lake oswego: Property values down but taxes up - 09/28/09 04:56 AM
Here in Oregon we are going to get a lot of static when property tax statements come out in November. How can it be possible that property taxes will go up when house values have gone down? This is because in about 1996 Oregon voters passed a ballot measure that restricted property taxes to an increase of not more than 3% per year. (There are exceptions, which I will address below). Yet in the time since that annual restriction became law, we have had many years of double digit appreciation. It has only been in the last two years that property … (0 comments)

lake oswego: What a nice welcome - 01/04/09 04:35 AM
OK. This is very cool. I've been doing this all of one day and already I have received greetings and welcoming comments from other Realtors around the country. Checking my e-mail this morning and finding your kind greetings made for a very nice way to start the day. Thank you. … (7 comments)


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