enjoying the moment: Frozen Swirls of White... - 02/10/09 10:34 AM
Just when I try to get past winters furry it happens all over again. The sunny days have slid into their secret hiding places and the crispy cold has come once again to claim the landscape.
 I can't help but to notice just how beautiful it is. I want summer just as much as the next person but when it comes down to living in the moment you have to admit natures icy sparkle is beautiful.
I am choosing to love the day in all of the shimmering, glassy, frozen swirls, of white.

enjoying the moment: What's in it For Me? - 02/09/09 06:41 AM

Sometimes life does not treat you fairly. You wonder what could possibly be next. Then you find a bright moment. A hug from your child, a beautiful sunset, a playful cat, a inspiring article. Your out look may change. It is all about what you focus on.
I will admit that I could be a little more upbeat, and try to see the bright side a little more often. If you are feeling a little down I will share something that perked me up.
Unless you take the time to think about it every day is really an opportunity not a … (11 comments)

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