home staging burlington: Feng Shui It! Part 3: How To Improve the Health & Family Area of Your Life - 03/18/09 11:21 AM
Whether you are selling your home, or improving it for your own enjoyment, Feng Shui can play a very helpful role.
Welcome to Part 3 of our Feng Shui It! series.  Before reading on, you will need to have a basic understanding of the Bagua (pronounced "Bogwa") Map which is fundamental to the principles of Feng Shui.  If you haven't already done so, please read Part 1 of our series which will explain in some detail how to divide your home (based on your floor plan) into the 8 life aspects necessary in order to read the Bagua Map.
Today … (4 comments)

home staging burlington: Feng Shui It! Part 2: How To Improve The Love & Marriage Area Of Your Life - 03/11/09 11:59 AM
Whether you are selling your home or improving it for your own enjoyment, the principles of Feng Shui can be very useful.  In Part 1 of our Feng Shui It! series [How To Improve The Career Area of Your Life], we discussed how to divide your floor plan into the 8 life areas as represented by the Bagua Map.  If you haven't read it yet or want a refresher, you should probably read it now before continuing with Part 2, so that you'll have a better understanding of how this translates to your particular floor plan.  I'll wait here while … (7 comments)

home staging burlington: Feng Shui It! Part 1 - How To Improve the Career Area of Your Life - 03/04/09 12:14 PM
Whether you are selling your home, or improving it for your own enjoyment, Feng Shui can play an important role.
The concept of Feng Shui involves 8 different aspects of your life: 
Wealth and Prosperity Fame and Reputation Love and Marriage Health and Family Creativity and Children Knowledge and Self-cultivation Career Helpful People and Travel These 8 aspects are represented by geographical positioning in your home. Practitioners of Feng Shui use what is known as a Bagua Map.  This map is basically a large rectangle divided into 9 smaller rectangles of equal size.  The centre of this map is just that … (15 comments)

home staging burlington: Feng Shui It: Introduction. How To Improve ... - 02/28/09 03:24 AM

Feng Shui [pronounced Fung Shway].  The name keeps appearing throughout the design industry in both print and on television.  Is it a trendy gimmick, or is there more to it?
Well, it certainly isn't the new kid on the block so to speak.  Feng Shui has been around for several thousand years since the time of the Han Dynasty in China.  It's definitely not a passing fad.
When I first signed up for training to become a Feng Shui Design Professional, I must admit that I was somewhat sceptical about all of this "Fung Shooey" stuff.  That being said, I … (13 comments)

home staging burlington: Selling Your Home In An Economic Downturn. What You Should Know. - 01/13/09 10:34 AM
It's finally caught up to us.  We've done well to dodge the bullet this long, as times have been tough in the U.S. real estate market for quite some time.  Although properties are starting to sit on the market for longer, we still haven't taken the same hit as our friends south of the border.
What does this mean for homeowners who want to sell?  Regardless of economic conditions, there will always be people looking to buy a new home for many different reasons.  You may not be able to command the same listing price that you could have several months ago, however, the upside is … (7 comments)

home staging burlington: My Favourite Home Staging Transformation of 2008 - 12/29/08 10:40 AM
It's hard to believe that in 2 more days 2008 will be but a memory.  Where does the time go?  In reflecting over the year, I have met many wonderful people that have welcomed me into their homes and put their trust in me to help get their largest investment (their home) ready for sale.  They had many different reasons for moving, but one thing they all had in common was their determination to get their properties looking their best.  I also had the privilege of working with some amazing real estate agents this year.      
Kathy Nielsen of Georgia Home Solutions LLC, has encouraged all of … (19 comments)

home staging burlington: 'Twas The Night Before Staging - 12/18/08 11:02 AM
 ‘Twas the night before staging and all through my head,
danced visions of accessories in my favourite red.
The only one awake, just me and my notions,
whirling round my head, stirring up emotions.
If only I could sleep, for the alarm will soon ring.
But I'm wondering what tomorrow will bring.
On staging eve, a sleepless night.
I want to make sure the job's done just right.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 The alarm goes off, now staging day is here.
Will I be too tired? Of course not - never fear.
The weather man threatened to dump lots … (20 comments)

home staging burlington: HGTV's The Stagers - *** NEWSFLASH *** - 09/24/08 09:14 AM

