prosper home value reports: Prosper Residential Property Sales For January 2017 Up 17.9% - 02/24/17 01:59 PM
In January 2017 in Prosper property sales recorded underwent a growth of 17.9% compared to January 2016, with 46 sold total. Homes sold year to date saw a gain of 17.9% in contrast to the same point in time last year, with 46 sold total this year. Projected home sales in January 2017 in Prosper saw an uptick of 32.5%, with 52 projected total. Year to date there were 52 projected housing sales, and this was a growth of 32.5%. The number of newly listed houses in January 2017 experienced a hike of 7.1%, with 105 newly for sale total. Year … (0 comments)

prosper home value reports: Prosper Property Sales For December 2016 Higher 4.8% - 02/06/17 11:10 AM
This month homes sold was higher 4.8% in contrast to December last year, with 66 homes sold this month. In Prosper there were 804 home sales reported year to date, which was a drop of 2% relative to last year. This month there were 74 projected homes sold in Prosper, which was a climb of 17.7%. Year to date projected real estate sales reached 812 total, a decline of 1%. This month there was a growth of 12.5% in the number of new homes for sale in Prosper. There were 54 new homes for sale total this month. Year to date … (0 comments)

prosper home value reports: Prosper Texas Real Estate Sales down 7% in November 2011 - 12/30/11 06:28 AM
Prosper Texas Real Estate Sales were down 7% in November 2011 over the same month last year with 25 homes selling this month! For the year to date, overall home sales were at 338 homes sold, a 17% change from last year. Prosper Texas Real Estate total dollar volume of homes sold this month was $9,183,105 which is a -4% change from this month last year. For the 2011 year to date, the total dollar sales were at $112,414,540, which is a 16% change.
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