prosper tx mortgage: Job Market Fakes Out Financial Market - 10/10/07 04:28 AM
A good quarterback knows how to head fake the opposing team. He looks in one direction to make the defense think he’s going to throw that way, then runs or throws the ball the other way. The financial markets and the Fed learned this past week that they had been taken in by this old trick. 
Early last month, when the August employment data were released, they showed a decline of 4,000 jobs nationally. An outright decline was a bit of a surprise, but people didn’t question the number. Hey, the subprime market had just imploded, the money markets were struggling to … (0 comments)

prosper tx mortgage: Are mortgage rates really going to fall after the Fed's half point cut this week? - 09/21/07 06:26 AM
I am sure by now everyone knows the Federal Reserve on Tuesday sliced one-half a percentage point off the federal funds rate, cutting it to 4.75 percent from 5.25 percent. It also cut its discount rate by the same amount, also bringing it to 5.25 percent. I think the big question on home buyer's mind right now is will we see lower interest rates in the near term? So far this week the mortgage rates have actually crept up. According to many enconmists, the rate cuts could be a mixed blessing for home buyers because of fear of inflation worries seen by many investors on Wall … (3 comments)

prosper tx mortgage: Understanding Mortgage Buydown Programs - 09/16/07 02:38 PM
With home prices where they are these days the 2-1 buydown in loan programs are becoming increasingly popular. In a buyers market, such as the one we're in at the moment, you can even structure a buydown so that the seller pays for the buydown and closing costs. This means as a buyer you can expect a lower monthly payment with no out of pocket expense to close on the house. What a steal! The 3-2-1 program works the same way except it's over three years. I'll focus on the 2-1 program here for simplicity (you'll see why in the example … (0 comments)

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