sum to be paid in cash as a onetime payment and they will assume the unpaid VA loan.
Military personnel may have to sell their houses quickly when they are deployed somewhere. They may have to move out of Ocean City for … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Nashville Residents With VA Loan Offered Fast Sale Option - 05/27/19 02:50 AM
Dependable Homebuyers is now offering a simple solution for homeowners in the Nashville, Tennessee area who are veterans or active military members and are looking to sell their homes. Often things like deployment lead to them needing or wanting to sell their homes. Dependable Homebuyers will assume responsibility for the VA loan which frees the homeowners from having to make the mortgage payment.
This solution offers homeowners a way to sell their home without having to list with a traditional real estate agent. When listing with an agent, homeowners are forced to pay commissions of at least 6%. In some other situations, they can … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers has Announced Its Interest in Acquiring Multi Family Properties in Washington D.C. - 05/25/19 12:26 AM
The We Buy Houses company based in Washington D.C. has just announced that it is buying multi family properties. Ever since its inception the real estate investment company has been buying all types of residential properties but it has not explicitly stated its interest in multi family dwellings. This is the first timeDependable Homebuyers has officially announced that all types of houses do include multi family properties. These properties could be standalone buildings with a few families. These could be duplexes. These could be large complexes with multiple buildings and dozens or scores of families.
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we buy any houses: Owners of Multi Family Properties can Sell to Dependable Homebuyers in Baltimore - 05/24/19 11:25 PM
Dependable Homebuyers has just announced that it is buying multi family properties in the city of Baltimore. The Maryland based We Buy Houses company is already into buying residential properties of all types but it has been mostly standalone or detached homes. It has now explicitly stated its intention of buying all types of multi family dwellings. These could be duplexes, standalone buildings with a few apartments or residential complexes with hundreds of apartments. The company is buying directly from the owners of such properties without any interference of third parties.
Selling multi family dwellings is a tough task. The residential real estate sector … (0 comments)

we buy any houses: Dependable Homebuyers Offering Options in Williamsburg Other Than Giving House Back to Bank - 05/24/19 09:20 AM
Williamsburg based company Dependable Homebuyers has begun reaching out to help homeowners to prevent them from having to give their house back to the bank. There are often situations which force homeowners to fall behind on payments. When these type of circumstances arise, owners are often harassed by debtors demanding money and adding on additional late fees. This just results in the homeowner falling further behind on their payments and not ever being able to catch up. It is a vicious cycle and one that many homeowners find themselves falling victim to.
Press Advantage recently featured Dependable Homebuyers and highlighted the reputation they … (0 comments)

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