home stager cincinnati: Would You Stage This? - 10/24/11 11:05 AM

I don't know if this should be considered "stager humor" or just so fun and funky that it transcends the topic.  Living the life of a home stager in Cincinnati I find myself always tempted to consider "What would we do with this room to make it most sellable for our clients?"  Would we remove faux finishes, de-clutter, add a flat screen...?  No way!  We would just step back and enjoy it for what it is!
These funky photos are taken at the Parador Inn in Pittsburgh.  It's the perfect spot for easy access to the Andy Warhol Museum and a … (8 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Home Staging In Cincinnati-Staged House Equals Quick Sale - 10/09/11 02:03 PM

I picked up the phone and was asked by a voice on the other end of the line if we were the company that staged homes in Cincinnati.  They had looked at our website and felt that the Design To Market Home Stagers could help them figure out how to get their house sold.  
This home had been on the market for over 100 days and was getting little showing activity and with each showing there was a common theme in the feedback that the home would require too much work.  The seller was very familiar with home … (18 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Home Staging Shows Cincinnati Home To It's Best Advantage - 09/18/11 10:03 AM
The Design To Market Stagers have been busy staging Cincinnati homes this week.  This great house on Minto in Hyde Park offers great spaces in a charming older home.  The open   provides great flexibility. 
The open kitchen and dining space would be great for entertaining!  

The living room offers a cozy space for family TV viewing or entertaining!

And the master bedroom with an attached office space is perfect!  
If you like the home visit Kristy Kleiman's Website .  If you liked the staging in this previously vacant home then call Jo Potvin or visit our Cincinnati Home Staging Website.

home stager cincinnati: Here Kitty Kitty! - 09/01/11 09:34 AM

What to do...what to do?!?
  The Cincinnati Home Staging team from Design To Market hit the road today with a schedule full of consultations.  With stops in Amelia, Indian Hill, and Oakley, we knew we would have a full day of work ahead of us.  After spending several hours in a home in Indian Hill rearranging furniture and coordinating the move of a few items to a storage unit, we headed to Oakley.  As we entered this home we wondered what staging would be required.  This home had great curb appeal but what would we find inside? 
Home staging can be a tough profession.  … (11 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Time for a Home Staging Consultation - 08/17/11 12:37 AM

It's time to re-energize your efforts to sell your home.  The spring market is well behind us but interest rates are low and there is a lot of selling time left before the "Turkey Day Slow Down."    The designers at Design To Market have been staging houses in Cincinnati for 8 years and home staging consultations are one of the best tools in our bag of tricks.  
This is the time of year to review the feedback from your summer showings and get serious for the fall.  A home staging consultation is a great idea as you look for answers as to why … (4 comments)

home stager cincinnati: If You're Paying Too Much For Gas Read This! - 03/02/11 01:57 PM

If you work in real estate you probably drive...ALOT!  These gas prices are terrible and getting worse.   I learned about a mobile app today that I am really excited about.  It is called GasBuddy.com and it is a free app (at least on my Droid.)  It identifies your location with the GPS on your phone and tells you the cheapest nearby location to purchase gas.
I used it today and found a spot that was $.10 cheaper than my normal gas station.  
I am always looking for other ways to save...PLEASE SHARE!!!!!
Jo Potvin  Design To Market … (23 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Find Your Passion - 02/20/11 04:11 PM

It's Sunday night and I am fortunate enough to look forward to my work week.  Over 7 years ago I was bit by the entrepreneurial bug and started Design To Market.  We have been staging Cincinnati homes for over 7 years and at last count have staged over 1,000 homes.  I love what I do and I love what it lets me do!  Tonight I just made my 55th loan to Kiva.  According to Kiva's website they:
"empower individuals to lend to an entrepreneur across the globe. By combining microfinance with the Internet, Kiva is creating a global community of people … (10 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Staging Through The Eyes of a Buyer: Part 2 - 01/05/11 03:58 PM

"I wish the walls could talk!"  I think this is the mantra of many that are involved in the process of selling a home.  Sometimes, it is assumed to be a price  issue.  Often though, a new lower price does not solve the problem.  More times than not, it is more subtle and requires the team work of a Realtor, a homeowner, and a home stager.  
I recently wrote a post titled Staging Through The Eyes of A Buyer in which a Realtor shared a buyer's comments about his pleasure as a buyer in purchasing a staged home.  

home stager cincinnati: The Perfect Gift! - 12/27/10 08:57 AM

What more can I say?  The perfect gift for a stager!  I received this last week from a thoughtful client whose mother's home we had staged.  I have been chuckling ever since.  The question I have asked myself is whether this is truly "stager jewelry"  or if there is someone else out there who "does homes."  Regardless, I really got a kick out of this. For homeowners in our area...remember "We Do Homes" and have been staging homes in Cincinnati for over 7 years.  Please call us at 513-265-0952 or visit the Design To Market website for more information. … (12 comments)

home stager cincinnati: More Tips On Designing A Stager's Warehouse - 10/18/10 01:47 PM

