home stage cincinnati: Staging Through the Eyes of a Buyer - 11/29/10 06:34 AM


A Realtor client of Design To Market took the time to call me this afternoon and share a comment made to him by the buyer of a home he had listed.  The buyer pulled him aside at the closing to share that he felt the home had been staged very well. 
You might wonder why I have taken the time to make this into a blog post but I felt this was a telling insight into the buyer experience.   Obviously this buyer did not feel tricked and he definitely liked the home enough to purchase it.   … (16 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Unplug the Plug-Ins! - 11/17/10 03:00 PM
With over 7 years staging homes in Cincinnati, the Design to Market team has come to a consensus about the use of Plug Ins and other artificial scents.  No...no...and No!  There are 2 (not too positive) scenarious for this kind of strategy:
Sellers think the artificial scent is hiding something worse than the fake odor. Sellers get a headache or are nauseous and leave the home quickly to get out of the cloud of perfume scented air. The best solution is to try to erradicate the odor by taking care of the problem.  Houses that have pet odors, smoke odors, or dampness can be painted, cleaned, … (19 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Have You Rung the Doorbell? - 10/08/10 05:49 PM
I can't believe that I haven't thought about this before, but I was teaching a staging class this week and a Realtor in the class asked if we had suggestions for doorbells!   Her concern was that: 
They might not work They might make some ridiculous noise or play a song We have been staging Cincinnati homes for over 7 years and I have to admit that the only doorbell comments I have made are when they are cracked or the button itself is damaged.   I am not posting this because I have lost sleep over doorbells but rather it made me think of the … (18 comments)

home stage cincinnati: It's August And The Landscaping is Terrible! - 08/31/10 05:27 PM

I just learned a great tip from a landscaper that might come in handy with vacant homes or those where the homeowner does not like to stay on top of watering their lawn.  With the dry final days of summer, lawns and flowers can dry up in a day and the impact on curb appeal can be devastating.  You can hook the sprinkler up to hit any beds or critical areas at the front of the home where dryness will hurt curb appeal.  You can purchase these timers from Amazon for as little as $21.  This worked very well for … (9 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Curb Appeal Is King: Pretty Tree Or Beautiful Home? - 08/29/10 01:48 PM
As we discuss our Cincinnati home staging company and the services we provide, we are often asked what we look at and the kind of recommendations we make.  While we might spend more time as stagers doing the work on the inside of the home, we are COMPLETELY missing the boat if we are not prepared to help our clients make the best decisions about how to improve the exterior of their homes.  It might be as simple as a change in shutter color or as involved as suggesting a landscape re-do.  Whether it is a simple and inexpensive … (10 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Cincinnati: Investors Staged Home Sells In 3 Weeks! - 06/14/10 04:11 PM
It is exciting to share another Cincinnati home staging success story.  We staged this investment property in Westchester in mid May and it went pending in 3 weeks.  Look at this room...

Or maybe this one...

And now think about this statistic.  There are over 75 homes in this price range in West Chester on the market today!  What made this home sell while over 75 others are still waiting?  Many factors made the difference (nice floor plan, great renovation, wonderful wood floors, etc.) your home might offer one or many of these features.  But, is it staged?!  Talk to your realtor about … (10 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Staging Makes Sun Porch Into Critical Living Space - 06/05/10 05:04 AM
It's a small home on a desirable street in Cincinnati.  Staging in Cincinnati's older communities has become a critical piece of sales successes.  This home was built before the days of the expectation of multiple rooms for play, entertaining, work, etc.  Today's buyers need to be shown how to adapt older spaces to newer purposes.  While a solarium is a nice bonus in a large home, it is often needed in a smaller home as an add on to the usable everyday space in a home.  

This room is nicely finished and the view is attractive.  But, what … (7 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Staging In Cincinnati: Look at this Transformation! - 05/22/10 04:59 PM
This room was not meeting buyers expectations.  Why you might ask?   Here are 3 places to start...
The lamps were distracting and somewhat dated. Awkward furniture placement. Wallpaper in the dining room. A simple staging with mostly accessories and artwork delivered a completely new look.  Often sellers have the right pieces but they are missing the "glue" that creates the necessary look to grab a buyer. Sometimes the problem is bigger!  This room had some bigger issues. Painted bookshelves that need to be neutralized.   Wallpaper border that needed to be removed. An empty room that doesn't … (25 comments)

home stage cincinnati: The Best Money I Ever Spent! - 03/21/10 02:35 AM

The market is picking up in many areas of the country.  People are buying homes.  
The trick though is to make sure that your home is well prepared and will stand up favorably against the competition.  We at Design To Market are now in our 7th year staging homes in Cincinnati.  Most of our business comes from Realtors that know the impact of helping their clients make the best decisions spending their time and money as they prepare to "go to market."  
Most often the positive feedback we get for our work is seeing the sold sing in … (11 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Owner Occupied Home Staged and Sold in 3 Days - 10/28/09 03:44 PM

