hgtv the stagers: HGTV's The Stagers - *** NEWSFLASH *** - 09/24/08 09:14 AM

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Great news for those that love HGTV's The Stagers.  I just wanted to share with everyone that it has been picked up for Season 2.  It's official!!!  For my fellow Stagers on Active Rain that contacted HGTV with your comments and support for the show, I'm sure you helped make it happen.
Check out The Stagers' Facebook group.  They are looking for homeowners for Season 2.  Are you a homeowner in the Vancouver area that is planning on selling your property?  Give them a call.  You might be one of the lucky chosen ones.
Dezigner Digz is a home staging and interior … (14 comments)

hgtv the stagers: The Stagers - Episode #12: Matthew's Largest Staging Risk - 09/17/08 05:27 AM

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I watched this episode of The Stagers while wiping beads of perspiration from my brow.  My hands were clammy and I found it difficult to grasp my pen for note-taking as I had a slight tremble.  Wondering why?  This was the second last episode of The Stagers for this season.  What's a person to do?  Just kidding of course, I'm not quite that hooked, but I will be sorry to see the season end. 
The Scenario
Matthew Finlason was the featured Stager for this property, and what a property it was.  A place I would certainly … (10 comments)

hgtv the stagers: The Stagers - Episode 7 - Who Says Oil & Water Don't Mix? - 08/13/08 04:58 AM

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I would have to say that this was the best episode to date in my opinion.  Matthew and Tracey are the dynamic duo that brings this project to its successful completion along with Rukiya, their staging assistant.  Rukiya, as in other episodes, comes to their aid and makes the project gel together with her cool, "keep everybody calm" manner.  We could all use a Rukiya in our lives.  She commented early on in the episode that Matthew and Tracey are like oil and water and that they come from opposite design spectrums.  That may be the case, but … (8 comments)

hgtv the stagers: HGTV's The Stagers - An Interview With Matthew Finlason - The Inside Scoop - 08/08/08 05:44 PM

Unless you've been living under a rock, the latest buzz in the home staging industry is Paperny Film's most recent production, The Stagers.  Television viewers are given a sense of what actually goes on in the life of a Home Stager at Dekora, one of Canada's leading staging companies based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The show airs Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. on HGTV Canada.   
I had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Finlason, star of The Stagers recently.  You couldn't ask for a more enjoyable exchange.  I'm honoured that Matthew graciously took the time to do this interview during his out-of-country hiatus from filming.  I'm looking forward … (48 comments)

hgtv the stagers: The Stagers - Episode 5 - Staging A Lived-In Home - 07/30/08 04:18 AM
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Another great episode of The Stagers last night.  The project this time was a 1,600 square foot cluttered, outdated home listed at $1,498,000.  Dekora's team had 4 days to get the job done.  This was an owner-occupied property that required working with the client's existing furniture and accessories (or so it started out).  I was really pumped up to see how the transformation would turn out since some of the more challenging staging jobs involve working with only the owner's furniture and decor items. 
I wasn't sure which Stager would be featured in this episode.  I was pleasantly surprised … (20 comments)

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