short sale expert: Did the government take over Active Rain? - 02/02/11 10:12 AM
Recently my experience with active rain has been....well....less than pleasurable.  I realize that there are growing pains with any group, business, or platform, but this is crazy.
As much as I enjoy reading the blogs on Active rain, I can do a ton of work while I wait for the next page to load.

The thing is that I budget small bits of time in my day to blog and I need the system to work.  I want to put something out there and at the same time, get something back by reading several other blogs.....and that is … (6 comments)

short sale expert: 1 Year of Blogs.....Give it a try! - 02/01/11 11:41 AM
After completing the January Challenge, I more for a while, but then thought, what would be fun?
2 months?  90 days?  ONE FULL YEAR????????
So I am shooting for 90 days. (FIRST)   It is a milestone and I am sure that it has been done before, but NOT BY ME!
What are your thoughts, am I crazy to try it?  Since there is no contest and it is not sanctioned by the AR Gods.....there is no real incentive such as extra points and such as maps in our schools for U.S. Americans and such as.......
So what … (6 comments)

short sale expert: Southern California "Super Lawyer" Makes Bank Of America Sweat - 01/11/11 09:14 AM
I subscribe to Clusterstock, a part of the Business Insider series of products and publications.  
ClusterStock emails a daily chart to me that is chock full of information, but the links below that chart drive me to even more interesting information and articles.  It is under one such link that I found the follow story.
I emailed Ms. Comstock for permission to bring it to you and the rest is history.
I strongly suggest that you follow the Clusterstock link and sign up for the daily chart.  Every day it is a different subject. 
Meet Danielle Gilmore, The Southern California … (0 comments)

short sale expert: What is the right amount for an agent to do? - 01/03/11 02:05 PM
We have a new listing at Bay Vista Realty. It is not a huge house or by any means a high dollar listing, but it sits on such a great lot and canal leading to two lakes that I have taken a real liking to it.
The owners are out of town, and well, the place needs some maintenance and curb apeal.  I got my painter over to the house to give an estimate and he, as always, came in at a very good price.  Considering the quality of work, (He used to paint very high end cars) he does, I … (1 comments)

short sale expert: Ass Kicking New Years Resolution that YOU DON'T want to be a part of. - 12/30/10 01:27 AM
This has got to be a much better year.  Sure We survived when so many of my good friends (business wise) didn't.
Certainly we have some great memories from 2010, but there were a few things that I resolve to not let happen.
1) I resolve that if you change the locks on my clients property, without contacting me or my client, WAR!
2) I resolve that if you throw my lockbox away (7 down this year) WAR!
3) I resolve that if you BREAK AND ENTER into a listed property under the GUISE of SECURING that property, WAR!
4) … (0 comments)

short sale expert: Tools of the Trade - 12/20/10 02:17 AM
I was curious as to what other REALTORS consider to be the most valuable tools of their trade? There is of course the Cell Phone, the lock box key, maybe a laptop....but here are a few that I find I cannot do without.
The Pressure washer!
How many times have I gone to a place that can be spruced up with just a few hours of time....time that the sellers may not have or be interested in doing, but time that I can either spend myself, or hire out at 10.00 per hour from one of my tenants that … (0 comments)

short sale expert: Is it really a Kodak Moment...I think it just might be! - 12/15/10 10:23 AM
There are just those days....when ever person has passed his point of no return.  This just happened to be one of those days when the energy and stamina ran out.  Even the inertial was was time for a break.
The whole family was tired and while I still had plenty of driving to do, the wife convinced me to stop and grab some food, chow, go-juice, calories, just nutrition, no-one cared where, just stop.
Suddenly ahead there was an open place....a "sport-bar-pub-restaurant" brightly lit and inviting so we pulled in and parked.
The whole family of five got out, stretched … (11 comments)

short sale expert: Great Lakeland Short Sale Property - 12/14/10 05:58 AM

short sale expert: Great New Port Richey REO Property - 12/14/10 05:30 AM

short sale expert: "We can't just leave it up to the parents" - 12/14/10 04:48 AM
No matter what our kids and the new generation think about us, WE ARE AWESOME !!! OUR Lives are LIVING PROOF !!! In case you missed the First Lady saying that we can't just leave it up to the parents, here it is... I wanted to post this response that has been making the way around the email circuit fro a while. To Those of Us Born 1925 - 1970 : At the end of this email is a quote of the month by Jay Leno. If you don't read anything else, please read what he said. Very well stated, Mr. … (7 comments)

