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AR is great, everyone exchanges ideas, business stratagies and marketing tips. We talk about technical issues and just about everything. This industry takes lots of energy and this time of year when it is dark early, cold and wet. Sometimes I feel sleepy after it has been dark a couple hours.I we...
From the aggregation economy families lived together, worked together on the farm, lucky kids got to walk miles to school and they went to church on Sunday. They had no phone no car. They worked hard to afford a multi generational family home. As we moved into the industrial age families moved to...
Real estate is an interesting career choice. I have to wonder about people who want a job that will cost them lots of money to go to work, Marketing Desk fees.. And think it is so fun when you can go to work all day and not get paid. And Regardless of how well you did your job, executing the cont...
Buying or selling real estate is one of the most significant investments an individual will make. Homeownership is not only a matter of pride, but it's an essential factor in planning for financial security in the retirement years. The real estate market is ever changing. Staying informed about l...
I thank AR for giving us an opportunity to take ownership of how we conduct our business. There are reasons we all market differently, and sometimes things work differently for different people. When my coworker ask me a question I am usually busy (like all people are) so I try to answer them to ...
I farm the community I live in. A big part of that is I walk it everyday with my dog, a beautiful big black great dane. We talk to every one, she draws a crowd and she loves the attention. Well, a couple days ago she had a mild stroke during our walk. She became wabbly and wouldn't move. We were ...
I made my cold/warm calls today. I do it everyday. but today I though I would share some honest thoughts on the matter. I dial, it rings, the familiar voice answers. I ask about the houses I emailed, 4/5 bed rms-budget of a 3 bed. I think why do I waist my time. As we are talking I am prioritisin...
Clients come to me because they have a need. They are not stupid, they know they have a need. Renting want to buy, Need more space, Down sizing what ever the need they know it. So this seems an easy fix, Right?  Well not so. In fact one of the most basic human instincts is to resist change. To st...
The Virtual office? Have we really come this far?  Wow! I think it happened and I didn’t even know it. I work for this great little company, Brio Realty. Today as I was swamping through my emails there was a message about the use of desk space at the office.  The jist was the office is not a coff...
Walking the farm with my great dane is just the best way to do business. We just returned from our afternoon walk and I sat in my office logged on to AR and gazed out at my yard. My flowers are blooming out of control my health grass needs a hair cut (My kid just did it 3 days ago) And my car nee...

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