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I guess since we have standards again, folks are experiencing real mortgage underwriting - perhaps for the first time. That's good but it sure is generating questions. I've had numerous e-mails over the past few weeks and decided to post answer to a few questions here.In my pre-title life, I was ...
While sitting in the borough meeting the other night I noted that the fire departments are getting laptops with software that will give them a heck of alot of information about the structure they are saving, including pictures, floor plans, and I don't remember it all because I was stunned.It's a...
and you'd think by now title agents would STOP enabling or colluding to defraud lenders.You know, younger, inexperienced, or stupid title agents might make the argument that they didn't understand that having two settlement statements was mortgage fraud. Though they'd still be held accountable by...
Dear Mr. Romberger:I am writing concerning the proposed changes to the TIRBOP rate structure. I do hope my comments will be considered as I did not learn of the rate filing until last week, having received no notice from my title underwriters or PLTA.I am a licensed title insurance agent. I have ...
in this article offered for free by RESPAnews.com.   I post it here because we need to pass the word.   UPDATE:  When I posted this link, the article WAS free, however, it looks like it's only accessible now with a paid subscription.
I just received a memorandum from one of our title underwriters. It’s important info if you are involved in purchase transactions in PA with an assignment of interest or contract. The PA Dept. of Revenue issued an amended rule on transfer tax regulations last December. The effect of that change i...
First, let's set aside prepayment penalties because they are rare and also because they are unique. If you have a Note that includes a pre-payment penalty, read those terms carefully for any impact on partial pre-payments. Okay, now for your query.Fixed Rate Mortgages: These mortgages have a leve...
May 19, 2008Regulations DivisionOffice of General CounselDepartment of Housing and Urban Development451 Seventh St., SW., Room 10276Washington, D.C. 20410-0001Re: Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA):Proposed Rule to Simplify and Improve the Process of Obtaining Mortgages and Reduce Cons...
While RESPRO knocks itself out trying to delay and hoping to kill reform, we have an opportunity, a golden opportunity to separate the good guys from the bad guys in a meaningful and very public demonstration.Trust me. There's nothing in this reform proposal that good guys can't live with.Trust m...
Can anyone point to an active discussion here?  I've been searching to no avail.  Thanks!

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