[Photo from HGTV's website]
Great news for those that love HGTV's The Stagers.  I just wanted to share with everyone that it has been picked up for Season 2.  It's official!!!  For my fellow Stagers on Active Rain that contacted HGTV with your comments and support for the show, I'm sure you helped make it happen.
Check out The Stagers' Facebook group.  They are looking for homeowners for Season 2.  Are you a homeowner in the Vancouver area that is planning on selling your property?  Give them a call.  You might be one of the lucky chosen ones.
Dezigner Digz is a home staging and interior … (14 comments)

home staging burlington: HGTV's The Stagers - The Final Episode - Working With a Client's Existing Furniture - 09/24/08 05:54 AM

[Photo from HGTV's website]
As the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end".  That was exactly the case last night with HGTV's The Stagers' final episode of the season.  I was glad to see that the season ended on a high note with Matthew at the wheel.  Alongside Matthew for this project was Rakiya, who has previously assisted him on other assignments.  Great news: Rakiya has moved up the staging ladder to Stager-In-Training.  You go girl!  She will now be accountable if a client doesn't like the end result. 
The property in the spotlight this time was listed … (12 comments)

home staging burlington: The Stagers - Episode #12: Matthew's Largest Staging Risk - 09/17/08 05:27 AM

[Photo from HGTV's website]
I watched this episode of The Stagers while wiping beads of perspiration from my brow.  My hands were clammy and I found it difficult to grasp my pen for note-taking as I had a slight tremble.  Wondering why?  This was the second last episode of The Stagers for this season.  What's a person to do?  Just kidding of course, I'm not quite that hooked, but I will be sorry to see the season end. 
The Scenario
Matthew Finlason was the featured Stager for this property, and what a property it was.  A place I would certainly … (10 comments)

home staging burlington: The Stagers - Episode 7 - Who Says Oil & Water Don't Mix? - 08/13/08 04:58 AM

[Photo from HGTV's website]
I would have to say that this was the best episode to date in my opinion.  Matthew and Tracey are the dynamic duo that brings this project to its successful completion along with Rukiya, their staging assistant.  Rukiya, as in other episodes, comes to their aid and makes the project gel together with her cool, "keep everybody calm" manner.  We could all use a Rukiya in our lives.  She commented early on in the episode that Matthew and Tracey are like oil and water and that they come from opposite design spectrums.  That may be the case, but … (8 comments)

home staging burlington: HGTV's The Stagers - Episode 4 - "A Comfortable, Stylin' Home" - 07/22/08 03:24 PM

[Photo from HGTV website]

With all of the hype surrounding HGTV's newest show The Stagers, I couldn't wait to watch Episode 4.  As a Professional Home Stager, I guess I am more critical of some of the shows that are out there on T.V.,  especially those that really don't portray what we do in an accurate way. 
Episodes 1 to 3 have not disappointed (although I thought Episode 2 became more about design rather than staging).
Did Episode 4 find its mark?  At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I'd say the city got a little brighter last night. Wondering why? 


home staging burlington: The Stagers - Episode 3 Review - There's Still Hope! - 07/16/08 01:16 AM
I was really pumped to watch The Stagers third episode last night, even though I was disappointed in episode two.
The property chosen was an 1,100 square foot bungalow that had been sitting on the market for 3 months with no bites.  The listing price was $765,000, $720,000, $699,000 (yes, 2 previous price reductions).  Too bad the homeowners hadn't called in a Stager sooner.
This episode featured a mother and daughter staging team.  They were very polite and tactful with the homeowners which I was really glad to see.  Some of the shows on TV portray us as being rude and insulting to … (16 comments)

home staging burlington: The Stagers - Weighing In On HGTV's Newest Show - 07/01/08 03:07 PM
Some of the existing shows on T.V. that portray home staging are more for entertainment value and do not really represent what we, as home stagers actually do.
I've been anxious to see HGTV's new addition to their lineup - The Stagers, especially since it's filmed in Canada.  Dekora of Vancouver is the staging company that takes it to the screen.  Matthew, principal Stager on this first job was a treasure - very entertaining and most likeable.  Tracey, the senior Stager has to reel Matthew in at times, she is the more practical of the two.  
Some of the other TV shows about home staging are overdone in how … (28 comments)