Bright and Airy Rules!
For those of you that have been following this series on the evolution of the Design To Market warehouse, I am happy to offer the 4th installment in the series.  The first three are provided below:
Tips On Selecting The Correct Warehouse for Your Staging Business
Take A Peek At Our Warehouse
Take A Second Look At Our Warehouse
This is our 5th warehouse in 7 years.  With each move I have promised myself and the design team that we will NOT need to move again.  In truth, we continue to grow and … (19 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Tips on Selecting the Correct Warehouse for Your Staging Business - 08/14/10 04:12 PM
For those of you that have read my former posts on my warehouse:
Take a Peek At Our Warehouse
Take A Second Look At Our Warehouse
It is time for an update.  It is now almost 3 years later.  Our old "digs" were perfect for our needs at the time but we realized as we finished a record breaking 1st half of 2010 that it was time to move again! This article however is not about me and the many warehouse moves (5 in total) that we have made in 7 years.  It is more about the process of managed … (26 comments)

home stager cincinnati: I just Spent $250 Because I Was Stupid...Learn From My Mistake! - 08/04/10 04:23 PM
How many times have you gotten out of your car and worried that the GPS was showing or that you should hide your camera.  Well, if you haven't had that worry, worry NOW!
I returned from a full day of staging and was VERY tired.  I carried my laptop bag, notebook, and other car stuff into my house.  What did I forget?  MY PURSE!  I never leave my purse in the car and can't believe I was so stupid.  Well, the person who broke into my car last night was thrilled with my stupidity.  They were also thrilled with 9 of … (25 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Curb Appeal In The Spring Market - 05/09/10 10:55 AM

I recently attended a staging seminar where the owner of  White Oak Garden Center, Jeff Webeler, spoke on the least expensive way to cost effectively add color to the front of a home.  
We at Design To Market have been staging homes in Cincinnati since 2004.  We continue to challenge ourselves on the best way to help our clients get the most bang for their buck in these outdoor spaces.  It seems we have agreed with Jeff that colorful planters give a lot of impact and color to the front of a home.  
I thought his tips … (8 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Home Staging Cincinnati: Staging Works...Give It A Try - 05/16/09 04:27 PM
                          Unsold                                                               Sold
                                Unsold                                              Sold
Have you figured out that these two properties had in common?  They weren't selling!  They were having some success with showings but the excitement wasn't there.  Vacant homes are tough to sell.  Rooms look smaller, imperfections jump out, and the need to stand out amongst the pack is just difficult.  In both cases after months on the market these homes sold within 30 days of staging.  The small investment in staging paid off.  To view more examples of successful home staging projects visit the Design To Market website. 
Design to Market LLC has been the leading … (9 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Quick, Look at the ceiling! - 12/11/08 03:51 PM

It's quiz time...what did 3 homes priced at $125,000, $225,000, and over $1,000,000 all have in common?  They were homes that had damaged ceilings caused by a long ago leaky roof that had been repaired.  And, they were on the market with showings occurring on a regular basis!
It sounds impossible to think a homeowner would not see this as they prepare to put their home on the market but it happens and it is fairly common.  Think about it.  You are writing a letter that you have worked on for several hours.  You are finished and you ask 3 people … (10 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Design To Market Is Staging Urban Spaces! - 10/13/08 01:33 PM
Loft apartments, urban condominiums, and refurbished older homes in downtown spaces in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky continue to grow in popularity with everyone from young professionals to empty nesters.  While buyers tastes vary it is critical to show the livability of these unique spaces. 
Design To Market's diverse inventory of furnishings have enabled us to meet the needs of these diverse properties and to tell the stories that sells homes!
                        Loft Before                                                            Loft After
                       Living Room Before                                           Living Room After
To view related blog entries please click below:
Home Staging Cincinnati:  Furniture Makes all the difference!
You want to sell … (26 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Home Stager Looks At Curb Appeal: Depersonalizing the Personal - 08/13/08 09:05 AM
They're Popular...They're Attractive...They're Inappropriate when you're trying to sell your home!
As home stagers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky we are increasingly coming across attractive personalized elements in our clients front yards.  It struck me as we left our second home this week where we recommended removing one of these items that this may be something often overlooked by home sellers as they prepare their homes for the market. 
Most homeowners now understand the need to remove family photos and religious items as they prepare to sell...but what about the engraved boulder in the front yard?  As home stagers we … (14 comments)

home stager cincinnati: YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR CONDO...CALL A HOME STAGER! - 08/11/08 10:46 AM

We have had a lot of opportunities in our nearly 5 years of home staging in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to work with condominium owners in preparing both their owner occupied and their vacant condominiums. 
There are unique challenges faced by condo owners that make staging a compelling solution.
DIRECT COMPETITION!  How often do you see several "face off" options in condo developments where floor plans and pricing are similar with the WOW! factor offering the most significant advantage. FLOOR PLANS!  Often the open floor plan concept and the need to live creatively with smaller spaces drives the need to stage vacant … (17 comments)

home stager cincinnati: Staged Downtown Cincinnati Loft Sells In Days - 06/26/08 03:00 PM

After months on the market this wonderful loft in Downtown Cincinnati sold within days of staging by Design To Market.   As is often the case, the open floor plan and unique features made it difficult to visualize the wonderful livability of this space.  Adding warm and inviting furnishings did the trick! 
Design To Market has been staging homes throughout Greater Cincinnati since 2004.  For more information about this project and our  other Cincinnati home staging services please call us at 513-265-0952 or visit our website at www.designtomarketllc.com .

home stager cincinnati: Design To Market: Staged Home Sells In 3 Days - 05/16/08 04:09 PM

What is the most significant difference between the first and second photos?  The first was taken on a Thursday before the house was sold and before staging by Design To Market Home Staging.  The second was taken 3 days later after the home was staged and after it sold!  Staging works!  Call Jo Potvin at Design To Market at 513-265-0952 to learn how staging can help sell your home.
Design To Market has been staging homes throughout Greater Cincinnati since 2004.  For more information about this project and our  other Cincinnati home staging services please call us at … (16 comments)

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