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Kimberly Wester's experiences, views and tutorials on staging in the real estate industry, with a focus on educating the RE industry on the benefits of home staging and bringing the staging community together under a united message.



                             To acknowledge outstanding work in their field, Stage it Forward would like to acknowledge the following bloggers with the 'best blog of the week' awards.  Though our awards do not carry the cache of the Oscars, the small gold star awarded certainly is coveted by many...
In my previous post The Mystery of Vacant Listings - Which Room is Which?, I asked a simple question.  Please identify the function of the rooms based on the photos given.  Not many attempted to identify them, but the few that did try were unable to accurately identify all 4 rooms.  When you cons...
I have heard it said many times that the cost of staging is not a worthy one when it comes to vacant homes.  Staging has been described as just another way to fleece a builder - or an agent, and a waste of time and effort, especially in this market. Below are some photos of a home I recently stag...
This is going to be a very quick review this week - no fancy graphics or themes, just simply the most memorable posts (for me, anyway) of this weeks posts.  If you are having the same kind of week I am having, God Bless You!  I hope you get enough time to read the review - let alone each individu...

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