luxury real estate: A Top 1% Producer’s Unique Approach to Closing Gifts - 09/24/21 12:51 PM
You’ve negotiated a deal, signed the documents, and now it’s time to part ways with your client. Except how do you thank someone who just shared a multi-million dollar transaction with you?
Typically, one thinks of sending their client bottles of wine, ornate centerpieces, or tickets to a local event. While these are nice and certainly appreciated, there are a few key elements to giving a closing gift that feels meaningful to your client, leads to repeat business, and can even win you new business — just by giving the right gift.
Recently, the Institute spoke with top 1% producer Jim Walberg and … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: How to Find a Luxury Real Estate Mentor - 08/31/21 11:26 AM
Top producers in the luxury real estate industry tend to have one thing in common: a mentor.

In fact, mentorship is one of the quickest ways to grow your luxury real estate career, and the luxury real estate industry is full of experienced professionals who are willing to take on a mentee.

Besides helping new luxury real estate professionals break into luxury real estate, a luxury real estate mentor can also be helpful for breaking into new price points, exploring new niches, or simply leveling up your current skill set.

Plus, learning from someone else’s experience is often an easy way to avoid making … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: 3 REAL ESTATE RESOURCES UNDER $10 FOR LUXURY PROFESSIONALS - 05/28/21 12:05 PM
Beginning your career as a luxury real estate professional is an ongoing learning process — one you can start even before you decide to take the leap into this exciting industry. In fact, getting some of your most critical questions answered before you start investing your time and effort into formal training (like becoming a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™) can help you take that first step with confidence when it’s time.
Fortunately, the Institute offers a variety of luxury real estate resources for new and aspiring luxury professionals that are both affordable and easy to work into your day to get ahead. So if you’re ready to … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: 3 Ways to Level Up Your Listing Presentations - 04/30/21 09:14 AM
To win the clients everyone wants, you need to do something different and it starts with listing presentations.
It’s true. These days, affluent clients are in high demand. Plus, it’s never been easier to connect with them, thanks to social media and other online platforms. That means there’s more competition than ever, and your listing presentation may be the only chance you get to stand out from the crowd if you’re lucky enough to make it that far.
[Of course, it’s easier to make it that far and beyond when you’ve gone through The Institute’s training program or earned your Certified Luxury Home … (1 comments)

luxury real estate: Working with International Clients in the Luxury Real Estate Market - 03/31/21 01:36 PM
Working with international clients should never be out of the question. One of the biggest benefits of becoming a luxury real estate professional is the ability to branch out far and wide. And we're not just talking about a few cities over. We're talking about the whole world over.
In facting, working with international clients is a big draw for some luxury real estate professionals looking for a way to "niche down" their luxury real estate practice. Specializing in international relocation opens up a whole new realm of prospects, and is a great way to stand out from the crowd. But how … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: Still Doing Listing Presentations? Here are 3 Secrets for Successful “Marketing Consultations” Instead - 11/17/20 12:10 PM
The phrase “listing presentation” may bring to mind images of practicing scripts in front of the mirror and presenting a 10-page PowerPoint to clients while they sit quietly and listen.
While you absolutely should practice how you present yourself to prospective clients to earn their listings, putting them through a one-sided presentation likely won’t get to you to the results you’re hoping for.
In fact, as crazy as it may sound, a well-rehearsed listing presentation may be the reason you don’t walk away with your prospect’s business. In a space where clients expect the best and are willing to pay for the best, … (10 comments)

luxury real estate: 3 Needle-Moving Strategies to Help You End 2020 On a High Note - 10/21/20 12:27 PM
Can you believe Quarter Four is just a few weeks away?
As we enter these last few months of the year, it’s time to start thinking about ending 2020 on a high note and planning your luxury real estate marketing strategy for 2021.
To help you do that, we spoke with luxury real estate marketing expert David Collins of REAL Marketing, who gave us a few simple strategies you can start using right now to nail down your marketing plan for the rest of the year and start creating goals that stick.
Why listen to David about goal setting and improving your marketing plan?
There … (1 comments)

luxury real estate: 4 Tips to Grow Your Sphere of Influence Online in 2020 - 09/15/20 02:05 PM
With most states still enforcing restrictions on indoor public spaces and in-person networking events, knowing how to network online is now key for breathing new life into your luxury real estate practice.
Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to grow your network and stay connected with your sphere of influence when you can’t meet face to face. Additionally, the online networking strategies you learn to use now can prove useful in obtaining new real estate clients down the line.
In fact, knowing how to get real estate clients online can give you an extra boost to keep new, fresh leads coming in going forward.
But … (5 comments)

luxury real estate: 3 Valuable Lead Magnets To Grow Your Email List and Sell Luxury Homes - 05/28/20 04:14 PM
Having an engaged email list is one of the easiest ways to promote your services and listings. But how do you grow an email list? Where do you find people who actually want to subscribe to your list?
Most of the time, this involves what’s called a lead magnet, which entails offering your prospects something they want for free in exchange for their email address. Your lead magnet should be on your agent website, but it’s also possible to create external sales funnels and landing pages that prospects land on as part of a direct-response campaign through ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: Tips and Tricks to Implement Safe Showings In the Age of COVID-19 - 04/28/20 11:51 AM
Even though the world is at a virtual standstill, there are still plenty of luxury homes for sale, as well as plenty of buyers looking to buy in the luxury real estate market.
While everyone’s health and safety should be any agent’s first priority, there are certainly ways to continue conducting business while protecting both.
Of course, it's also important to note that there will be clients who prefer to wait for a less complicated time to buy or sell luxury real estate, and we need to respect those wishes.
However, your luxury real estate expertise is needed more than ever right now while … (0 comments)

While circumstances may have recently changed, our commitment to your success has not.
During these uncertain times, we understand that many real estate professionals are wondering how recent events will affect their business and personal development.
We have seen an increased demand from accomplished real estate professionals like you who are choosing to invest in training and skill-building activities to ensure their businesses stay active.
However, our first priority is to provide you with a safe and secure learning environment.
If you’ve considered one of our in-person events to enjoy the added benefits of networking with other real estate professionals and getting your questions answered … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: 3 Things Agents Can Outsource for Real Estate Success - 01/27/20 02:20 PM
Time is a luxury real estate agent’s most precious commodity. The more time an agent has, the more time they can spend on networking and nurturing client relationships, which is directly connected to real estate success.
But too often, agents find themselves caught up in the details, like paperwork, the technical ins and outs of marketing listings, and social media.
Not necessarily because they’re the best at it, but because they’re busy and on autopilot. There’s an underlying belief that if they don’t do it themselves, it won’t get done and their business won’t grow.
However, real estate success stories are rarely created without … (1 comments)