palm coast: Tips for Saving Money - 06/05/08 06:51 AM
We can all follow these tips for saving on expenses. I hope you find them immediately useful. You may want to share them with your friends and family.
Buy in bulk whenever practical and possible.  Never buy extended warranties or service contracts. Buy a used car that's almost new for a fraction of the original sticker price. Shop alone for grocery/household goods and take a list. Be a comparison shopper. Never shop when you're hungry, bored, or down in the dumps. It can cost you plenty! Take advantage of coupons, rebates and mail-in offers. Wait for the sale. Everything goes … (4 comments)

palm coast: It is now easy being "Green" !!!! - 06/04/08 03:28 AM
I've been in the business for a while and I have never seen the product so wonderful. After visiting all the models I was truly impressed with the quality of the construction, amount of the upgrades, beautiful landscape( featuring unique sprinkle system), and the overall supreme structure. I loved it so much that I am planning to build one of the homes on my own lot.
What impressed me the most? Utility Bill - with the gas and water prices going steadily up you will appreciate a bill that is less than a half of the regular amount for … (0 comments)

palm coast: What Does My Credit Score Mean? - 06/02/08 06:01 AM
The concept of credit started back in 1956 with two men named Bill Fair and Earl Isaac. Fair, a mathematician, and Isaac, an engineer, founded the Fair Isaac Company; otherwise, known to us today, as the FICO score. This credit system has standardized the way the financial industry extends "credit".
The 3 National Credit Bureaus:
1. EXPERIAN - uses the Fair, Isaac Model 2. EQUIFAX - uses the Beacon scoring Model3. TRANS UNION - uses the Empirica scoring Model

These scores represent a composite of the borrower's credit history, employment, ability to save, and so … (2 comments)

palm coast: Confused about Mortgage Insurance? - 05/29/08 04:50 PM
  I want to help you compare borrower-paid mortgage insurance (BPMI) and lender paid mortgage insurance (LPMI) because soon you may be faced with choosing between them.

 Your choice could depend on several factors. The key questions to ask yourself are...
•    How long do I expect to remain in this house and this loan?                         
•    What kind of appreciation can I expect?
Give me a call at 386-627-1348 so we can determine the best type of mortgage insurance for you.
Click here for your FREE information.
There is no cost or obligation to have a mortgage consultation. … (0 comments)

palm coast: A Little Quiz for You? - 05/28/08 09:01 AM

 Here's a matching exercise to help you learn some mortgage terms:              

A.     Right of ownership and possession of a property.
B.     Document that transfers the title from the seller to the buyer.
C.     Fees charged at beginning of home-buying process, such as appraisal of the property.
D.     Money paid by buyer to seller at time an offer to purchase the home is presented.
E.     Professional estimate of what a home is worth, based on style, appearance, construction quality,              improvements, usefulness, and comparable value of nearby properties. 
F.     Principal, interest, taxes, and insurance-the 4 main parts … (1 comments)

palm coast: Should you refinance now? - 05/22/08 06:25 PM
From my experience, most people refinance their current mortgage to save money or to get out of adjustable-rate mortgages into a fixed rate. Refinancing is like making an investment. You need to balance the cost of refinancing with the amount of interest you save over time. The savings are really your return on investment from refinancing. 
With zero point and no-cost refinance programs, the cost of refinancing can be eliminated as a consideration. However, the trade-off with most of these creative finance programs is paying a somewhat higher interest rate.
When your primary motive is to save money by refinancing or … (3 comments)

palm coast: Palm Coast- It may be the perfect place to live. - 05/21/08 03:50 AM
Palm Coast has all the natural blessings of a great place to live.  Miles of clean, uncrowded beaches.  Lush oaks, palms and pines.  Miles of salt water and fresh water canals.  Intracoastal Waterway.  Convenient access to Florida's most famous attractions.  Swing into golf on one of the many championship golf courses or join numerous recreational and social activities and more.  
Palm Coast Landing at Town Center

Following is the current list of vendors scheduled to open their doors in the near future:
SuperTarget Gamestop Payless Shoes Books-A-Million Ross Famous Footwear Michaels TJ Maxx PetsMart Nail Salon Botan Japanese Restaurant The … (0 comments)

palm coast: Time to put your Mortgage in Reverse! - 05/19/08 03:04 PM
Until recently, there were two main ways to get cash from your home: you could sell your home, but then you would have to move; or you could borrow against your home, but then you would have to make monthly loan repayments.
Now there is a third way of getting money from your home that does not require you to leave it or to make regular loan repayments.
A "reverse" mortgage is a loan against your home that you do not have to pay back for as long as you live there. With a reverse mortgage, you can turn the value … (0 comments)

palm coast: 4 ways to build wealth and financial security - 05/12/08 11:23 PM
I have recently followed up with my clients and I am so glad that I can use my knowledge to influence people's lives.
About 6-7 months ago a young couple came to my office with a lot of questions, concerns, and a clear sense of urgency. The owner of the house that they were renting advised them that he was going into Foreclosure and that they have 6-8 months to move out and find another place to live. It was a shock for a young couple because the house that they were renting was close to work, their kids had friends in the neighborhood … (0 comments)

palm coast: Protect yourself by Protecting your mortgage - 05/07/08 07:19 AM
Lately I've had a lot of people asking me about new mortgage protection life insurance and how it works.
Well, here it is in a nut shell:
Mortgage protection insurance is a type of life insurance that will pay off your mortgage in case of disability or death. Sounds pretty simple to understand right? However, there is a lot more to mortgage protection mortgage than just paying off the loan if you die. What if you life and are not able to work? What Happens then?
Statistically a lot of people lose their home not because the breadwinner dies but because he/she … (2 comments)




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