home stager northern kentucky: Take A Sneak Peak At Cincinnati's GREENarama - 06/13/11 01:34 PM

Good .................Better....................Best!
Green is the way to go in new construction in Cincinnati.  In anticipation of this month's GREENarama, the Design To Market team has staged a home in Cincinnati's Columbia Tusculum neighborhood that will host the first annual GREENarama.  This home at 428 Strafer is a perfect example of new construction that delivers the feel of the historic neighborhood and at the same time meets the green criteria that help make it qualify for the 15 year Cincinnati tax abatement.  
We hope you'll come see Design To Market's staging and at the same time see an exciting neighborhood … (9 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Staging Through The Eyes of a Buyer: Part 2 - 01/05/11 03:58 PM

"I wish the walls could talk!"  I think this is the mantra of many that are involved in the process of selling a home.  Sometimes, it is assumed to be a price  issue.  Often though, a new lower price does not solve the problem.  More times than not, it is more subtle and requires the team work of a Realtor, a homeowner, and a home stager.  
I recently wrote a post titled Staging Through The Eyes of A Buyer in which a Realtor shared a buyer's comments about his pleasure as a buyer in purchasing a staged home.  

home stager northern kentucky: Here's What They're Saying About Home Staging In Cincinnati! - 12/15/10 11:23 AM
The designers at Design To Market are busy staging Cincinnati homes and we are equally busy de-staging homes that sell!  
A recent client in Indian Hill had this to say after her home went under contract in under 6 weeks:
"Thank you so much for your professional advice and speedy service. Our home stood out from the crowd and sold very quickly because, I am convinced, of your advice and help. Your additions highlighted the homes advantages and made it perfect. It WAS worth listening to you and having you work your magic. Thanks again."
Homes that are … (5 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: We Just Finished the Turkey and It's Time To Get Our Home Ready for the Spring Real Estate Market? - 11/30/10 04:01 AM

Many sellers would think we are crazy to suggest that they start working to prepare their home for sale when spring is still months away and they haven't even finished  the Thanksgiving leftovers.  Those of us that work in the real estate industry know all too well the pitfalls of this kind of thinking.  This is actually the perfect time to dive in if you are planning to sell your home in the "spring market."  Let's look at the numbers:
The Super Bowl is on February 6th this year which means that the real shopping for new homes will … (6 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Staging Through the Eyes of a Buyer - 11/29/10 06:34 AM


A Realtor client of Design To Market took the time to call me this afternoon and share a comment made to him by the buyer of a home he had listed.  The buyer pulled him aside at the closing to share that he felt the home had been staged very well. 
You might wonder why I have taken the time to make this into a blog post but I felt this was a telling insight into the buyer experience.   Obviously this buyer did not feel tricked and he definitely liked the home enough to purchase it.   … (16 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Unplug the Plug-Ins! - 11/17/10 03:00 PM
With over 7 years staging homes in Cincinnati, the Design to Market team has come to a consensus about the use of Plug Ins and other artificial scents.  No...no...and No!  There are 2 (not too positive) scenarious for this kind of strategy:
Sellers think the artificial scent is hiding something worse than the fake odor. Sellers get a headache or are nauseous and leave the home quickly to get out of the cloud of perfume scented air. The best solution is to try to erradicate the odor by taking care of the problem.  Houses that have pet odors, smoke odors, or dampness can be painted, cleaned, … (19 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: More Tips On Designing A Stager's Warehouse - 10/18/10 01:47 PM

Bright and Airy Rules!
For those of you that have been following this series on the evolution of the Design To Market warehouse, I am happy to offer the 4th installment in the series.  The first three are provided below:
Tips On Selecting The Correct Warehouse for Your Staging Business
Take A Peek At Our Warehouse
Take A Second Look At Our Warehouse
This is our 5th warehouse in 7 years.  With each move I have promised myself and the design team that we will NOT need to move again.  In truth, we continue to grow and … (19 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Have You Rung the Doorbell? - 10/08/10 05:49 PM
I can't believe that I haven't thought about this before, but I was teaching a staging class this week and a Realtor in the class asked if we had suggestions for doorbells!   Her concern was that: 
They might not work They might make some ridiculous noise or play a song We have been staging Cincinnati homes for over 7 years and I have to admit that the only doorbell comments I have made are when they are cracked or the button itself is damaged.   I am not posting this because I have lost sleep over doorbells but rather it made me think of the … (18 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: It's August And The Landscaping is Terrible! - 08/31/10 05:27 PM

