home staging atlanta: How To Explain the Value of Home Staging to a Seller - Especially when a COST is involved! - 05/26/09 02:18 AM
I'm always surprised when speaking to a Realtor to hear 'Well it's expensive to Stage' so I wanted to take a moment to help Realtors understand that Home Staging rarely if ever costs a seller anything.  Let's start with the obvious.
1.  Home Staging has proven to have a return on investment in many surveys and reports.  Just ask the people at 20/20 or CBS News or the countless others who report the findings.  You can also turn to Home Gain for surveys conducted with Realtors who found that Home Staging provides a 150% return on investment as well as … (2 comments)

home staging atlanta: Home Staging Tip 'Out of Sight out of Mind' Storage and Closet Space - 05/24/09 05:40 PM
Some sellers often forget the importance of storage and closet space. While preparing a home for market it's important to remember that every buyer is very interested in how much storage is available. Because closets and storage are concealed by doors they often get overlooked by the people who live in the home but not by buyers. While all of us now know that sellers should pack up their extra stuff it's equally important to include the extra stuff in the storage areas. Shelves should be neat and orderly housing only those things that are essential. 'Things that are essential' is … (4 comments)

home staging atlanta: Three Important Rules in the Real Estate Transaction - 05/24/09 07:38 AM
There are three important rules about a real estate transaction.
1 -  Every buyer who is in the process of becoming a homeowner bases their decision 100% on emotion and value, with no exception.  Connect your home emotionally with the buyer and you will have a successful sale.
2 -  Whom ever is the most emotional during the transaction process losses by spending the most money.  That’s right, if you the seller are more emotional then the buyer intending to purchase your home you will loose money in the end.  Meaning, if you’ are too emotional and believe … (0 comments)

home staging atlanta: Advise to Home Staging Experts in tough Housing Market - 02/08/09 12:52 AM
It may seem daunting when a home staging expert, who can realistically help a seller, just can't seem to get a seller to help themselves.  The return on investment and value proposition is what you should be focused on in these times as sellers often feel powerless in today's market.  
Most Home Staging pros want to share their testimonials, success stories, quality of service offerings and other things when selling 'Home Staging' to a client.  The simple truth is sellers today aren't interested in understanding your strengths as much as they are interested in knowing if the investment will realistically … (9 comments)

home staging atlanta: Smart Home Staging is Smart Home Selling-Ideas you can use to Home Stage Smart - 01/27/09 09:00 PM
While it's important to want to sell your home for top dollar it's equally important to take the necessary steps 'first' before you place your home on the market.  In today's blog I'll share with you some ideas that work for others everyday allowing you the opportunity to compete in the home selling experience as an expert.
1.  The first thing you must do is get into the mind frame of selling your home as a business transaction.  Take every ounce of emotion out of the equation.  I always tell my sellers, 'Who ever is the most emotional will spend … (2 comments)

home staging atlanta: The cost of "Home Staging" and is it really worth it so, I'll ask the question to the professionals!! - 09/20/08 06:07 PM
As a staging professional for 6 years and a real estate expert for more then 20plus.  (God knows I'm old enough to admit it!...smile) I have come across a problem I believe I can solve but I really need to hear from the real estate agents to know if I'm on or off track.
So my staging business in Atlanta is doing well but quite frankly I deal with a luxury market and I'm doing well because those people can afford home staging.  While pondering how to reach the masses and those especially who can't afford staging I am launching a … (2 comments)

home staging atlanta: "How To" REALLY Get Ready to Sell a Home for Agents and Sellers - 01/31/08 06:30 PM
How important is it to you to have your listings, if you're an agent, or your home, if you're a seller, ready for market.  I'm suggesting it's extremely important since buyers in our current market will be less then last year and it's essential for you to capture their attention when they look at your offered property.  Missing this opportunity to prepare now will ultimately cost sellers and agents big.  Getting ahead of the curve now will gain you results you'll be happy to have.Having the property staged is one sure way to get ready.  Keep in mind this may take … (1 comments)

home staging atlanta: Home Staging-YouTube Video-RMR-Real Estate Marketing Results - 01/31/08 06:01 PM
Go to this YouTube Video to see How RMR can help with services that work.  See our work on this video and let us know what you think.

home staging atlanta: Cost of Staging a home "Is it worth it?" - 01/31/08 05:07 PM
I'm wondering if we really understand the importance of proper preparation concerning this all important financial transaction.  In any market condition, especially the one we face today, nothing can be forgotten or thought of as silly.  The internet is key and an important aspect of marketing a home as I'm sure we all agree but, let's not ever forget to look as the home as a product that needs specific marketing as well.  I'm no longer educating agents or sellers as in years past about the benefits of staging.  We all know how important it is but, the public and professionals … (1 comments)

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