home staging burlington: How To Bring Zing Back To Your Bedroom - 06/17/08 11:56 AM
Good, I got your attention.  If this is not the type of blog you had in mind, sorry to disappoint, but since you are here now anyway, you might as well read on.  Who knows, maybe my advice will be of some help to you, and it is free after all. 
Some clients have asked me for tips on an easy fix for their bedroom when they are trying to sell their home.  They don't want to spend a large sum of money, but want to give the master bedroom an extra bit of life to appeal to potential buyers.
One way to achieve that is through simply changing the bedding … (13 comments)

home staging burlington: De-Staging: The Least Favourite Part of a Home Stager's Job - 06/11/08 12:03 PM
I was at a client's home the other evening to de-stage their property.  I got thinking about how I feel each time I do that.  There's always a bit of melancholy going back to remove everything that was carefully chosen and placed in a home.  A lot of time and effort goes into making each property outshine its competition.  The best way I can describe that feeling is by comparing de-staging to the holiday season.  In December, I can't wait to bring out all of our decorations and get our home ready for the holidays.  (I probably go a little bit overboard, but Christmas … (24 comments)

home staging burlington: Partnering With a Professional Organizer - Next Topic: Real Estate Staging Association - Local Chapter Meeting (Halton & Hamilton-Wentworth) - 04/22/08 09:12 AM
The next meeting of the Halton & Hamilton-Wentworth Real Estate Staging Association is set to take place on Monday, May 12th.  The topic for our meeting will be Working In Tandem With a Professional Organizer.
I am pleased to announce that Wendy Hollick, President of the Halton Chapter of the Professional Organizers in Canada will be our guest speaker.  We will be exploring the benefits of partnering with a Professional Organizer.
If you are interested in attending please R.S.V.P. by May 5th and I will send you all of the details.
Charlene Storozuk
President, Halton & Hamilton-Wentworth Real Estate Staging Association

home staging burlington: Prepaid Legal Services - How It Can Benefit Home Stagers. Join Our Next Meeting: Halton & Hamilton-Wentworth Real Estate Staging Association - 03/02/08 09:59 AM
The next meeting of the Halton & Hamilton-Wentworth RESA local chapter will be held on Wednesday, March 19th at 7:00 p.m. so save the date!  This is an opportunity for you to meet and network with fellow stagers in the community.
The topic for this meeting is Prepaid Legal Services and How it Can Benefit the Home Stager.  Our guest speakers will be Lyse and Tom McDonough of PrePaid Legal Services.  It should be an informative evening.  I hope you will be able to attend.
Please R.S.V.P. to me by March 10th.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of you!
Charlene Storozuk - President, … (0 comments)

home staging burlington: What's In Your Drawers? - 02/28/08 11:22 AM
I thought the title might grab your attention.  What I'm actually talking about is how your storage space is organized.  This is very important when you are selling your home.  Your closets, cupboards, kitchen drawers and appliances are not off-limits to prospective buyers.  They will take a look inside, so make sure that they are neat and organized and that all of your appliances are throughly cleaned.   
Buyers are not doing this to snoop, they are looking inside those closets etc. because they want to know how much storage area there is in your home.  After all, storage space is a sought after commodity by house hunters.  If you … (8 comments)

home staging burlington: The Home Stager and Home Owner Relationship. It's a Matter of Mutual Trust and Respect. - 02/22/08 05:03 AM
Home staging is a service-oriented business, but it goes way beyond that.  There is a mutual bond of trust and respect that must exist. 
Comfort Zone 
A home stager is being given the trust of a homeowner to enter their home and turn it into a more appealing, sell-able property.  It goes beyond just giving them the lock box combination to gain entry.  A homeowner must feel comfortable with their choice of stager.  After all, a home is the largest investment that most people will ever make.  To turn your home over to just anyone for a home staging job can result in disaster.
Sensitivity and Respect 
A home stager must be … (10 comments)

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