On the market for months, a well-maintained home in a nice Cincinnati suburb continued to receive showings but never the long awaited offer.  Feedback was lukewarm and gave the seller little to act upon.  The Realtor had done all of the right things in working with their client but they too were stumped.
After the seller's Realtor recommended they contact Design To Market Home Staging, we received a call from the homeowner asking about the staging process.  We talked at length about the staging consultation and the types of feedback we would provide.  The seller considered staging and at the same … (1 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Home Staging Northern Kentucky and Cininnati: Design To Market Stages 2 Homes That Sell in 4 Days - 03/22/09 01:11 PM
The following 2 homes staged by Design To Market have several commonalities:
Both homes were on the market for months and neither was getting an offer Both are in suburbs of Greater Cincinnati Both were great homes with lots of potential Both were staged and sold in 2009 The investment in staging was a minor expense when compared with the carrying cost of even 1 more month on the market Both sold within 4 days of staging by Design To Market! House 1:  Kenwood
House 2:  Crittenden
Design To Market has been staging homes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky since … (8 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Master Bedrooms...a critical part of the staging challenge - 03/20/09 02:07 PM
We at Design To Market LLC  recently had the opportunity to stage a beautiful home in the Cincinnati suburb of Anderson.  The master bedroom is large, the attached dressing room is spacious, and the master bath has real potential deliver the "spa like" feel that can be so appealing to a prospective buyer.  The challenge was easy to identify:
The furniture was not arranged to it's best potential The bedding was dark and slightly dated The wall colors were a shade of pink that would not be broadly appealing to the market Take a look...

Now look...
Repositioned furniture New bedding A … (22 comments)

home stage cincinnati: It's Almost Spring and It's Time To Stage Your Home - 01/06/09 03:16 PM
I have to let the cat out of the bag.  I am the owner of Design To Market Home Staging in Cincinnati (that's not the secret!) and my phone is ringing off the hook with calls to consult with prospective staging clients. 
It might seem like the ice storm we had in Cincinnati this morning is enough to confirm that we are in for a few more months of winter but don't be fooled...the homeowner down the street that seems to be quietly enjoying the slower pace of winter is working like crazy to put a perfectly prepared home on the market.  So, … (5 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Quick, Look at the ceiling! - 12/11/08 03:51 PM

It's quiz time...what did 3 homes priced at $125,000, $225,000, and over $1,000,000 all have in common?  They were homes that had damaged ceilings caused by a long ago leaky roof that had been repaired.  And, they were on the market with showings occurring on a regular basis!
It sounds impossible to think a homeowner would not see this as they prepare to put their home on the market but it happens and it is fairly common.  Think about it.  You are writing a letter that you have worked on for several hours.  You are finished and you ask 3 people … (10 comments)

home stage cincinnati: If You Are Holding Onto Gift Cards...Please Read - 11/17/08 02:42 PM
I know that many of us might be holding onto gift cards with plans to make holiday purchases.  I hate to be the bearer of more bad news but this is important.  I just received this notice and wanted to share:
Ann Taylor closing 117 stores nationwide.A company spokeswoman said the company hasn't revealed which storeswill be shuttered. It will let the stores that will close this fiscal year knowover the next monthEddie Bauer to close more stores.Eddie Bauer has already closed 27 shops in the first quarter and plansto close up to two more outlet stores by the end of … (7 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Home Staging In A Web Based World - 11/03/08 11:28 AM
I want to first remind my readers of a blog post that I wrote over a year ago titled Before and Afters In A Web Based World.  Both homes featured in that article sold quickly after staging and much of the success of these sales was attributed to staging.
In our current competitive environment the impact of home staging continues to grow in importance.  As we head toward the spring market and see more listings come forth it will be critical to grab buyers who make effective use of their time by pre-screening those listings that fit their buying criteria.  
Please look … (11 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Charity starts...with the next staged home! - 08/29/08 10:08 AM

My daughter and I sat yesterday evening staring with rapt attention at the photo of the African child we were soon to sponsor.  The plight of children in poor third world countries has been a big topic in our extended family over the past 2 years as my sister and her husband have gone though the rigors of an international adoption and look ahead with joy to the time that they will receive their new Ethiopian baby girl. 
My thirteen year old has been profoundly affected by their experience and in her teenager way has set out to make the world a better place.  She … (13 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Home Staging Cincinnati: Furniture Makes All The Difference! - 08/07/08 02:58 PM
Home staging in Cincinnati continues to grow  as more and more home-sellers experience the power of a well presented home.  These before and after pictures of a home staged by the Design To Market design team are another example of the impact this investment can make when selling a home. 
This home had been on the market for months with showings and no offers.  The sellers investment in staging generated a sale in under 4 weeks! 
Design To Market has been staging homes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky since 2004.  For more information about this project and our  other Cincinnati … (14 comments)

home stage cincinnati: Staged Downtown Cincinnati Loft Sells In Days - 06/26/08 03:00 PM

After months on the market this wonderful loft in Downtown Cincinnati sold within days of staging by Design To Market.   As is often the case, the open floor plan and unique features made it difficult to visualize the wonderful livability of this space.  Adding warm and inviting furnishings did the trick! 
Design To Market has been staging homes throughout Greater Cincinnati since 2004.  For more information about this project and our  other Cincinnati home staging services please call us at 513-265-0952 or visit our website at www.designtomarketllc.com .

home stage cincinnati: Wallpaper: To Remove Or Not To Remove - 06/08/08 12:54 PM
As professional stagers we are often asked by homesellers to assist in deciding the advisibility of removing wallpaper.  It is not inexpensive to remove wallpaper.  However, if the goal of homestaging is to assist in making a listing appeal to the broadest number of prospective buyers then how can we skip this critical step?
Take a look at the following projects staged by Design To Market and see what you think. 



Design To Market has been staging homes throughout Greater Cincinnati since 2004.  For more information about this project and our  other Cincinnati home staging services … (17 comments)

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