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When you actually sit back and think about it real estate professionals in their respective sectors generally can provide the same resources as the next.  For example Real Estate Agents either list home or bring in buyers, mortgage professionals have access to finance but pretty much the same loa...
As a mortgage professional I always find it helpful for my business to assist a real estate agent to win at their business first.  I have always read surveys that are conducted by third party companies about the relationship between a agent and a mortgage officer however I would like to know firs...
I would like to share a technique that is not new however it is effective with generating quality leads and awareness of your personal brand.  I was recently at a restaurant with a real estate agent friend of mine discussing the next 6 months of 2007 and what our goals and objectives were.  Our w...
A majority of my referral partners are REO Listing Brokers.  In an effort to assist them with moving 1-2 additional properties per month we established a campaign to focus on Owner-Occupant Home Buyers.  Now this may not work for every market but for Georgia it has taken off.  Because we speciali...
My colleague, who is Mortgage Coach at Renovation Mortgage Plus, had a buyer who was referred to him buy a current client.  After he was able to get a Firm Lender Commitment Letter (FLC) from the underwriter on the buyer he contacted an agent and sent approval letter verifying that a FLC was on f...
There are thousands of horror stories that are told regarding the home buying process especially when it comes down to mortgage financing. Many of the stories of fraud, closing table surprises and predatory lending situations could have been avoided if home buyers were empowered with the knowledg...
The most important document after you graduate from high school is your credit report. Your credit report is being used to obtain employment, purchase a car, secure a competitive mortgage for a home and activate utilities, start and maintain a business and in some cases to obtain a hand in marria...
As a mortgage professional I always look for ways to make real estate agents' job much easier and the one thing at the top of my list is to have buyers not just pre-approved but have a a Firm Lender Commitment form an underwriter before making an offer on a home or in some cases even looking for ...
Workshops are being held to preserve, enhance and revitalize Atlanta's housing inventory in spite of the increase in foreclosures.Renovation Mortgage Plus (RMP) has announced that it has pooled all their resources to begin to educate Owner-Occupant Homebuyers in the communities throughout Atlanta...

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