short sale expert: How many homes has Dr. Phill bought lately? - 08/30/06 04:13 PM
OK, so I just posted a touchy feely blog  about all agents being equal.  But I wanted to clarify myself with a new blog.  Why....More points.......NO!!! Duh!!!
I was just getting too tangential in the old one. 
I ask my agents a question allot.  That question being who are you reaching out to?  Who is your sphere of influence?  Who even knows you are in the Real Estate business? 
Then I will even go so far as to ask, how many homes has Dr. Phil bought lately?  You see there are so many agents that will sit on their couch and watch TV … (5 comments)

short sale expert: Life TIVO - 08/28/06 01:16 AM
I sometime wish I had a Life TIVO but not a REWIND Button.  
I mean how would you use it?  If I could Tivo my Life, I could look at things more clearly.  Slow down a little and make better Real Estate Decisions, without affecting the eventual outcome.
I could grow and comprehend things in a whole new way and learn from my mistakes but still reach the end at the same destination that is ordained for me. 
I mean if you believe, like I do that life is a decision of choices leading you to your ultimate destiny, … (5 comments)

short sale expert: Someone beat me to it!!!! - 08/27/06 03:53 PM
I have a great story that I can't share yetttttt......But is very close to this other blog about not showing your clients around.  
What I wanted to say is........Be A Pro..
Look, I drive a Suburban.  My Agents call it the Bus.  I pay for Gas with a Banker and armored car at my side, you think I want to
tool around town, but if I am representing a client, I am representing a Client.  We are labeled Professionals
like Attorneys.  Imagine this
Uh...Your honor,   My Attorney said I could just drop by and take a look-see.
Or … (0 comments)

short sale expert: Late Night Client Call to close the deal. - 08/27/06 12:51 AM
SO my phone rang last night at Two AM.  It was a recent home Seller/Buyer and friend of mine who wanted to call.
Now some of you are thinking Oh...Crap.....What did Gary do to piss this guy off?  But remember, I am still somewhat young (37) and many of my clients are my Military Friends who are younger still. 
My Client, acting on the mistaken premise that 2:00, yea, 0200,or O-DRUNK-THIRTY would be a great time to call and give me a referral, rang my cell.
He also invited me to go out and personally meet this prospect.  When I declined, … (5 comments)

short sale expert: Check your mailouts - 08/26/06 10:54 AM
I got an offer to buy my company the other day.  It was a really nice letter and really complimented me on how well run Bay Vista Realty is.  IN other words, the offer(er) blew lots of wind up my skirt.  While I think, actually I know that my company is well run and well managed, (I mean...just take a look at my new sign)But really, How would he know.
Then I looked at the sender again and pulled a file and I realized that the sender and I had recently spoken, so maybe this wasn't a form letter after all.  … (5 comments)

short sale expert: Team Building - 08/09/06 04:03 AM
I have a great group in my office.  From Doctors to Bricklayers, Pilots to Pet groomers.  But what I want to see more of are teams.  I recently build a team that is targeting FSBOS and another that is targeting Expired.  What are some of your thoughts on building these types of teams and is a team of four, 4x as effective as one. 

short sale expert: Day of rest! - 08/06/06 03:52 PM
Since Sunday is a day of rest, I did my normal Sunday routine and rested my tired feet in a pair of my Flip Flops.  Now today I planned on doing some light construction, so I selected my Steel Toe'd Flip Flops. 
Off to my Favorite Home Improvement store. South Tampa Lowe's, and then to one of my rentals.  While I was at my rental, (New tile and paint thru-out, plus a new door where a window used to be) I realized that I forgot to buy thin set, (Tile stuff) and returned to the lowes.  Two hours into my task, I needed more materials, … (2 comments)

short sale expert: What does it matter what I think? - 08/06/06 02:32 PM
I recently got a really nice comment on one of my posts.  The one about me being an Evil Republican.  The Commentator made the remark that she never tells anyone her political affiliations, because it might hurt her business.  
Well First I must say that I respect her decision and completely defend her right to do just that. 
I however; have never been one to take the Safe Route.  In Fact, I am the one who often stirs up the good political debate; like I am doing now. I often do this when I am around a group.  Sometimes these people are my … (0 comments)

short sale expert: The Things we will do - 08/05/06 06:07 AM
Well I just went to put up that sign panel that I spoke of earlier, and I decided to inspect the property.   This listing is one of my agents and she is out of town for the weekend.  So in my endeavor to support her and her client (Who lives in France) I see that the lawn company has been doing a wonderful job on the front yard.  But neglecting the back yard altogether.  Waist high weeds everywhere.  My normal yard guy (Timmy the Trimmer) in that area answered the cell phone but he is 30 Miles off of the coast looking for NEMO, or anything edible. So I … (8 comments)

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