sif week in review: Moving Forward - The SIF Week in Review Aug 17- 23, 2008 - 08/24/08 06:45 AM
No matter what hot topics may temporarily sidetrack us, a continuing theme in the SIF community is moving our industry forward.  This past week, there were quite a few posts designed to do just that.
In an effort to continue what Craig and Yvonne started, SIF has joined forces with RESA to put on another set of Round Table discussions designed to help us work together by communicating with one another to work out the bugs within our industry. (I stole Karen's graphic, isn't it nice?)
In reference to these discussions, Maureen Bray asked us to give our inputon what topics would be most … (13 comments)

sif week in review: In Case You Missed It - The SIF Week in Review Aug 9, 2008 - 08/10/08 08:19 PM
In case you missed it, and the date on this post is confusing you, this is a 2 week review.  A lot of things have happened here at SIF in the last two weeks.
We had a Big Debate. Some called it heated, and it may have been, but I don't read comments much with so many blogs to read.   It seemed a valid discussion and one we all be having in earnest sooner or later if we are to advance our industry.  Anyway, to the best of my ability, this is the thread:
Ever Get Paid at Close of Escrow?  (Members … (22 comments)

sif week in review: Bear With me....I'm Trying!!! - 08/10/08 09:18 AM
My apologies again for not having the week in review up.  If you have been on AR today, you know there are many glitches with the new features they have added.
I am crossing both fingers that you see this post, because I have not been able save a draft in any of the 5 times I have attempted to do so.  All of my attempts to start a post have been lost the minute I hit the post button.  I was trying to periodically save a draft as every two or three clicks through AR to link to other posts … (0 comments)

sif week in review: We're Just a Bunch of 'Head- Bangers'...The SIF Week in Review July 6-12, 2008 - 07/13/08 06:18 AM
Sometimes we all feel like in promoting and actually doing our staging work, we are banging our heads against the wall.  We ask ourselves why we understand the what and why of staging when so many others take so much longer to get it.  Or don't at all.
This was a week where there seemed to be a lot of 'Head-banging' going on. Such As:
I KNOW It's a DINING Room, But... by Julia Maher
Come On In, The Water's Fine!??? by Julia Maher
Vacant and Empty...that's a good thing??? by Ginger Foust
Why trade my dirty carpet for your dirty carpet? A little … (7 comments)

sif week in review: It's a Walk in the Park...SIF Week in Review June 21-28, 2008 - 06/28/08 02:55 PM
Ah, a day in the park.  I had one of those this week. It was a nice day, actually...I'm planning on writing a localism post about it....But I digress.
The funny thing about a day in the park is that you look forward to the fun you will have, prepare for every anticipated activity and pack a spectacular lunch, but there are always those minor details that you forget you have to deal with - or didn't anticipate at all.  Much like our careers in Home Staging..

The fun we expect to have:
No Headboard... What to do?... … (13 comments)

sif week in review: We are on an Uncharted Road...The SIF Week in Review June 8-15, 2008 - 06/15/08 04:19 PM
Personally, I hate traveling without a plan.  I like for things to be smooth and uneventful so that I can arrive at my destination on time and without incident.  However, life is rarely like that...especially in the world of staging, where the journey is uncharted and the destination unknown. 
The members of SIF have chosen to travel that road together and help each other along the way.  This is what our road looked like this week.
Shift Happens!   by Akanke Cadden 
Staging Here For The Long Haul?  by Tori Lyn Ross
When One Door Closes, Another Shall … (22 comments)

sif week in review: Best Blog Awards .... SIF Week in Review - May 11 - May 17, 2008 - 05/18/08 03:38 PM
To acknowledge outstanding work in their field, Stage it Forward would like to acknowledge the following bloggers with the 'best blog of the week' awards.  Though our awards do not carry the cache of the Oscars, the small gold star awarded certainly is coveted by many. 
Without further ado, here are the winners in each category. (to view all of the nominees, click on the 'more featured posts' tab on the SIF home page)
Best Consumer Content: (it's a tie)

 Conne Tebyani
Note to Sellers: In today's market, Buyers want your home in PERFECT condition
Can't argue with Connie, that's for sure!

sif week in review: SIF Week in Review April 27 - May 2, 2008 - 05/04/08 09:34 AM
This is going to be a very quick review this week - no fancy graphics or themes, just simply the most memorable posts (for me, anyway) of this weeks posts.  If you are having the same kind of week I am having, God Bless You!  I hope you get enough time to read the review - let alone each individual article! 
Here's to Staging it Forward and keeping each other busy.....
Does your local home stager generate leads and make you $$$...  by Maureen Henry
Price? Condition? Presentation? Now tell me again which one is King? by Gary Barnett
Refusing to Work with a … (7 comments)

sif week in review: All the Signs Point to: Stagers are Good People - SIF Week In Review Mar 16-22, 2008 - 03/24/08 05:10 AM
This week, SIF was filled with posts and comments that showed over and over again that the stagers that frequent this forum are giving, loving and generous people.  That we, as stagers, see ourselves as more than just service providers - behaving accordingly and encouraging others to do the same.  All You have to do is read the signs::
We offer each other business advice and tools to helps each other be successful -
Special Deal for Home Staging and Real Estate Professionals. by Tina ParkerTina offers one of her tools to us at a special rate. My New Best Junk Drawer Ever! by Sheron … (9 comments)

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