buyers: Amenities Metamora Buyers Will Splurge On - 12/28/14 10:23 AM
Article that I found in recent RealtorMag discussing Top Amenities Buyers Will Splurge On, surprised me ...
New surveys are revealing some of the features that new-home buyers say are becoming a "must-have."
What Buyers Want
Top Amenities Buyers Will Make Sacrifices For
Pet Amenities the Next Big Thing?
Over-the-Top Amenities Push Buyers Away
"Consumers today aren't just looking for the biggest house on the block. They're looking for more efficient use of space and a greater area allocated to 'workhorse' spaces, like the kitchen," Ryan Marshall, PulteGroup's executive vice president of homebuilding operations, marketing, and sales, said about findings from a recent survey of buyer … (0 comments)

buyers: Fear is Holding Many Buyers Back - 09/17/14 01:38 AM
Fear Is Holding Many Buyers Back, according to Wells Fargo, their newly released survey is covered in this article dated 09/15/2014 from RealtorMag...
Nearly two-thirds of Americans recently surveyed say they believed a stellar credit score was necessary to purchase a home, and more than 40 percent said they needed a down payment equal to or at least 20 percent of the purchase price to buy a home today, according to a new survey released by Wells Fargo.
Back in April, 56% of all potential home buyers said they were waiting to purchasebecause they feared being rejected by lenders.
However, the nation’s largest mortgage … (2 comments)

buyers: Boomerang Buyers Get Second Chance, Metamora MI. - 06/16/14 11:23 AM
Boomerang Buyers Get Second Chance, this article from RealtorMag talks about former homeowners that are credit ready to step back into home ownership...
About 7.2 million homes have been lost to foreclosure or short sale since the housing crash began, according to housing data from Black Knight Financial Services. That has forced millions of former home owners into renting, as they work to rebuild their credit.
But a government program launched last summer by the Federal Housing Administration is helping these former home owners step back into home ownership in as little as a year after a foreclosure or short sale. … (1 comments)

buyers: Boomerang Buyers Are Staging a Comeback, Oxford MI - 07/20/13 09:31 PM
Boomerang buyers are staging a comeback, Oxford MI.
Interesting article from Realtor Magazine, buyers that lost their homes 2 plus years ago are now qualifying for new loans...
“Boomerang buyers”—former home owners who have gone through a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy in the past few years and are saving up for a down payment to purchase a home again—are coming back. They're expected to flood markets in some of the hardest hit areas for short sales and foreclosures in the coming years.
Rising rents and the desire to own again now that the economy is more stable are driving many … (1 comments)

buyers: Buying A Home In Oxford MI? Avoid These Mistakes - 11/30/11 11:30 PM
The dream of homeownership is one that lives on in spite of the global economic struggles. The process of buying a home in Oxford can be an emotional roller coaster ride, with feelings of excitement mixed in with exhaustion, fear and uncertainty.
Avoid the following mistakes that buyers make regardless of whether the market is up or down.
1. Failure to get qualified beforehand. Mortgage qualification is essential when buying a home in Oxford, as it gives buyers preapproval for a loan before they make any offers. Making an offer on a home before you know what the bank is willing … (0 comments)

buyers: Key Fix Up Work For Lasting Impressions - 03/28/11 01:35 AM
First impressions are lasting. Some buyers won't even look at the inside of a listing that doesn't have good curb appeal.
Today's buyers are picky. There is no sense of urgency in the market, so buyers are holding out for the best home they can find that will work for them for years to come.
In some areas, there are a lot of homes for sale. It's important to make sure that buyers will be attracted to your home before they even walk through the front door.
Fortunately, exterior improvements needn't be expensive. The improvements that yielded the highest return on … (0 comments)

buyers: Finding A Realtor - 12/26/10 12:19 AM
This is an excerpt from the new book,"Finding New Neighbors"
Finding the right Realtor is a very personal matter. You'll need one that is going to work to find you your next home.
This person has to have an ear to listen to your needs, patience to show you enough homes for you to make an educated decision of what's on the market, time to dedicate to your "plan to purchase" and the knowledge of the real estate industry to make it all come together in a timely manner.
Locating the right Realtor is as important as locating the right home. … (5 comments)

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