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Kimberly Wester's experiences, views and tutorials on staging in the real estate industry, with a focus on educating the RE industry on the benefits of home staging and bringing the staging community together under a united message.



                                The only thing I could not improve - the view from the balcony...
Imagine your listing is a can of corn.  Buyers are coming down the aisle (the MLS) looking for this product.  They know they want corn, but aren't sure what kind to buy.  So how will they decide?First, they will look at the packaging (curb appeal).  If that pleases them, they will look at the pri...
For those of you who have not been following my tagline dilemna, I have spent the better part of this week reworking my entire branding package.  After a couple of blogs, extensive discussions with my husband and a lot of research, I have finally decided on not only a new tagline, but a logo as w...
Today (I think) I posted a blog about my tagline.  Well wouldn't you know it, all the great advice got me thinking about the 'total package' of my business name, logo and tagline combined.  My poor lettering guy is going to kill me.  Anyway, this is where I am right now: Okay, the lettering needs...
Okay, I NEVER (well, in public) ask for help, so you know I must really need it, right?  Let me give you a little background on my problem:In the course of my time here on AR, I have learned many valuable lessons.  Most importantly, it is being definitive about your services and business model.  ...
A while ago I posted two blogs about a vacant house that I would be staging.Can She Make this a Staging Success? and Did She Pull Off a Staging Success? You Decide.I was concerned about market time on this particular house as it was FSBO, but 6 weeks after staging, they hired an agent and I thoug...
Several months ago, I submitted a volunteer application to Habitat For Humanity.  I finally heard from them this week as they begin a new project.  This is the email I received:It's time for Blitz Week   When: Sunday June 17th @ 1:00 pm                  Dedication Service and Wall Raising        ...

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