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I've been on a mission to enlighten, educate and encourage Owensboro, KY on the many positives of Home Staging.  However, as mentioned in my last post, I have run across much confusion and dis-interest.  So I began to contemplate why people are unwilling to try something that could make them more...
So I started my Home Staging business in Owensboro, Kentucky about 6 months ago and have been surprised to discover how much Owensboro does not know about Home Staging.  There are several shows on television that highlight staging, the benefits and the how-to's, yet there is a only a certain grou...
Usually a D is a bad thing right?  Well, D's are my criteria for Home Staging in Owensboro, Ky!  They will help guide you through successful staging and earn top dollar for your home.  So what are D's you might ask?  They are:  Deep Clean, De-Clutter, De-Personalize and Design.  Each one is impor...
That's right!  If you are staging your home, you have to kick that outdated brick, overgrown landscaping and ugly front door to the curb!  Staging your home on the outside is just as important as staging your home on the inside.  Buyers are looking online now more than ever and if you can't draw ...
What do you do if you need to sell, but your kitchen is stuck in 1985?  Investing thousands of dollars in a renovation would eat into your profits and you don't have much cash on hand for a kitchen update.  Well, home staging statistics have shown that minimal investments usually generate the lar...
It is important to realize that Home Staging is a tool used to give the home a marketing edge over other homes in the neighborhood.  It is a temporary, yet necessary tool for all homes that want to sell for 3-10% more.  Even if the home "professioally decorated," it will most definitely benefit f...

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