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Governor Timothy Kaine made an announcement that Loudoun County is going to house approximately 600,000 square feet of office space for Raytheon.  They will be leasing space in four of the office buildings located at AOL's Pacific Corporate Park in Dulles, Virginia.  Raytheon Company, a technolog...
Are you a renter caught in the foreclosure mess?  Did you pay your rent only to be evicted?  You better believe there are laws to protect the landlords if you don't pay your rent.  So, I ask you, where are the laws to protect the renter from the landlord not paying the mortgage?  Where are the la...
Does anyone know someone who walked away just because they had negative equity?  I am not talking about someone who lost their job, had an illness, etc.  I am referring to people who just felt like they got "a bad deal" and CHOSE to walk away.  If you do, please let me know.  I'd like to research...
There once was a man who lived in Sterling (on Holly Avenue).  His mortgage company would not lower his rate (he had negative equity so it would not appriase at the new, improved, lower price).  Mr Holly Avenue, decided he wanted a nicer house (in Ashburn).  He purchased the new house, moved to A...
Wow.....I was following a case that my friend is involved in.  She is a young mother, and has a son with Downs Syndrome.  Very intelligent, soft spoken lady who is 100% devoted to her son. She lives in a house that was foreclosed upon. GMAC is the mortgage holder.  She submitted a very, very good...
We invite people into our homes and most are honest and hard-working.  Once in awhile we run across someone who is less than honest or good. Please remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  If you were a client of this cleaning lady and believe you may have been a victim please rea...
I was fortunate enough to go to River Bend Park in Great Falls today.  The weather was perfect. I was there for several hours and left feeling grounded and regarched.  I encourage you to get outside and soak in the beauty.  I am including a few photos. I can't seem to get the photo to go where I ...
I spoke with a single parent today.  They had a copy of their lease and all their cancelled checks for the past three years.  The checks all cleared the bank shortly after the first of the month (they paid their rent on time).  I saw the copies.  Unfortunately, their landlord did not pay the mort...
Good, bad or indifferent we are living through (and hopefully working through) a real estate market that will not be forgotten.  This is one for the history books.  The investors are out there right now.  Buying.   Profit is made when you buy a home, not when you sell it.  They are scooping up th...

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