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Kimberly Wester's experiences, views and tutorials on staging in the real estate industry, with a focus on educating the RE industry on the benefits of home staging and bringing the staging community together under a united message.



This is being posted in response to many requests to have this complete series published as a whole blog - complete and in order. So, here it is.It seems there is a lack of information available to Realtors about how the process actually works.  It really is very simple, but lacking clarity on th...
Paint is always a bone of contention in the preparing a house for sale.  Sellers are hard to sell on the conceot of painting before they place their homes on the market.  The reasons are many, but few are valid.  Every stager (and Realtor) has to learn how to counter these arguments for the good ...
Thai restaurants are not common in Northwest Indiana.  As a matter of fact, if there is more than one, I would like to know about it, as Thai is my absolute favorite cuisine.  Until my husband and I discovered Taste of Thailand in Chesterton, we simply went into Chicago for our Thai fix.  Now we ...
The final step in the Staging process for Realtors is marketing the house.  At this point, you have introduced staging to your clients, had your stager meet with them, gone through the consultation/bid process and the work is completed.Why is this the last step in the process?  Because now the ho...
Step #6 in the Staging Process is getting the work done.  This of course , follows the sellers introduction to staging and the meeting with your stager and is based upon the consultation/bid that was presented to them.What work is to be done?  Well, that is entirely up to the seller.  After walki...
Wallpaper, that is!  It seems to be a heavy topic in the great staging debate.  Does it add value?  Is it worth the time and effort?  Is it really necessary?  After reading Value vs. Apeal by Don Fabrizio-Garcia, I decided to state my case for the removal of wallpaper. After all, sometimes it is ...
Why is this the only franchise I will ever review? I'm not a big fan franchises, so I try to not to eat at them.  I love the uniqueness of independent restaurants and make it a rule to not eat at a place I can find at home when I am out of town. Example - why ,when I am in downtown Chicago, would...
Step 5 in the Step by Step Series is the consultation or bid phase.  At this point, you have a stager, introduced the staging concept to your client and they have met to discuss what happens next.  It will either be a consultation or bid.To clear up a few things first, neither of these things wil...
Step 4 in the Step by Step: the Staging Process for Realtors is to set up a meeting between your Stager and your client after you have introduced the concept to your seller.The purpose of this meeting is for your client to learn what staging is and how they can use it to benefit them in the sale ...
Did you know that virtually every day is actually - officially - a holiday of some sort?  It's true!When my girls were preschoolers, I stumbled upon a list of obscure and bizarre holidays that are truly real, established holidays.  I would pick from this list on random days to keep my girls occup...

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