I just learned a great tip from a landscaper that might come in handy with vacant homes or those where the homeowner does not like to stay on top of watering their lawn.  With the dry final days of summer, lawns and flowers can dry up in a day and the impact on curb appeal can be devastating.  You can hook the sprinkler up to hit any beds or critical areas at the front of the home where dryness will hurt curb appeal.  You can purchase these timers from Amazon for as little as $21.  This worked very well for … (9 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Curb Appeal Is King: Pretty Tree Or Beautiful Home? - 08/29/10 01:48 PM
As we discuss our Cincinnati home staging company and the services we provide, we are often asked what we look at and the kind of recommendations we make.  While we might spend more time as stagers doing the work on the inside of the home, we are COMPLETELY missing the boat if we are not prepared to help our clients make the best decisions about how to improve the exterior of their homes.  It might be as simple as a change in shutter color or as involved as suggesting a landscape re-do.  Whether it is a simple and inexpensive … (10 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Tips on Selecting the Correct Warehouse for Your Staging Business - 08/14/10 04:12 PM
For those of you that have read my former posts on my warehouse:
Take a Peek At Our Warehouse
Take A Second Look At Our Warehouse
It is time for an update.  It is now almost 3 years later.  Our old "digs" were perfect for our needs at the time but we realized as we finished a record breaking 1st half of 2010 that it was time to move again! This article however is not about me and the many warehouse moves (5 in total) that we have made in 7 years.  It is more about the process of managed … (26 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: I just Spent $250 Because I Was Stupid...Learn From My Mistake! - 08/04/10 04:23 PM
How many times have you gotten out of your car and worried that the GPS was showing or that you should hide your camera.  Well, if you haven't had that worry, worry NOW!
I returned from a full day of staging and was VERY tired.  I carried my laptop bag, notebook, and other car stuff into my house.  What did I forget?  MY PURSE!  I never leave my purse in the car and can't believe I was so stupid.  Well, the person who broke into my car last night was thrilled with my stupidity.  They were also thrilled with 9 of … (25 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Staging In Cincinnati: Look at this Transformation! - 05/22/10 04:59 PM
This room was not meeting buyers expectations.  Why you might ask?   Here are 3 places to start...
The lamps were distracting and somewhat dated. Awkward furniture placement. Wallpaper in the dining room. A simple staging with mostly accessories and artwork delivered a completely new look.  Often sellers have the right pieces but they are missing the "glue" that creates the necessary look to grab a buyer. Sometimes the problem is bigger!  This room had some bigger issues. Painted bookshelves that need to be neutralized.   Wallpaper border that needed to be removed. An empty room that doesn't … (25 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Curb Appeal In The Spring Market - 05/09/10 10:55 AM

I recently attended a staging seminar where the owner of  White Oak Garden Center, Jeff Webeler, spoke on the least expensive way to cost effectively add color to the front of a home.  
We at Design To Market have been staging homes in Cincinnati since 2004.  We continue to challenge ourselves on the best way to help our clients get the most bang for their buck in these outdoor spaces.  It seems we have agreed with Jeff that colorful planters give a lot of impact and color to the front of a home.  
I thought his tips … (8 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: How To Handle The End Of The Tax Credit - 04/25/10 03:46 PM
The Cincinnati Real Estate Market has been positively impacted by the home buyer’s tax credit.  Home staging in Cincinnati has become an integral part of the selling process.  However, many sellers rushed to get their homes on the market.  For some, the rush to “just get it on the market” may have taken precedence over getting the house ready for the market. When the tax credit option ends April 30th, it will be necessary for those who haven’t yet sold their homes to look back at what they’ve learned, and go forward with the information armed and ready to sell.  … (4 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: The Best Money I Ever Spent! - 03/21/10 02:35 AM

The market is picking up in many areas of the country.  People are buying homes.  
The trick though is to make sure that your home is well prepared and will stand up favorably against the competition.  We at Design To Market are now in our 7th year staging homes in Cincinnati.  Most of our business comes from Realtors that know the impact of helping their clients make the best decisions spending their time and money as they prepare to "go to market."  
Most often the positive feedback we get for our work is seeing the sold sing in … (11 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Design to Market Home Staging Gives Modern Purpose To Older Spaces in a Cincinnati Home - 11/02/09 02:28 PM
Older homes are a delight to live in.   It is impossible to recreate the charm in their newer counterparts.  The craftsmanship is incredible and the tall ceilings and inviting yards are very appealing.  The challenge and opportunity is to show a prospective buyer how these charming homes can meet the expectations of today's buyers.
This home in Glendale, OH was recently staged by the Design To Market team.  It is a beautiful home and with the impact of furnishings delivers the message so critical to today's buyer.  As you put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer which would … (5 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Owner Occupied Home Staged and Sold in 3 Days - 10/28/09 03:44 PM

On the market for months, a well-maintained home in a nice Cincinnati suburb continued to receive showings but never the long awaited offer.  Feedback was lukewarm and gave the seller little to act upon.  The Realtor had done all of the right things in working with their client but they too were stumped.
After the seller's Realtor recommended they contact Design To Market Home Staging, we received a call from the homeowner asking about the staging process.  We talked at length about the staging consultation and the types of feedback we would provide.  The seller considered staging and at the same … (1 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Cincinnati Homes Are Selling! - 08/26/09 03:40 PM
This home was staged by Design To Market in July and sold in 3 days! 
It is a great success and it is real.  It also defies the myth that some believe staging is only for high end homes.  This home was listed for under $200,000.  At all price points a fast sale means lower carrying costs, the opportunity to buy that new dream home you are hoping for, and most importantly a higher sale price.
Whether your home is vacant or you live there, staging is CRITICAL.  If you are trying to sell quickly and for more money talk to your Realtor … (6 comments)

home stager northern kentucky: Home Staging Cincinnati: Staging Works...Give It A Try - 05/16/09 04:27 PM
                          Unsold                                                               Sold
                                Unsold                                              Sold
Have you figured out that these two properties had in common?  They weren't selling!  They were having some success with showings but the excitement wasn't there.  Vacant homes are tough to sell.  Rooms look smaller, imperfections jump out, and the need to stand out amongst the pack is just difficult.  In both cases after months on the market these homes sold within 30 days of staging.  The small investment in staging paid off.  To view more examples of successful home staging projects visit the Design To Market website. 
Design to Market LLC has been the leading … (9 comments)

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