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The May employment report, one of the most anticipated in years, in many respects was not as volatile as most of them are. Non-farm jobs earlier this week were for an increases of 167K, after the ADP report on Wednesday being weaker than what had been expected the estimates were ratcheted lower. Non-farm jobs were up 175K and non-farm private jobs increased to 178K right on what the early forecasts were. March and April jobs revisions subtracted 12K jobs originally reported. The unemployment rate was expected to be unchanged at 7.5%, increased to 7.6% because 420K  people entered the job market … (0 comments)

del cerro san diego mortgages: Fed's Influence on Mortgage Rates - May 31, 2013 - 05/31/13 05:25 AM
Fed's Influence on Mortgage Rates
Shifting expectations for the timing of the Fed's move to taper its bond purchases were the main influence on mortgage rates this week and caused extremely high levels of daily volatility. Stronger than expected economic data and comments from Fed officials caused investors to think that the Fed will begin to scale back its bond purchases sooner than previously expected. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week higher.
With a decline in the Fed's bond purchases in sight, and an improved outlook for global economic growth, investors have grown less willing to own bonds. Central … (0 comments)

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FOUR is not a 4 letter word
With rates inching up by the day, it's easy to forget that we have spent years and years with rates well above 4%. Here's a graph from FRED, the Federal Reserve Economic Data, showing where rates have been over the last 30 years. The point is that now is not the time to panic, it's just the time to get busy. Don't get caught up chasing yesterday's rates, they are not likely to return. Instead, focus on what they can afford NOW, and don't let more time slip away.


del cerro san diego mortgages: San Diego Mortgage News - May 8, 2013 - 05/08/13 06:16 AM
It was another quiet start this morning with no news again today. This week has been almost completely void of any market moving news. The 10 yr note this morning early was at 1.79% up another basis point, while mortgage prices started unchanged; MBS prices were flat yesterday. Prior to the 9:30 open of the stock market the key indexes were a little weaker. At 9:30 the DJIA opened -20, NASDAQ -4, S&P -2; the 10 yr note after trading earlier at 1.79% was at 1.77%, 30 yr mortgage prices +9 bps frm yesterday’s close.
European stocks advanced for … (0 comments)




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